16 July 2015

Young God Divine Armaments ch 12

Chapter 12 – For God, It was a Piece of Cakes

While the panicked monsters running disorderly away from the fortress, the three boughs the captured sect members to the surrounding forest.
That is because, as Brenda suggests, it is bad to do interrogation on a place where people might come and overhear them like in that fortress or in any other place close to human settlements.
Even with Renya and Floria power, dealing with things related to mind reading or soul searching is fundamentally hard.
Peeking through a human memory to search specific information is an almost close to impossible work. It was just like trying to search a certain information paper under a mountain of unsorted heaps of paper, a really big one that is.
Then how about using abilities like brainwashing or something that have similar effect to a truth serum as Brenda suggest but as Renya and Floria’s pedigree are both connected directly to war god who excels at battles, they don’t have such kind of convenient abilities. They do have any other abilities that indirectly related to battles and can be used as supporting skills thought.
To sometimes feel inconvenient because not all things can be solved smoothly made a god life far from boring so it was good as Renya say while deep in though.
But now that kind of carefree philosophic view bites back at him at this kind of time.

“They still don’t talk eh”
“Well of course, if they easily open their mouth then they won’t be able to raise themselves this far”

The captured sect members won’t even open their mouth. No matter what kind of question asked, they keep their silence and even keeping up their blank expression. It was just as an unresponding computer that won’t react no matter what you do.
If it was like this then no matter what they do be it torture or leading talk, it won’t give good result. Realizing this, Brenda almost throw the towel when Renya suddenly walk up to the front.

“Renya? What are you gonna do?”
“Well this kind of guys won’t open their mouth even if we torture them or do other worse thing right? So I was thinking, how about try using them instead”

Renya then quickly use his left hand to do a horizontal slash gesture after he speaks. Rustling sound of things dropped can be heard, it was some kind of small stones.
Looking closely at it, each and every of them is not a normal stones. It was carefully polished, round shaped, black colored gem like stones.
Renya then close his eyes and sends his energy inside the stones. Of course he sends his divine power inside them but from normal human point of view, he must be sending his magic power to the stones. Charged with divine power, the black stones start to give off a faint light.

“If we can’t open their mouth then let’s just expose their thought”

Renya says that while grinning widely. His smile packed full with evil-ish thought towards the two prisoners.
What a bottomless abyss of evil intent! Betty who sensed Renya wicked thought had her iron mask expression crumbles for a second.
And what that evil intent would soon bring is something that the two sect member can’t even imagine.
Suddenly, rings of light floats on top of each of their head. The inside of those rings of light are packed with letters. Horrified with the spectacle that is happening on top of each of their head, even those two starts to panic and ask back in a rough manner.

“Oi you bastard what have you done to us!?”
“I just turn what you guys thought of into word with my god ability”

Those two can only hear Renya as he was bragging his ability and showing it off but Brenda knows that Renya just stating the fact.

(You said it at first that you don’t have any skill related to what you say oh so hard mind related ability so what category would you put this skill into?! Haah why did I feel tired all of the sudden)

Brenda swears to herself that she needs to talk about this matter deeper later. For now she just focuses her attention to the ring of lights to search important information.

“I know that you two already got training to not open your mouth under any kind of torture, but have you received any training to make your mind went blank I wonder? Well, being able to control one own mind that far is close to impossible to begin with anyway”

Renya says those lines with a challenging tone in his voice to agitate the prisoners. Of course there is reason for his action.
That reason is to make the two prisoners change their way of thinking from ‘we can just not thinking about things we want to hide’ to ‘we must whatever at all cost not thinking about what we wants to hide’.
From the beginning this divine armament is a tool to expose enemy thought in battle. Renya thinks that if he can read enemy mind during battle he can anticipate every moves his opponent do. And placing it on top of their head is so that his opponent won’t realize it because it was impossible to see that part by their own eyes.
The divine armament that was created for that purpose is named [Black Whisper].
It was a type of divine armament that should be set out on a field before having any effects. A trap if you would. By sending divine power inside, every target in its range will have their thought and memories exposed by using words that is shown on top of their head. That is the detail of how [Black Whisper] works.
From the explanation, this divine armament could be considered as an ultimate weapon in battles but against opponent types who can move their body faster than their thought like the war god, it was off to no use. To make things worse, even when he did able to set it on field for real and read war gods thought, it doesn’t have any meaning n front of war god furious attacks. Because of that reasons, this divine armament soon stays permanently in his inventory. This divine armament is one from many divine armaments that bring bitter memories for Renya.
And in the first place, there also a period of time when Renya having difficulties when following the war god movement in battle. Why did he make such things if he can’t even read the letter because of war god insane movement speed? Thinking about it again now, he sure strayed off the path quite a lot at that time. He can only put a wry smile remembering those times.
But for now, the target of the divine armament is already sealed off from moving and their thought already shackled to some extent. By doing that, He prevents the target from thinking other unrelated thing and with that, reduce the number of ‘information dump’ so they can find the information that they want easily. If the target think too much then the ‘information dump’ will be too bulky and of course it will be hard to find the related information.
So like that, While Renya heaving a sigh from remembering one of his defeats from other countless one, Brenda skillfully writes a note for any related information from the two sect members. Ah so this world’s technology already progress this far that portable stationary are a common things eh? Well it was a must for this world anyway for things like making dungeon map on the go or other similar things.

“Bishop…… Secrets…… Organization…… Mystery……”
“Fion! Stop it! Don’t get leaded by their words! Stop thinking that!”
“Don’t be stupid! It was easier to say than doing dammit…… the heck Betty, your thoughts are also leaking out isn’t it! You don’t have any right to say that to me!”

Unable to close their ears, they can’t help but to hear leading words spoken by Brenda. Hearing those words which more or less connected to the sect secrets, they can’t help but to remember other things related to it. In panic, they try to think about other things to cover those secrets but once they think about it, it will soon described into words by [Black Whisper] so there’s nothing they can do to prevent it.
Seeing how effective his divine armament works against normal human, Renya once again feel happy from knowing that the divine armaments he made really are useful. No, it was too much effective that it might give too much strain on human relationship. So He decided to only use his divine armaments limited to his enemies only.
To nurture a good relationship and trust, one shouldn’t rely on this kind of convenient tools ever.
And then after wringing out all the information she can, Brenda closes her notes.

“So they also don’t know about that person as expected…… well, if that person information can be easily known then I don’t even have to search from the beginning”
“Did you searching for someone inside the sect?”
“Yeah, but the one searching is not me personally. That person is a traitor that an acquaintance from magician guild persistently chases to. That acquaintance is not someone who can freely move around publicly so I, who can, occasionally try searching around like this in that person stead”
“He~, for you to be willing undertaking dangerous task like this, I was wondering what kind of reasons you have behind. But that reason is unexpectedly plain…”
“What kind of reason that is not plain for you I wonder”
“Maybe like someone in the sect are your parent murderer or because of them your life become a living hell or something like that so you want revenge or such”
“Didn’t I have said that I personally don’t have any grudge with the sect? I did, didn’t I?”

Renya certainly hears that when they talk about him being god a while ago and Brenda also don’t give out such emotions when talking about it. Renya also notices that she doesn’t chase the enemy with any abnormal tenacity too, it just like doing a normal job for her.
Well then what should we do to this two prisoner now that we have wring them dry from any new information?

“Well then what should we do to this two?”
“U~n, now that’s a tough one. If we kill them it won’t have much meaning because they are just the tip of the iceberg, moreover if we do that then the main group will notice it because the report gets halted and will dispatch another member to this area and we will start from square one again.”
“And the result is also the same if we catch them right? Then there is one way to deal with them while also buy us a lot of time. Floria, would you please”
“Okay~~ Leave it to me! So what should I do anyway?”
“So let see here”

Renya is whispering what he thinks to Floria. Floria nods a few time saying that she understands what Renya said and then she immediately act.
Floria’s divine power wraps up the two prisoners, bathing them inside faint light.

“W-What the hell did y……”
“Ugh……… I won’t forgi…ve… you…”

While spewing the standard lines used by small fry when they lose, the two prisoners lose their consciousness.

“Yup, It’s done! With this they will repeat the same day everyday again and again”
“Repeat the same day?”

Brenda with dubious look asks Floria who is full with confidence with what she had done. Renya then explain what she did in her place.

“What Floria did is erasing their memories about us then make them unconsciously repeat their everyday life at this place. And even more they will keep on doing report that they are still waiting for the result of some ongoing plan that don’t exist”
“The guy will make periodic report while waiting for that plan result. And the girl will do a matching report to show she also done her job right. Well limited inside this fortress anyway. If they go outside from the fortress then they will see illusion of them doing work outside. Such cycle will repeat by itself forever”

Well someday the sect will realize the inconsistency in their report and check their condition but until that time, this branch division will be ceased operating. And at the same time they will be unable to bring harm to the surrounding area.
If there is a large inconsistency in their repeating day like someone from the sect coming to check them then of course the command imprinted by Floria wouldn’t be able to hold itself and those two will be released from its effect. But at that time they won’t be able to track Renya and his team as Floria already erase it from the two memories.
Interrogation and post treatment, with god power involved, it was nothing big. Brenda seeing those two acts like they just finished a simple errand, once again realized how big an existence known as god is.

“Then it’s done! Well this won’t deal with the problem completely though. In the 1st place you also don’t say anything about completely solving it so this is enough right?”
“Yes, it was too splendidly done even...... but I’m speechless at how extraordinary it was”
““Ehehe it wasn’t much””
“That was not a compliment you two”

With a stupid expression Renya says ‘Eh it was not?’ and upon hearing it, at last Brenda too gives out a smile.
And after that, they release the shackles that constrict the prisoners, seeing them went back to the fortress while walking unsteadily, then observe them for a while to make sure the command imprinted by Floria works. Once they confirm it, they went back to Minseia.

“Well then we done the job as planned, so what should we do next Brenda?”

The next day at noon, the three of them discuss about their future plans inside their hotel room.
Renya has completed the job she got from Brenda so that means that Brenda is now a part of their party member as the contract that they agreed says earlier but still, Renya wants to make sure about it to Brenda 1st.

“I personally want to go to the capital 1st to report my investigation. If you don’t mind I will start fulfilling our contract after that. How does that sound?”
“I don’t really mind that, and after all it is already the time to say goodbye to this town anyway. What do you think Floria?”
“The capital… capital eh? Sounds good! The capital, somehow it sounds attractive. Let me in too!”
“Then it was decided right? Then let’s go tomorrow. Brenda, can we use the horse cart that is going to the capital?”
“The timing is just right, the cart should be scheduled to come to this city today. The coachman and the horse will take the rest of the day to recuperate. And tomorrow we can easily board on it if we have reservation”
“Then I leave the reservation to you, is there anything we should have to enter the capital?”
“Nothing in particular actually…… but since we have connection here why not ask the official representative to give out a referral letter for us? Any mere traveler can easily enters the capital gate but if we have such referrals from appropriate person, our activity in the capital will be less troublesome I think”
“Well if that the case then let’s ask that bearded uncle from the government office. If we ask him now it might be done by the time we go tomorrow”

Brenda then warns Floria gently to not be too hasty with things.
Seeing them like this, they just look like a pair of sister. Well… one of them is silver haired with small, sensual body while the other one is blonde haired with slender body like a model but, that feeling might comes from their relationship that is getting close.
(Floria wins in the breast department but considering the stature and overall balance, Brenda isn’t bad either. To be able to cross sword against the goddess personally molded body, Brenda also can’t be taken lightly)

Renya was, without showing it in his expression and only steal a glance in a very short time to avoid getting sensed, able to analyses those two.
He was not just your everyday pokerface. His skill to not let other people read his intention has been polished for over a hundred years. He won’t fall into an embarrassing state of being accused as a pervert that was a standard rule in this kind of harem-romance story. His confidence worth applause but still what he does are just terrible.
And then Renya realizes that he forgot something important. With a natural movement he grabs Brenda’s hand.
Such sudden natural movement seems to make Brenda misunderstand something. She looks up to Renya with distressed expression.

“I-Is there a problem Renya?”
“From now on Floria and I will be under your care Brenda, treat us well”
“Ah! That’s right I also forgot that. Please treat me well too Brenda!”

Floria then grab and shakes Brenda’s empty left hand wildly with her childishness at full throttle. Brenda feels like being made fool of by Renya who has ‘I got you’ kind of expression in his face but at the same time she also feel that this kind of feeling isn’t that bad. With such complex feeling comes out in her expression, she reorder herself with a chough.

“Yes. Please treat me well too you two”

A blond haired magician girl stands there replying them with her soft gentle smile.

TL notes:
I was tempted to make something like this:
Renya be like: Dude, mind related magic is hard you know? My ability are focused for war so I don’t have any kind of ability related for that, it’s hard for even a god you know, it’s hard you know, it’s hard you know, it’s hard you know bla bla bla…
Then Renya goes opening a new window in the prisoner heart.
Brenda be like: Dude, do you want me to high five you? In the face? With a chair? No let me do it.

Okay just kidding. Next chapter. New heroines!

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