Communicationally Challenged

Original Title:コミュ難の俺が、交渉スキルに全振りして転生した結果
Translated Literally:The Result of Me, Who is Communicationally Challenged, Maxing Out My Negotiation Skill when Reincarnating
Author:とーわ/朱月十話 (Touwa / Shugetsu Touwa)
Author Profiles:

Morioka Hiroto was a top player in the MMORPG ‘Eternal Magia’. His real identity is a junior in a high school that had been a shut in for almost three years. He had lost everything inside the game in which he had dedicated almost half of his life with. Hiroto who falls into desperation ended his life while helping his childhood friend who was about to get rammed by a truck even if that girl had ignores him for a long time.

He was communicationally challenged in real life but in game, his communication skill is top class. And with it, he was able to monopoly the top spot in the game. He also uses an unpopular skill ‘negotiation skill’ which in fact a very powerful skill that no one else knows.

A goddess from a different world put her interest in Hiroto because of that and she let him reincarnate in her world. The goddess also give bonus point to Hiroto as a compensation for all the bad luck that he had in his previous life. Hiroto, after receiving those bonus points, immediately maxed out his ‘negotiation skill’ without any doubt.

Hiroto reincarnates as a baby while still having his old memory in another world which is very similar to the game ‘Eternal Magia’. He then would once again prove the superiority of negotiation skill and even found another unexpected side use from it. He who will start as a villager A will steadily crawl his way again to the top.

(Translated directly from the source page)

The author add a spin-off(?) here

Eros opinion: Getting invincibly strong since early age but still have enjoyable grinding / training scene, have a lot harem which I even sometime forgot their names but good anyway, MC personality gets better better along the way. If you enjoy / doesn't shrink back from those things I list above then this is a good read that you might enjoy (as I am enjoying it too).

The build up every phase is good but sometimes its just too long so it would take long before any romance relation can occur. You readers must be patient to reach any romantic situation. But don't worry about lewdness. There are many!

Character Introduction

After chapter 10 (and 10.5)

Volume 0: Prologue

0Prologue 01            adfly chP1
0Prologue 02Missere Meow

Prologue 03Missere Meow
Volume I: Infancy Period
1Parents & the [Maternity] SkillMissere Meow
2Trapped ChoicesMissere Meow
3Skill raising Start!Missere Meow
4Skill raising with 3 GirlsMissere Meow
5Riot in the TownMissere Meow
6Thunder god FillianessMissere Meow
7The 2 following knightsMissere Meow
8Bathroom [Pandemonium]Missere Meow
9Demon Sword Calamity - Stairway to HeavenMissere Meow
10End of InfancyThe Clergy and the AdventurerDay’s beginningMissere Meow
10.5 - 1Party Formation Secret Stories Part 1 1st half - 2nd halfMissere Meow
10.5 - 2Party Formation Secret Stories Part 2Missere Meow
10.5 - 3Party Formation Secret Stories Part 3Missere Meow
Chapter Party Formation Secret Stories Part 4 [ Side A - Adfly A ] [ Side B - Adfly B ] - [ Side C - Adfly C ] [ Side D - Adfly D ] [ Side E - Adfly E ]


  1. well Good Luck for new series and I'm looking forward to it.

  2. I figured out why you didn't find it on novel updates: the fourth symbol is different from what is listed as the Japanese name there.


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  6. I believe wat the meow is still working on it, but they're having trouble getting the motivation to put out new chapters between them losing progress due to a crash I believe, and how long the chapters are.

    1. meow didnt drop it.
      syosetu admin found the content problematic since its contain a bit of adult material
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  8. Truck-sama strikes again? Sounds fun I'm going to read it now.

  9. Really hope you continue this novel, I kinda like it to be honest. Thank you for all the work, I'll keep on cheering you on whatever you might do Translator-sama.

  10. The table of Contents for CC needs major remodelling.

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    1. Will do in the future. or should I say, I will remodel the blog all over. so well, use novelupdates link for the time being. sorry for being lazy

  12. I tried to read in Japanese through Google Translate. Much did not understand.
    Who read in Japanese, can tell: Hina died with the main character and also reborn? Or is Hina in the new world just a game character?

  13. I don't know if there is someone that want this, but I recopilled the link of the chapters in a file:

  14. Request urgent update on TOCs for CC YGDA, seriously, it's long since overdue.

  15. ... Why change it later. Even if it's somewhat 18+ people will find it wntertaining and read. I'm gonna read it up again. If they changed it, I will drop it. I was reading it for that funny 18+ parts anyway since it's so diffrent from every other novel.

  16. Tried to read this as it looked like a good story, but the dumbfuck of a translator totally ruined it. Not only bad translating (that I can deal with), but all of his stupid ass, dumbfuck comments ruined the story. I couldn't even get past the Prologue. He ruined the whole fucking story before I could even read one chapter.

  17. This looked like a really good story, and I was really excited to read it. However, the translator totally ruined the whole thing. Not only is his translating bad (which I can deal with as I'm used to it by over 70% of the translators with their bad spelling, bad grammar, and bad syntax), but all of this guy's comments he puts in. I didn't get past the Prologue before dropping. He totally ruined the whole fucking story before it even began. Hey, numbnuts - take a page from the other intelligent translators and save all of your dumb comments like, "Elf, Rape," until the END of the fucking chapter so the story can be enjoyed by the reader.
    Contribution? HELL FUCK NO, RETARD. My advice is the only contribution you're getting from me. Redo the story from the beginning, apologize for being such a jackass, then I'll come back and I will contribute some money. But you have to grow up first.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I only have one word for you. Try learning Japanese. By then you can just read the raw and marvel in the novel however you like.

      And because I am a dumb translator as I my grammar and syntax is still in the bad level, I put that random note after the text so I won't forget about it later when I finish translating. And as I am dumb, I forgot to put it in the bottom after editing it.

      Well, at least I am better than some cunt reader who just throw abusive language to critic other works. And I can read Japanese too.

      And for your contribution. Well, you don't have to man. I think your money would just hurt me if you give it to me so keep it yourself mkay?

      Love, Eros.