11 August 2018

I'm back. Here's update YGDA 73 and CC Ch20A

I'm back. Been thinking of going back but well, procrastination keep winning.

until our brave hero, Midehira, summoned me back from the depth of the abyss... okay, he just pm-ed me on twitter and asked about update. And from there, I somehow got the motivation to get back. Thank you man. and guys, thank him too.

well, here's the update 1st. after that I will rant like usual lol.

CC Chapter 20 Part ATmearn
YGDA 73Tmearn


And rant will be updated soon.

And rant time!

1st: reason for long hiatus:

As I tell earlier if you guys remembered, I get back to university to try again getting a degree. long story short, when time to face back at my thesis (again), I got stressed like getting a writer block (again) and keep getting sick.

My parents have given me a lot help. and even finding a psychiatrist to find just what the hell is wrong inside my mind that made me this way.

Well, after telling the psychiatrist all the thing I kept inside my mind, I feel somewhat released from my depression...... until the time for the actual treatment.

The treatment is like a kind of hypno-therapy kind of treatment so I (am supposed to) get under hypnotic state before I get treated. But I don't feel being under hypnotic at all. my mind was all clear dammit! I tried to tell the psychiatrist that I am not getting enough hypnosis but the doctor just telling me to keep being relaxed and just follow her instruction and don't think too much. Well, what can I do beside obeying the doctor instruction.

and then into the treatment... the doctor actually told me to deny, yes, to deny the side of me that been weighting me back like lazyness, being not confident, lewd, antisocial(?), etc etc. and bring out the better persona that I want to get.

Maybe that treatment can be a success if I am not this deeply involved with the otaku world. Because denying myself... made me remember the shadow in persona series. and I somehow feeling resistant to it. I feel like I should embrace my darker self so we can go together to conquer the world or something so the suggestion for the hypno-therapy is all becoming a dud and I'm just getting back to my usual self. keep on being sickly in face of my thesis.

and finally, after entering a new semester, my father just decided that maybe getting a degree in computer is just not for me and told me to stop my college and find something else to do so I can support my own life.

my father told me to become tourist guide as I can speak 4 languages (Indonesian, Javanese, English, and Japanese) but working outside just seems to be a bother for me. I once joined a kind of Uber in my country but driving under the sun for an hour had made my body feel bad all over. so I stopped.

and yeah. I am planning to get back translating because that's the thing I can do best currently. I also slowly train my kanji reading skill and write a story by myself in qidian. but as you can guess.. the procrastination is strong. thanks to Midehira that pm-ed me in twitter that I got the motivation to trully come back here.

I also asked one of my friend to help me re-design the blog to look more simple (and to put more effective ads for more money) but well, I don't know when he will finished so I just focused myself on translating first.

Also, I got someone else who offer his help in translating CC. he already done some chapters but as I gone MIA, he also stopped working on. I feel bad for him but well... I have it coming for me. sorey again mate, I even forgot who you are.

Hmm... enough rant maybe? I just write my own novel after this.... nope... maybe giving myself a present first for finishing this quest is in order. ahoy H land!

12 January 2018

Cross your finger and hope this continues. Double Update! YGDA 72 and CC 19 last part

I'm back~~~ still don't feel good but... I need to finish what I start doesn't it?

Well, The procrastination feeling to work on my thesis is just over infinity, I am now a wizard (virgin 30 years old), my little brother is about to propose to a girl, my case being fired from work in japan ended up with my seeming loss (+ a fine of 150 million rupiah[around 12k $]) but what the heck.

here's the update that I work bit by bit over my time being loss. and double them up. I haven't had the time (or actually, willpower) to upload so it was actually a few days after I done.

well, might as well forgot this series for a year hoping that I would release more in the year and you can binge read them.

but still. here's the update!

CC Chapter 19 Part DTmearn
YGDA 72 Tmearn

Start using Tmearn to get more moneh~ support by using Tmearn link guys if you can't donate.

Please~ :)

Enjoy and thank you!

PS: thank you for your understanding comment in my last post. just read it tho but I still feel my motivation coming back slowly. thank you again.

Yosh. Ganbarou!

edit:about that fine. this picture is very relate-able for me:

1: Staying home all day, I won't improve

2. If things goes on, how could I gain success??

3. I will go out so I can become a useful and worthy human!

4. Deal 10 million rupiahs (barely 100$)
*become a worthy human indeed.

22 November 2017

Been lost.. and is still lost..

Probably will take a while for me to tackle all this troubling thought in my heart so the translation would probably not continue until I could clear all this shit.

sorry for those who are waiting but I just can't move on for now.

15 September 2017

At least I tried walking forward a bit. YGDA ch 71 Update!



Don't have anything to say but the game that I used to play (still playing even now tho) Goddess Kiss, will be having its X-rated version created by Dmm company. here's the link:



07 September 2017

Stressed out from Final Project. But still Update. CC 19C

Well my mood is constantly bad nowadays. I dunno why maybe a trauma for my past college life? but anyway meet a few hurdles in working on my Final Project. which mostly comes from myself...


and then feeling the hate to myself, procrastinate again, hating myself again, procrastinate again...

such vicious evil cycle...

been thinking about this lately:

"Where are the reset button?"

anyway. here is the update. ignore my rant.

CC 19C

BTW. is now playing girls frontline. playing on digital sky server 3 ID 667027
add me.

22 August 2017

Update At last. YGDA 70. but...

Anyway here's the update first.


Anyway I will become busier in RL. doing my final project or thesis or what its name. Its starting for real baby.

gotta fulfil my ma and pa's wish.

but will still try spend time here too.

17 August 2017

Got food poisoning.

readers that is waiting for my update...

just got food poisoning a while back... and was not in a good condition. but is already recovering. update soon maybe?

sorry for the long wait