Young God Divine Armaments

Original Title : 神器を統べる若神様 ~戦神の異世界ハーレム奮闘記~
Translated Literally : Young God that Governs over Divine Armaments ~Chronicles of War God Struggle for His Harem on a Different World~
Author : 本堂ゆうき (Hondou Yuuki)
Source :
Author Profiles :
Rating : R15

Toujou Renya was kidnapped by a certain goddess then she gave him 2 choices. To go back to his own world, die in the next 3 days, and then reincarnated as a dog in his next life. Or try to become a god by training through a seemingly endless time. He choose the latter choice, train hard, and when he did achieve the power of the war god, he says:

"Let's go to a different world, use this cheat like power, and create a harem there!"

(Translated directly from the source page) 

Volume I: Sirkaberia Kingdom

Chapter 1Did You Think it’s the Last Boss? Too Bad! It’s the Prologue!adfly ch1
Chapter 2The Birth of Young War Godadfly ch2
Chapter 3Starting Adventureadfly ch3
Chapter 4Standard Ruleadfly ch4
Chapter 5The Knowledgeable 3rd Rate Flag Constructoradfly ch5
Chapter 6At Last! An Event Flag!adfly ch6
Chapter 7To the Forest Where Evil Lurksadfly ch7
Chapter 81st Passage of the Legend: The Awakening of War Godadfly ch8
Chapter 9A Stupid Godadfly ch9
Chapter 10  

1st step to Harem? adfly ch10
Chapter 11Attacks at the Branch Division and Instant Annihilationadfly ch11
Chapter 12 For God, It was a Piece of Cakesadfly ch12
Chapter 13Arriving at Capital City Beriand and the 2nd Flagadfly ch13
Chapter 14A Loli Schoolgirl and A Mysterious Beautyadfly ch14
Chapter 152nd Passage of the Legend: The Duel with the Dragon Princess (1st part)adfly ch15
Chapter 162nd Passage of the Legend: The Duel with the Dragon Princess (2nd part)                                 adfly ch16
Chapter 17The Mascot Girladfly ch17
Chapter 18A Malicious Schemeadfly ch18
Chapter 19The God's Wrath And Thus The God's Privilegeadfly ch19
Chapter 20

The Wavering Maiden’s Heartadfly ch20
Chapter 21 The One That Is Longed Foradfly ch21
Chapter 22 adfly ch22
Chapter 23 A False Flagadfly ch23
Chapter 24

Birds of a Feather

adfly ch24
Volume II: Rugartis Kingdom

Chapter 25 To The Other Capital and The God’s Anguishadfly ch25
Chapter 26 Peace and The Shadow Looming at Itadfly ch26
Chapter 27 Taking a Breatheradfly ch27
Chapter 28 Dancing On Top of My Handadfly ch28
Chapter 29 3rd Passage of the Legend: The Hymn of Heroes (1st part)adfly ch29
Chapter 30

3rd Passage of the Legend: The Hymn of Heroes (2nd part)adfly ch30
Chapter 31It Still Hasn’t Finished Yet (The Story In This Kingdom)adfly ch31
Chapter 32I Don’t Even Hesitate!adfly ch32
Chapter 33Even for God, Perseverance is a Mustadfly ch33
Chapter 34The Ruin’s Mysteries Calls for an even more Bizarre Mysteriesadfly ch34
Chapter 35Believe it or not, I am a God. What are you going to do about it?adfly ch35
Chapter 36Your Own Worth is for Yourself to Decideadfly ch36
Chapter 37The God is Pondering in His New Throneadfly ch37
Chapter 38The Sunlight is Filled with Warmth, The Shadow is Lost in the Silenceadfly ch38
Chapter 39Visitor Suddenly Barging Inadfly ch39
Chapter 40

Be Careful When Choosing Friendadfly ch40
Chapter 41Troubles After Troublesadfly ch41
Chapter 42
Chapter 43
Chapter 44
Chapter 45
Chapter 46
Chapter 47
Chapter 48
Chapter 49
Chapter 50



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