24 May 2017

Welp, I'm so slow! YGDA 66 update!

Read about Chinese commenting on English speaking community comment on their novels. and read about if Chinese author don't do their update fast enough, their fan would lynch them.

Thank god this is not China....

well here is the update.



Donation is very much appreciated.

19 May 2017

Well, one step at a time. UPDATE! CC ch 18A

Well, let's just move one step at a time.

CC 18A

and Mr William C is giving me another donation! thank you very much! the reason why I rush update today is because of his donation, thank him too guys haha.

17 May 2017

Struggling with procrastination but here's Update! YGDA 65

court case is almost over it seems... I might win the case... but then the lawyer asking more money as victory compensation...

I feel very useless knowing how my will to shape up and be independent lead up to... really, I feel like being a disappointment.

I should go to psychiatrist... but I dunno... sigh...

here's the update


Thanks for William C. for the donation!

Maybe I'll just work full time as translator... can I live that way I wonder...

well, gotta do something to this prone to procrastination constitution of mine first tho...
anyone know a good way?

06 May 2017

Update! CC ch17 last part!


Sorry for the long wait, like I told you before, too many to do.
and I think I have a tendency to procrastinate a lot when working on CC orz

how to not procrastinate. how to be like those China novel translator who could work like being on dope...

anyway here's the update:

CC 17C


ahh and I forgot to check the need to be approved message. there's a lot comment there. sorry folks!

adfly? just click on one of the adsense. haha
don't click on too many tho.

29 April 2017

Should've done My Thesis but took a U-turn and UPDATE! YGDA Ch 64

Well, the chappie is not that much and I've been neglecting it for long so yeah...

here you go~



BTW, forgot to mention someone was donating when I was in hiatus. well, thanks to his summon, I am here!

give your thanks to my donor: Gunnar O!
*added to the page credit too!

aaand tonight will be having my last exam for the mid semester. so... well... gonna take my time updating hahaha

28 April 2017

I'm back and UPDATE CC 17B

But still can't focus on translating all the time.

1. Gotta do my final project/ thesis so I can graduate.
2. Join a English -> Indonesian translator team that pays money with every chapter I worked.
3. Well, my work habit is just a wreck. I really need to shape up...

anyway here is the Update

CC 17B


huh? what happened to adfly link?
too lazy to add that...

and btw... I'm playing this game now.

Its a mobile game from Korea, Goddess Kiss. It doesn't take too much time playing which helps me a lot with my schedule. and most of all... the waifu there is top notch! they're all speaking koreans tho.

Join me?

31 March 2017

Sorry guys. RL problems. no updates for a while

so I just managed to get online now and all I could say that RL is being an ass again for me so can't be bothered with updates.

I even have midterms next week so yeah... sorry not gonna update for a while.

just cross your fingers for me haha.

watashi wa daijoubu.