16 September 2019

Update YGDA 79 and CC 21 E

My health really fluctuates a lot lately and my parents have been taking me to some alternative healing places so yeah, that is my excuse for this late (again) update. Well, enjoy!

YGDA 79CC 21 E (Last Part)

BTW, from some ads, I learn about the existence of Grammarly. But too bad the service that I wanted is not free (well, duh, lol) which is the one that can give suggestion to grammar structure or redundant word and even give a better word options for some. When I use the extension to check my previous chapter, I was surprised that there are 70+ typo/grammar errors in it. Boy, that is a good application for someone like myself indeed.

I would buy the appli if it was a one-time transaction. But unfortunately, the appli charged monthly. For someone like me who doesn't have a stable income yet, that monthly charge is quite expensive.

Well, will be trying to force my lazy ass personality to work regularly so I could have a more stable update. And I really should work on my paypal too.

Edit: my new working song https://youtu.be/Ejv0Gk-mGko

19 July 2019

Another Update At Last!

- edit: I forgot, let's pray for a bit for the people at KyoAni. Hope the company can survive the disaster.

It's up! Enjoy!


I noticed that there was someone taking Commushou and I commented in their site that they can take the novel if they want as I am still semi-crippled here but well, and its gone. I already finish YGDA a few days back but still waiting for the other translator reply but as seeing the other translator goes MIA, I start translating Commushou again. Until someone else wants to take it. But well, let's see how I goes for now.

And then well, going back in working translation is really hard. especially when translating things to English. That long holidays thanks to my lower back made my English rusty. As I am also read translated Chinese novel, I can't help comparing to them (The simplicity of the grammar, flowery words, using words that is 'rare' to use in everyday life) so I tried making my translation... to be better in quality? So well, if there's any mistake I really appreciate if you guys reader point that out for me and or maybe even explain it.

I read many new vocabulary from those translated novels but the problem for multi-language speaker like me is sometimes I forget the word translated to in other language but still knows the meaning. And especially in this case, I know the Japanese meaning as I am just reading but transforming it into English really jogs my brain out. And my brain is just like my breath, would get stressed out after a short jog. So yeah, it really took soo long for just one chapter.

Still trying to shape myself out here so hope you guys understand :)

and also, is there others that still asking that I should translate the LN instead of the WN? well, first, I only translate the WN because the WN material is easy to get and the not much legality problem with if any. And second, I am afraid of getting DMC-ed losing my paypal made me feel traumatic setting up a new one much less getting my site DMC-ed. I might be gone forever at that time.

Anyway thank you for reading this non-sense. just enjoy the chapter!

03 June 2019

What's a Back pain + Depression combo resulting in?

... *looks around

Hi. this is Eros.

Yeah it's really been a while right?

Eh? where was I in these few months I've gone missing?

Umm... If I say that I got some annoying and persistent lower back pain which torture me for months, would you believe me?

Around the time I last post here, dunno how my back starts feeling pain. And as I am somewhere no certified chiropractor works, I don't dare to have my lower back massaged. fearing that it might get it worse.

So I just take it easy and read all the novel I can. Gaming? I need to sit to do that so can't.

After a few months... maybe april or may? the pain starting to heal but my lower back still feels like there are something uncomfortable left behind. I can alraeady sit tho.

But then when I was about to get back to translating again....... I was kinda afraid whether there's angry mob awaiting to execute me from being missing for so long....

Well, I need to face this sooner or latter so after getting some motivation. I tried to take a peek back in my blog and yeah there was one prick who just hurl insult in the comment section.

I was glad that everyone else in the comment are mostly understanding.

So when I was still hurting myself from back pain, I finished another portion of my translation and have finish uploading it now.

So enjoy!


Seems like there are other person / group who take CC for their works so well, this will be my last CC translation.

And I'm gonna skeddodle from here before another angry mobs lynch me. buh bye~~

Oh, and don't donate first for a while. I want to work some things out so it would be more convenient. Thank you for anyone who still did.

Oh, and I tried just to be positive here. No one wants to read about my negativity anyway so yeah. After all, I am someone great who speaks English and Japanese in addition to my native language.

29 November 2018

Just get back online (in Translating)

So my house got invaded by termites. and my room's attic is in a bad shape after the carpenter checked it so I have to move out of my room to let the carpenter renovate my room.

the condition aren't the best for me to work on the translation so yeah... I just took a loooong break.

now the carpenter is done working so I can go back to my room and start working again.

I kinda forgot reporting this earlier tee hee *is smacked

anyway expect update this weekend (or maybe a bit more towards the earlier of next week if my procrastination hit back)

08 November 2018

Late again, Here's update! CC 21B and YGDA 76



Thank you to 3 new patrons that summoned me back from the swamp of sloth! god, I need to at least do update once a week. that will be my target for now. thanks for the support and love in the comment guys!

17 October 2018

One step at a time, double update this time.


YGDA 75 CC 21A

Try to walk on my own two feet again one step of a time.

24 September 2018

After a month? Update! Double! CC and YGDA combo!

Here's the link:

YGDA 74 CC 20C

And here's the rant:

in short: got some talks about continuing university (again) which made me goes blank for a few days... then my paypal account being not getting service anymore because of my lack of attention... tried to contact the support center but no avail and decided to create a new account... but found out that I need a new bank account to link my new paypal account... what a pain... ah well, I still need to do it anyway because I need it... and tried no fap challenge... which is hard... but I do really feel the difference. So I think I might do fasting for a few days to keep my body fit. I don't think I can jump straight to nofap90 at once lol.

also, someone I used to hate is even feel worried about me. I kinda feel...... insulted somehow. ah well, after all I don't have anything for now. there's no use being arrogant. well, man, I don't really hate you, it's been so long anyway. It just that I psychologically don't want to have anything to do with you so well, sorry for being ignoring you.

(and the fujoshi(es) is screaming their lung out in the distance)