31 March 2017

Sorry guys. RL problems. no updates for a while

so I just managed to get online now and all I could say that RL is being an ass again for me so can't be bothered with updates.

I even have midterms next week so yeah... sorry not gonna update for a while.

just cross your fingers for me haha.

watashi wa daijoubu.

23 March 2017

Update! Say no more to cliff! YGDA 63

Here you go!

Just for heads up, going to work on my final project for my study. I've been delaying that for toooo long....

and doesn't have any other thing I wish to write... so yeah,


YGDA 63Adfly

CC sad streak continues.

man... translating sad parts makes me gloomy....

21 March 2017

Update! CC chapter 17A and some of you guessed it right


My new site is already up but still need many edittings and all.

I don't have any stable Internet connections for that X(

well.. so seeing my new site will take a while.

A~nyway. new chapter is up desu~

CC 17AAdfly

Many seems too get the flag risen on the last chapter. Well, congratulations, a rather heavy arc incoming!

and btw. I think next update will take a while, but in batch. as I have troubles in connection.

there are some guy worrying about me in the last YGDA comment section. Sorry can't reply directly there, again, troubles in connection, last update was when I was in my friends house who had wifi. so I rush myself at that time there so I can update faster.

maybe I'll just write in bath and update in batch there.

another news, will start using TMEARN.
but have to wait until I get a decent internet connection first...

17 March 2017

UPDATE,,, I'm tired... YGDA 64

Pushing myself to the limit and here are another chapter!! I want to praise myself. go go me! *slap own cheek

but I'm tired... next update will be after 2 days maybe.. or 3..

anyway here is the chappie

YGDA 62Adfly

aaaaaaaaaaa.... hungry.... sleepy.... haven't taken a bath....

what do... anyway I'll *** to generate some willpower first

Almost forgot to say: Thanks to donator Raymond L!
dude, you've been donating me regularly. thanks a lot!!

16 March 2017

I'm on a roll! CC 16C Update!

Important Announce before the update link:

One of the readers was suggesting another ads site to be the alternative of Adfly. It seems promising so I would like to add it to for my site. every little bit of penny counts! so I want to ask you readers: should I change it completely to the new site? (Tmearn) or just add those and go alongside with Adfly? Well, I prefer to have both as I can get more clicks if some nice person get in the mood to clicks those.

Also, about adsense, my friend told me that clicking on the adsense give a much better cash than adfly. and you could choose which advertisement to click. but please don't overdo it as it would instead make the ads owner get suspected for scam or something and might reduces the pay or even ban them.

my friend also said that this method can be used to "disturb" the websites of those you didn't like but I believe you guys would not do something unethical as that (but if that MF do deserves it you may) well, who am I to preach anyway.

well, in short, if you guys feel like it, please click on the adsense too a few times a day (5 times is enough maybe?). it helps me alot already.

thank you for reading this.

Here's the update:

CC Ch 16CAdfly


14 March 2017

Someone donates! I feel happy so here's update! YGDA 61

Here's the chapter

YGDA 61Adfly

Well, doing my best to keep on living... By shutting myself in my room translating...

Thanks for the donation!

13 March 2017

Just got sick. Update CC 16B


CC 16BAdfly

Hello guys, been sick last week so sorry for the late update. As you might know if you read my update post regularly, I am being depressed now so I'm lacking in motivation and the negative feeling caused me to get sick easily.

So well, my main point is, update will always be this slow for the near future. just be patient ok.