CC Ch 23 Part B


Chapter 23 - Mother is the Earl’s Daugther/ Dragon Milk

Part B

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In Vereniz village, the main livelihood of the population is the livestock industry. They raise sheep for the wool and goats for the milk from which dairy products are made. At the end of the process, the merchants will then distribute and sell the product to every corner of the dukedom.

The food culture of this village is not that much different from Mizell. Bread is the staple food with the meat from a rabbit-like monster as the side dish. But for today, Filianess-san treats us with goat meat. Together with a large number of vegetables, the goat meat is cooked in a special kind of pot until the meat juices seep out ---- I feel like I have seen a similar kind of cooking technique back on earth. Some fruit juice was added to the meat to help soften it so the meat juices produced would taste sweet. With some salt, the taste reaches a perfect balance and it is quite delicious. Filianess-san’s maid/chef’s cooking skill seems to be comparable to my mother’s.

After the meal, we enjoy some herb tea while chatting. With Filianess-san in the same table, Ianna seems to become a different person. She becomes too quiet. I think that if she acts like this all the time then it would be better matched to her job as the refined lady’s maid of the princess.

The surrounding area is currently affected by soundproof magic so they can discuss what Luche should do next. When you reach level 50 spirit magic, you can command the sound spirit to prevent any noise leaking out from a certain area. It was originally magic used to prevent the enemy from chanting their spell but Filianess-san uses the magic in a creative way.

(So unlike in the game, magic can now be applied for other purposes......? hmm)

I might not realize it before but from the many magic that I have learned, there might be some that can be used in an unexpected way. I need to pay more attention from now on.

“Luche, I heard that the festival is planned to start in 3 days from now. That means you need to go to Ishua temple inside that time frame right? If that’s the case then I think we can also accompany you there”

“Fil-neesama...... I am happy with the thought. But I feel bad to trouble you who just become a landlord......”

“I am a servant to the dukedom. You don’t need to feel any reservation because protecting you is one of my main duty. Just be at peace and rely on me”

“...... Neesama”

Filianess-san is saying the same thing that I said before to Luche. Luche seems to also realize it as her eyes slightly opened up. She then turns her gaze to me before blushing slightly.

“Hiroto-sama also said something similar to me before. I, sadly, don’t have any power to protect myself...... I also understand that I have to rely on someone else for that. But then again, making a habit of borrowing others power casually is not something someone who holds enough qualification to become a royalty should do”

“Holding onto your pride as royalty and cherished it dearly is a magnificent thing. However, I don’t think it is good for royalty to fend for themselves alone. Protecting the royal family and the people extended from it is our pride. We will never hesitate to become the shield to protect Luche and the others from the royal family. It is our pleasure to protect the royal family, we would keep on fighting for it...... That is what the existence called knight should be ideally”

It was because of this way of the knight that Filianess-san fond of that she saw Sigmut’s attempt at harming Luche as something unforgivable.

And her word about protecting is the knight’s pride also moves Luche’s heart.

“...... It seems like my resolution is still insufficient. By taking the baptism ceremony, I will be approved as royalty and receive the inheritance right to the crown...... I know that people who hate me for it would appear but I never thought that they would even aim for my life because of it. Because of that naive thinking of mine, I made the people protecting me get exposed in danger. The reason why the three of my escort get wounded is all my fault”

“They could be counted as lucky as they still have their lives even after facing the black knight brigade second in command. If they wished for it, Luche’s three escorts could join the training in my castle. Because there are only brave elites that I approved of staying in this castle. They would receive a slightly harsher training here but if they preserved in three months, the likes of Sigmut might not be a treat ever again for them”

(Su-such a declaration...... So she is saying that the knights under the holy knight’s direct control are stronger than the captain of the black knight brigade? That is a terrifying level of military strength she holds there......)

“Me, Hiroto, Marle, and Aletta will accompany you on the way to the shrine, Luche. Assuming that we still have a day after the baptism ceremony, then there is enough time for us. After that, you can choose to stay at Verenis first for the night or go straight back to the capital. There is still enough time to make preparation to guarantee Luche’s safety after that. I think the schedule is not something impossible to achieve”

In short. the festival was planned to be held three days after Luche departed from the capital. I personally think that something as important as a royalty’s baptism ceremony should have a more flexible schedule but it seems that if things went smoothly, it would only take 2 days normally to finish the ceremony and return to the capital. I have gone to Ishua’s temple back when I was playing the game but the world map on the game was actually just a compression of the actual world here. Back in the game, it would only take 30 minutes to reach the temple from the capital but it takes half a day here.

“I also want to accompany princess Luche as an escort. The festival is like the event to show the populace about how her highness the princess receives her approval as a royalty...... is my conclusion about it correct? I only heard about it from the others so I don’t know the details but I want to see the festival where we celebrate princess Luche’s baptism”

“It has been a year since the last festival so I think every one must be very excited about it. Filianess-sama and Aletta-chan’s family live in the capital so they must be expecting it too. Even my family send me a mail saying that they would come to the capital to see the festival~”

Marle-san still seems relaxed even in front of the princess...... this person’s gut is very tough as expected. I also talk casually with her but that is because Luche shows her affection to me. If it was in public, I would of course use polite words and mind my manner.

(It is the norm. The thing that should normally be done...... I wonder whether I am getting cocky from getting stronger?)

No normal adult can beat me in a fight so I become fearless? Or perhaps maybe reckless? I even don’t feel that much fear when facing royalty...... That way of thinking is not something that normal people could accept.

“E-excuse me...... Hiroto-sama, can I ask you something?”

“Aa...... I-I’m sorry your highness. After I think again about it, I think it would be better for me to use polite words to talk with you”

“N-no...... It is not, a requirement......”

Luche said that as her voice trembles. Her face flushed until even her ears turn red. Everyone in the room myself included does not seem to be able to guess what she is going to say and can only look at her blankly.

“Can you please not call me with my title like [princess] or [your highness]? Even in front of everyone, I want you to call me Luche like usual......”

With this formal declaration from Luche, even Ianna-san could not say anything. The one who seems more surprised by Luche’s declaration is actually Filianess-san and her two subordinates but they also do not have any intention to stop her. Or rather, they seem to be minding about other things besides the common etiquette where commoners need to pay respect to the royalty.

“Hiroto…… it seems that you have already shown her how great your heroic figure is. Just look how tightly you managed to hold her heart. Even I don’t expect something like this to happen”

“Ha~, I-I never expect that even her highness the princess would fall in love at first sight like this and end everything…… No, it still to soon to give up Marle! Hiroto-chan is still 8 years old and the princess is still 10 years old after all! The stairs to adulthood are still ahead of them!”

“Keep that monologue to yourself, is what I want to say but I can understand as there was a lack of progress for a long time…… Sigh. I know that sighing a lot would affect the skin badly but I just could not help sighing a lot lately”

Why did I hear a deep passion hidden beneath the other two statements beside Filianess-san’s? …… It seems like Marle-san starts to look at me differently as she reached 22 years old. I can feel some expectation grow inside her, the kind of expectation that I can’t perfectly describe. Aletta-san also seems to have that kind of expectation within her. I feel ashamed of realizing how I really lack self-awareness to just realize it now. Maybe I am just not that resourceful enough.

(But after all, I am still just an 8 years old boy…… If I am already a resourceful person at this age then I feel like all the men in the world would hate me…… Maybe I should aim to become a wizard)
(Eros: I am not sure but seems like this wizard here refers to those 30 years old virgins)

---- While thinking that, Ianna-san who has been silent the whole time speaks out like she is unable to bear the current tension. She comes with a momentum similar to that when answering the bonus question which would make the big reversal in a certain quiz game.

“I assume that there are a lot of people who yearn for Hiroto-sama so I would like to give a gentle reminder to everyone here. This might be a foreign culture for the people in the knight brigade but in the noble community, polygamy is something common. As someone with Kuzzerbach blood running in his veins, wouldn’t Hiroto-sama be officially recognized as a noble in the future? The men in another earl house would at least have 4 wives. Even my father who is just a viscount has 3 wives including my mother”

After smoothly finished saying her opinion, Ianna-san seems to be satisfied and her face turns brighter. She managed to say the thing she wants to say the most so she managed to release some of her stress successfully.

It seems that what Marle-san and Aletta-san hidden inside their hearts have been seen through by Ianna-san. And she felt vexed from only being a spectator that she could not help joining in the discussion.

---- Filianess-san and the two subordinate fall into an awkward silence. Wha-what is it with this strained tension I feel…… what are you guys demanding from me actually……!?


- <Marlgit> is whispering: “Even if that’s the case, he is still an 8 years old boy…… Ha~. Just how long should I hold myself back from knowing true happiness as a woman…...?”

- <Aletta> is whispering: “…… Is it alright for me to wait? At that time, wouldn’t I be an old lady……? But still…...”

- <Filianess> is whispering: “…… I’ll wait at least until the asceticism period for holy knight ended…… No…...”

Even when the voice is literally inaudible, it would still be detected and recorded in the log. Ha-happiness as a woman…...? So they really are having a hard time with their excess sexual desire is that it? This emergency situation has reached the level where it needs to be reported to a certain colonel.
(Eros: referring to something here but I don’t know)

When I think about it again, they are healthy young women. It is weird for them to let their youth pass away without any sign of men walking beside them…… And if the main reason is me then I would feel responsible for it. I would like to do something for them.

(Bu-but…… I am still 8 years old…… There is nothing I can do…… No, it is not healthy to be pent up with excess sexual desire like that. Anything that goes past the limits is unhealthy for the body……)

I started to seriously think about the issue, Seeing myself deep in thought, Filiannes-san suddenly comes to a realization and stands up from her seat.

“Hi-Hiroto is still too young for this kind of talk…… Ianna-dono, I hope you could be more discreet in that area. No matter what happened with the noble society or what option Hiroto will take would need to wait until he becomes an adult”

“Ye-yes, I understand…… I am terribly sorry for saying such an impertinent thing”

Ianna-san seems to feel sorry for her mistake but what makes me feel more surprised is how red Filianess-san’ face is right now.


- <Luche> is whispering: “Fil-neesama…… I can understand your feeling…...”

(Le-let’s stop peeking the log…… This log system is just too damn sensitive)

And there is also Luche. She is still just a 10 years old girl but she could already feel the subtleties hidden inside people’s hearts. I also noticed that lately, the girls from my childhood friend circle start to sense each other feeling like this…… Stella-nee already reached puberty after all.

Now that think about it again, Luche is older than me so I should call her Luche-nee also like Stella but Luche seems more babyfaced when compared to Stella. I could feel her presence as royalty but maybe it just because her height is not high enough that I can’t treat her as an older girl. But then again she is almost at the same height as me though.

“We-well then…… Let’s leave the village early in the morning tomorrow and go towards the shrine. There should be no problem with that right, Luche?”

“No problem. Then everyone, please protect me on the way to Ishua’s shrine. I’m looking forward to your cooperation”

“P-Princess, you are not someone who could bow down casually like this. We have already wishing to protect you from the start”

“Protecting Your Highness is our duty as a knight. Just as Filianess-sama had said, protecting the royal family is our pride…… That’s why you don’t have to feel obliged”

“…… Thank you very much. Really, thank you…...”

Luche’s reddish-brown eyes become teary and she quickly wipes it. Ianna-san is also infected by the situation and started to cry…… She has the [Ceremony] skill and when combined with how she follows the princess into the temple where the baptism ceremony held, I feel like she also has to fulfill in the ceremony. If that is the case then she is also our target for protection.

Her followers who have been injured by the black knight brigade conspiracy is not in fighting condition currently so too bad for them…… We will carry on your duty. And then we will bring Luche back to the capital where everyone is waiting to show her hour of triumph.

If Luche doesn’t come back safely after successfully received her baptism then the festival would not happen as scheduled…… Thinking about the common folks who have been expecting this happy occasion, I feel a heavy responsibility weighing my shoulder. Filianess-san and I look at each other and give each other a nod showing that we have the same feeling about protecting Luche to the end.




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