02 December 2016

Update! YGDA Ch 55. Honey-moon?

Update guys!

YGDA 55Adfly

I have a new editor now. Give a round of applause to Wanler Crossblood! and this will be the last update this week. I will have my test in weekend so I want to cram as many as possible before haha.

wish me luck guys!

and enjoy the chapter.

29 November 2016

Update! CC Ch 14 Part A

Finally done (Too much procrastinating)

CC 14 part AAdfly


don't have anything else to say lol.

28 November 2016

Still haven't ready yet for another update

No, just going to post that my next update (CC chapter 14) is not yet ready.
it was still at 2500 words (75%)

this weekend, I will have JLPT so I've been studying remembering those kanji (I use a translator tools to help me read those damned kanji so yeah I still need to study)

so maybe there's people who are asking what the heck is JLPT.

it was the abbreviation for Japan Language Proficiency Test. just like TOEFL for Japanese language. just that if you ever passed JLPT once then it will be for lifetime instead of limited time TOEFL license.

there are 5 level for JLPT with 5 is the lowest and 1 as the highest level. the fun fact is that not every Japanese could do JLPT level 1 either. If you manage to pass level 1, my Japanese teacher said that you would get a free pass visa to Japanese because you have been considered as their culture ambasador already.

and the license is also useful for work so I thought I might as well take it.

the test usually held at the 1st sunday of July and Desember. Twice a year. you could join whichever level without anything pre-required so if you have the confidence you could try the N1 straight ahead.

well maybe that's all for today announcement. the queue will become 12 this week. God it increased instead lol.

24 November 2016

Update! YGDA ch 54. is that a pink heart there I see?

Update fellas!
2/11 go go me!
chapter today he he he (creep face)

YGDA 54Adfly

not much status change for today since last post. Again, I will only accept 2 sponsored chapter a week for now so donate another 25$ for faster update. if there's more? well there is a probability for another bonus... maybe... perhaps... haha


Finally an Update! CC chapter 13

I'm back fellas! miss me? or maybe just can't wait for another update haha.
damn off for 2 weeks and my "debt" chapter is already reaching 11 chapters! I'm appalled >.<

anyway here's the update.

Chapter 13adfly


also, save me from all comment regarding morals and so on. You guys read this because the immorality anyway lol.

1/11 regular chapter for the week.
15$ of donation earned from last month! thanks for Dominik Traise for the donation! man, you keep giving me donation again and again. I really appreciate it.

another 5 and there will be a bonus chapter (in queue, because my debt is still to much lol)

adfly? only got 0.7$ lol.

06 November 2016

Been Busy. Mid Terms

Yea I am now study again. and yea it is now midterms. so quite busy lately and no time to do translation

but don't worry!

I will make up my tardiness next week or the next next week. if I only manage 1 then next week will be 5. and so is the rest. it is my commitment to you guys and to those who donates!

so. for the time being, I'm sorry but going to tackle IRL problem first.

03 November 2016

Update YGDA 53. Just a filler for next arc but it still a legit UPDATE!


YGDA 53Adfly


Sleepy.. it is 3 am here....

ooh. adfly receives 100 more clicks from last time I check. thanks fellas. but still far from 10000 lol.