CC Ch 23 Part A


Chapter 23 - Mother is the Earl’s Daugther/ Dragon Milk

Part A

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While waiting for Filianess-san to change her attire, I spend some time chatting with Luche and Ianna.

“Hiroto-sama, how can you become so strong like that?”

“Erm, I am...... ah no, I am. Is this the right way to talk Ianna-san?”
(Eros: the first I use ‘ore’, the second use ‘boku’)

“Wh-why did you ask for my permission...... As the person who receives Filianess-sama’s affection, you should be aware that it is not my place to give you my opinion. Or are you already aware yet still say it just to tease me?”

She really is meek when facing the higher authority. This person really...... made you feel that she would be a ‘lady’ in the future. Not to mention her noble appearance, her core disposition heavily influenced by the noble’s doctrine.

“Please don’t mind too much for my status as a princess and act with ease. Because I would prefer it that way”

“Thank you very much, your highness. Then I will obey and will act more naturally”

“Th-that’s why I said before your attitude changes too fast...... I’ve been thinking since before but your sense of distance towards the princess is too close. Well, I know you have the status to support you acting like that but if other subjects see how your action, they might feel displeased”

That is indeed the case but...... it is a bad habit of mine. If you have the experience from the earth like me then a 10 years old girl could become nothing else but a normal little girl in your eye.

And then there’s also my mind mentality being influenced by my body. I call Ianna-san with a [san] because as an 8 years old boy, I can’t help but see her as someone far bigger than me.

“......Hiroto-sama, please don’t mind what Ianna said too much. Ianna should also be feeling grateful for receiving your help. But she just can’t be honest with it”

“Na...... P-princess, there’s no way I, by no means I...... I only wanted to make a commoner act like how a commoner should be in front of the royalties......”

I see, so she is someone with a stiff way of thinking. Well, even if I really did save her from bandits, Ianna-san was unconscious all the time...... If her opinion towards me and Luche, who directly witnesses my strength in battle, differs a lot then it can not be helped.

---- When I am about to consent albeit reluctant to it, Luche suddenly says something surprising.

“Ianna, what if I told your father, Patrio-sama about...... how you promise to protect me yet being the first one to faint in face of danger? I wonder what kind of expression he will show me at that time”

“...... P-please makes it a secret from my father...... If father were to abandon me then I could no longer serve the princess as a lady’s maid...... When that happened I would no longer have any other place to go......”

“Then please treat Hiroto-sama kindly from now on. The next time you are to bring the name of the royal family in front of Hiroto-sama and gain his ire then think of it as the same thing as I sending your report to Patrio-sama”

“U-understood...... Please forgive my insolence, Hiroto-sama. I beg your pardon for my repeated offense......!”

“A, n-no...... I don’t mind it that much so please don’t apologize”

[Don’t mind it that much] means that I did mind it a little. Ianna-san managed to sense the hidden meaning and feeling obliged.

Now that I think about it, mother Remilia is also someone from Junegan dukedom’s nobility right? There might be some connection between Ianna-san’s and my mother’s noble house.

“By the way, Ianna-san. My mother comes from [Kuzzerbach] family. Have you heard anything about them?”

“Ku...... Kuzzer...... House of Earl Kuzzerbach...... is that true......!?”

Earl...... W-was my mother really have such a great background? I never meet any of my mother’s relatives so I don’t know anything at all. All I know in Mizell is also that a few of my mother’s friends also used to be noble and that is all.

Filianess-san already knows that mother is from a noble line so she probably knows mother comes from an earl house’s line. And then how she never told me about it...... perhaps there is some related trouble with mother Remilia’s home. Perhaps, she knows something about it.

“Aa, awawa...... awawawawawa......”

Ianna-san who was standing beside the sitting Luche suddenly losing the power in her legs and falls on the floor with her behind. This kind of extreme reaction reminds me of Pamela...... Who knows that the weapon is known as [mother’s family name] I just thought on the spot would have such power.

“My-my name is Ianna Seagar...... The 7th daughter of the Seagar family...... I beg of you, I beg of you to please pardon many numbers of offenses that I did. I really, really wished for your forgiveness......!”

“So Hiroto-sama’s mother is someone from Earl Kuzzerbach’s house...... I am also asking for your forgiveness for being unaware of it before. While it might be tactless, I would like to ask Hiroto-sama whether you have had any experience attending to any social meet before?”

“Mother never goes out from Mizell. This is also my first time being far away from home......”

While answering to Luche’s question, I can’t help but be distracted by Ianna-san who stays still in dogeza (prostrating position). Although she is indeed using the princess’ status as a shield, my mother’s house status is far stronger than that. Although she doesn’t know about my mother’s bloodline before, her mistake still won’t easily be forgiven.

I then stand up from my seat, sit with one knee down in the carpet, and put my hand on Ianna-san’s shoulder.

“Ianna-san, raise your head. Just as I just said, my mother is a descendant of an Earl house but I am not raised as a noble. You don’t have to be that afraid of me”


Feeling infinitely obliged, Ianna-san raises her head. Her pale face steadily regains their color again. After her long eyeslits blinked a few times, she puts her own hand on top of my hand that is touching her shoulder.

“...... You are very kind. Now that I think back again, from the time you saved the princess, I already have felt that you are not someone common. After calming down, I managed to assess your behavior and thought that if you were not a commoner and instead of a noble, perhaps I would...... N-no please don’t misunderstand......”

“Hiroto-sama is Hiroto-sama. His mother’s noble line and his own wonderful personality is a different matter”

“... Yes, it is just as the princess said. I am ashamed...... Why did I do an act similar to an act of trying to spit the heavens to such a wonderful person as you? I once again asked for your forgiveness of my misconduct towards you”

Ianna-san stands up and gives me a deep bow. So in short...... I can freely have a chat with Luche without having her being on guard with me.

“Hiroto-sama is Hiroto-sama...... It is such a wonderful saying. As an individual named Ianna...... and as a woman, I would also do my best in showing my proper self to a Hiroto-sama who is a gentleman with a bright future prospect”

“...... But I think it’s alright for Ianna to not do such a thing. What do you think, Hiroto-sama?”

“E-erm...... we-well, you can just do things on your accord...... There’s no need to rush things”

“I understand. I reckon that the time for us to be together might be very short but in this short span of time, I hope I can do something back to you as a symbol of my gratitude from receiving your help”

Doesn’t matter how low or high her affection is, she just keeps troubling me...... I want to talk a bit more with Luche here.

(Then again, Luche is still too young to enabled me to get the [Royal Blood] skill...... at the minimum, I still need to wait a year)

Expecting such things from her highness the princess? How impudent of you! I feel like I heard something illusory screaming like that but then again, if I were to not get the [Royal Blood] skill and a crisis that could destroy the world happened because of it what would I do? For me personally, I don’t want to leave such possibility alone ---- okay that is enough for a joke.

There are other ways to get the skill besides [Suckling]. I can follow the proper course or I can also wait until we become an adult. For that sake, everything depends on the survivability of Luche herself. No, I am not someone despicable and only think of my own interest. I only want to see a different future from the one in the game. Really I am not lying I swear.

“Hiroto-sama is a gentleman yet he is still only 8 years old...... Would you still at the age where you feel uninterested with the art of lovemaking that passed down in my house of viscount? It is something that youth would take interest in and I think it would be better to learn early”
(Eros: in simple term: Kamasutra)

(...... Wha-what did she say?)

“Wha-what was are you saying, Ianna...... Why did you mention the art of lo-lovemaking”

What Luche said is right! What is that with the art of lovemaking skills!? For an all age MMORPG, that kind of skill would definitely not get implemented forever! Don’t just act like because this world is real that it is different from a game that such kind of skill could appear! I won’t get baited okay! You hear me!?

I just want to mimic Marle-san to calm myself down.


Name: Ianna Seagar
Human, Female, 14 years old, Level 4

Job: Court Lady

Life: 52/52
Mana: 32/32


Musical Performance [Harp] 42, Unarmed Mastery 5, Soldier 8, Etiquette 30, Body Strength 1, Magic Affinity 1, Maternity 24, Art of Lovemaking 13

Active Skill:

Sing and Perform level 4 (Musical Performance [Harp] 40), Alluring Figure (Art of Lovemaking 10)

Passive Skill:

Manner (Etiquette 10), Courtesy (Etiquette 30), Rearing, Breast Feeding

Skill Points Left: 12

([Unarmed Mastery] level 5…… weak. Not that! …… There is a skill that is not good for a healthy upbringing……!)

Is there a custom in the Viscount Seagar’s house to add the art of lovemaking into their daughter's education…...? Well, indeed as a noble, learning it would bring many benefits. Especially when they grow into an adult, they could grab a man literally in the balls. It does sound effective and useful.
(Eros: the MC here made a pun in Seagar house into Silly Girl adding just a Ri in the katakana but it doesn’t sound good in English so I just cut it)

Or rather, what kind of training they do to raise the [Art of Lovemaking] skill? It seems to be the inherent skill from the job [Court Lady]…… Do-don’t tell me Ianna-san, a 14-year-old girl is already ‘experienced’? Hmm, it is not that weird with this world’s cultural level that is close to the earth’s middle age era. She somehow looks even more of an adult now in my eyes. Perhaps she will say something like “Sorry, virgins are not accepted here”. Well, maybe I read too much into it. They might just use some sort of textbook to learn the skill and have yet to experience the real thing.

By the way, if I have to say what I know about the art of lovemaking then all I know is that it would be most similar to the physical education class I had back in Japan with the addition of some technique to use on the bed. I think Ianna-san’s skill mostly consists of just those two things. There is also [Alluring Figure] action skill that could be learned, isn’t it in short just a ‘sexy pose’……? I wonder what kind of sexy pose this naggy yet weak against authority woman is like? Is it the pose of a tigress or some sort? After Filianess-san next come Ianna-san. Really, 14 years old seems to be the time where many things ‘awaken’ inside a youth.

“Hiroto-sama, please wait for a few years. At that time, this Ianna would have already learned all the secret techniques need to be known by a woman from my mother. And at that time, I will certainly bring you to reach heaven”

“He~, you would bring him to heaven even when you just meet him? The noble ladies nowadays seem to ‘progress’ too far forward. Aletta-chan, do you remember what did we do when we are her age?”

Ianna-san immediately froze. Marle-san grabs her by the shoulder then brings her to a chair to make her sit there in a rough manner. Marle-san doesn’t have the body like a century end conqueror but her [Body Strength] has already reached level 94. In short, she is a super lady. Filianess-san is also in the same category as her but well let’s leave that for now. For Marle-san, Ianna-san’s body weight is not anything much as she can easily lift her up. Marle-san seems to hold herself back by holding Ianna-san’s shoulder to lift her up. I’m afraid if the opponent is a male and he managed to make Marle-san angry then she would just lift that poor sod by iron-clawing his face. Their necks would be under a lot of pressure that way.

“Around her age, we were still a new recruit joining the knight brigade. We still haven’t met Filianess-sama either”

“Getting hooked on a man at that age…… It is really improper~”

“I-I beg your pardon. I am getting too excited that my train of thought unintentionally turns in the radical way…...”

(So in this girl’s heart, the paladin Filianess-san’s direct subordinate is in a higher position than the 7th daughter of a viscount house)

And then she is the 7th daughter. In short, there are at least 6 other bitch…… oops, lascivious girls in her family. Work in a perfume store and you will also smell good, does EROS also contagious like that proverb? She can think of such an immoral thing while still look calm. Oh wait, there’s also a chance that not all of the 7 sisters learned the [Art of Lovemaking].

“My skill is still nothing compared to my older sisters. Their technique and knowledge had already reached advanced stage…...”

(What a wonderful house……!)

When something reaches the extreme, it would instead receive praise instead of scorn. I really want to see the “Ianna Sisters” in their full lineup. And I also want to know just how great is the soo called expert of lovemaking art that is Ianna’s mother. My dream for the future can’t help but be expanded infinitely.

“Anyway, it is still too early for Hiroto-chan. I don’t care about how fast a noble daughter learns about lewd things but it is forbidden to teach that to Hiroto-chan. And then the only one who can do that is only me, Filianess-sama, and also Aletta-chan although I do feel reluctant”

“What is that arrogant attitude…… Well, is not like I always thinking about lewd things either so it’s fine though. Then again, [Art of Lovemaking], right……? I am a bit interested to learn. After all, people keep calling me plain without sexual appeal so I am thinking of making it up with something else…...”

She keeps calling herself lacking sexual appeal but I don’t think the same…… She has the appeal that would not appear unless someone is in the same age as her which is 28 years old. How should I say it? An appeal that is close to the essence of being a woman? Anyway, that appeal doesn’t appear on young girls and she has it now.

(…… But I never see her thinking about getting married…… This is might be a problem with the knight brigade, or rather the woman powerhouse in this world)

Without having their own children but adopting one instead to master their art is also a thing here. I know a few people like that even in Mizell.

But for Marle-san and Aletta-san, both don’t have that much restriction that stops them from getting married. If they are to ask for it then no one can really stop them from doing so I think.

But then again this made me feel curious about one thing. That is the reason why they stay single all this time……

(If I were to not getting their affection level to the highest point when I was still a baby…… No, nothing could be solved by thinking about what if scenario)

“Ah……! Pl-please forgive me, your highness the princess. I unintentionally became angry and said something rude to your maid…… I am sorry!”

“It is not a problem, please don’t feel that bad about it. We would also like to apologize as well. We have just met Hiroto-sama and yet we also said something rude…...”

“No, princess. The one in fault is me. Your Highness the princess does not need to ask for any forgiveness. I would try to act with more prudence from now on so I beg for your pardon”

Ianna-san bows deeply towards Marle-san but as she is not angry anymore, she could only scratch her cheek awkwardly.


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  1. Training allows to pass down most skills if the affinity is good but Suckling overrides this talent requirement and directly increases the skills according to the "mother"...
    In this case, wouldn't extremely rare skills and skills users be cultivated into noble/royal families to increase their potential?

    1. This only applies to a classes inherent skill though. In other words, no matter how many powerful rare inherent skills the queen has, the only skill that she can pass on would be Royal Blood.

  2. Whenever you get parts like "Your highness the princess" or "Your majesty the king", you can just drop 1 of the halves to make the speech smoother.
    "Your Highness the princess does not need to ask for any forgiveness."
    would be
    "Your Highness does not need to ask for any forgiveness."
    You could also edit that line to be
    "You do not need to ask for forgiveness, Your Highness."

  3. Also, why does Hiroto feel guilty about wanting to breastfeed from the Princess? Sure she's ten but that mermaid nun girl was only 8.