07 July 2015

Young God Divine Armaments ch 11

Chapter 11 – Attacks at the Branch Division and Instant Annihilation

*Warning: this chapter has quite a lot of bad languages and curses contained within.

Going south from the city, then walk for a day with camping interposed, the three of them was able to infiltrate to a desolate fortress located alongside the river.
Of course, it was Renya and Floria divine power that done all the work to put the three in a stealth mode like condition. It was a perfect isolation barrier that will hide them perfectly that no one will ever notice them even if they were to walk in front of someone face. Even magic won’t be able to detect them.
And for your information too, it is also possible to talk to each other inside the barrier. Such skills that spies and assassins from all over the world would envy of.
 The outer walls were heavily damaged, and the inside has some places that was weathered and collapsed too. But despite of that this stone fortress can still function enough as enemy’s temporary base.
It was not a rare case that this kind of facility would be used by thief and bandits as their base so leaving this kind of place alone is not a desirable option. But there are cases where it still can be useful on emergency situation so destroying it completely is a hard choice too.
And according to Brenda, there were a lot of examples where this kind of abandoned fortress plays a big role when a big group of monster attacks suddenly. The defense side will use this kind of place as their defense base and in the end, successfully repels the monsters attack with the least possible harm done. Renya can only nod hearing that explanation.
But even with that said, the current holder of this base is a criminal wanted by every country, the fanatics that are blinded by their belief.
Because it was said as a religious organization, Renya have a strange expectation towards them. If it was related to religion then the believer should be fully dressed with religion-related costume such as robes, staff, and other kind of ornaments. But the sect member in truth only presented an easy to hide pendant when they joined in. Renya was disappointed by the anticlimactic truth.

“If they wear such a showy outfit then they wouldn’t be a secret sect don’t you think?”
“Well I think that there won’t be any meaning in hiding when there is no one else around”
“The sect ultimate goal that they will chase to the end is to have their evil god descent. They won’t think of stupid things such like being stylish or being famous. And to add that, the lower class sect members by default don’t do propagation activity at all”
“A scheme so their existence won’t be leaked out from their tail eh?”
“That might be also a reason but their goals is not for bringing salvation so they don’t need weak people clinging in their sleeves, is seems to be their main reason”
“Ah so that’s why eh? When I hear branch division I thought there would be more sect member loitering inside the fortress instead all this monsters”

Just as Renya said, the fortress insides are packed with armed subhuman type monsters.
It was the monster that is widely known as the little devil with green skin, the goblins.
It was a standard monster for this region, and there’s even a standard dog type demon beast, hellhound can be found loitering about.
They know with just a glance that those monsters are brainwashed to guard the fortress. And another factor that brings them that conclusion was because those monsters movement that are too well regulated. Judging by how the enemy can casually make an army of monsters, this sect really is dangerous. For normal people that is.

“Is there any magic to control monster?”
“If it was just a monster with intelligence level of an animal there are people called monster tamer which skill can take control of a monster with just using their own will. And it was not over with just controlling monster, they prove themselves useful by regulating monster influence in an area, or just simply use those monsters to do simple manual labor. In the aspect of occupations that mainly do battles, their contribution to the masses are just almost as big as ours you know?”
“Hee~, those monster tamer unexpectedly have high acknowledgment eh? I thought they were considered as a dirty job”
“Well first of all it was near impossible to drive monster to extinction. With that in mind, there is someone that thinks ‘if we can’t make them extinct then how about try using them?’ and that person became the founder of monster tamer. I don’t know clearly because all that’s left now are just hand down stories, but that founder seems to be quite the strategist. Using his wide personal connection and resourcefulness, he made monster tamer name to be widely recognized in just his generation alone. Again, that was just the legends among the monster tamer so I don’t know whether it’s a fact or not though”
“He worked his best so that the next generation monster tamer don’t meet persecution eh? ‘Even if it was not one of basic daily needs, people will get trouble without it’ kind of feeling right? How that founder made monster tamer into this level of usefulness proves that he really was great”

And what more, that founder should have quite a twisted personality too. Because if it was a kind person who only think about how to sell monster tamer to the next generation, I don’t think that monster tamer, the kind of job where the masses will quickly loath of, would be this much accepted.

“I don’t see any human sect member at all”
“They won’t scout such low grade people who are fine with guard job you know. And in the first place, the reason they use this 1st class sacrificial pawn monster army is because the number of personnel are low to begin with. Supporting organization should have more personnel but ―― those people mostly support Ordough sect because they are coerced”
“They really dye themselves all black don’t they? Then I won’t need to pull any punches against those heretics right?”
“”Did you even have any intention of holding back from the start?””

With both Floria and Brenda doubtful comment, Renya can only drops his shoulder. It was such a peaceful situation in contrast to the infiltration mission that they are doing now, that only proves how terrifying divine powers is even further.
But those three nerves to boldly amuse themselves with idle talk in the middle of enemy’s base are even more terrifying.
After walking down the passages, they arrived at a spacious hall located in the center of the fortress. The good thing is that the large doors that would keep them from passing through had been broken so they just pass it via the gaps of that broken door.
Inside the hall, there were broken bookshelves, broken and rusted spears, and other scrap pieces scattered all over the place.
Looking from how spacious this room is, it must’ve been used as the command room of the fortress. The big table that should’ve been used by the commanders to do briefing is all worn out, oozing out a sad atmosphere around.
Near the big tables, there are 2 humans talking to each other. The three then come near to that 2 person, trying to eavesdrop their conversation. And just to make sure, they came closing in carefully. Even if they can’t be seen and can’t be heard, they still make dust scatters around as they walk. And if they bump into the scattered scraps, even if it won’t make any sounds, things won’t get pretty either. If they made a change on their surrounding while being under the enemy line of view, the enemy could sense that there is something wrong around. Thanks to the torch hanging by the walls the room is bright enough to see the surrounding things, of course the 2 people can be clearly seen also.
One from the two is a young man with a rough face features, scary looking eyes, and brown hair. He’s the kind of guy that will scary people just by walking around the street.
The other one is a girl with a semi long brown hair which was styled glamorously. She has a composed looks, and from how graceful her movement and looks is, she reminded Renya for a secretary back in earth.
The two of them equipped with a uniformed black leather armor set. Even the clothing they wear beneath the armor is all black, it must be their standard equipment when doing job Renya thinks. That kind of equipment excels at hiding oneself in the dark night, an equipment best fit for an assassin.
When the three get close enough to hear the two sect member conversation, they can also see those two expressions clearly.
The guy openly expresses his anger while the girl tries to keep her composure.

“… the golem from before seems to get destroyed”
“That was faster than what I expect, and the number of victims is also too low”

Like getting pointed that it was his fault, the guy clicks his tongue angrily.

“I know that much, Dammit! Who is the bastard that did that?! That golem has perfected endurance, magic resistance, and attack power that even a top brass from any kind of battle oriented guild would have a hard time with you know!?”
“The idea is not bad I admit that. Using this moment where Sirkaberia can’t do any flashy movement because of the peace negotiation to set a golem that can’t be defeated by a small group of people to harm Minseia economy and in the end pushing Sirkaberia to send out a subjugation army and make the peace negotiation harder is indeed brilliant”
“It does right!? Sirkaberia shouldn’t be able to ignore this problem for long and will be forced to send a subjugation army in the end. And with that golem power that subjugation army, even if they managed to defeat that golem, will definitely receives a great casualties, moreover if we tipped that info about subjugation army marching close to the border to Rugartis side then war will definitely erupt again! That was how things should unfold and yet……”

Unaware of the intruders that was standing close to them, those two sect member discuss their failed plan in high tension. Renya who hears their discussion returns a nod, he has fully understand Ordough sect branch division plan.

“These guys do plan to stir up both countries into war”
“Well if the world is in chaos then rousing up a war or two is not a hard thing right?”
“I don’t think war will happen that easy…… well, if there are Ordough sect spies or at least people who have connection with them inside both countries government then yeah, it would happen easily”

Those three, who are openly having a discussion about the situations now right under enemy nose is, as expected, still undetected yet.

(From those two discussions, there’s definitely someone who moves under Ordough sect order inside both countries top government officials)

Renya soon arrives at that conclusion. He get that impression by how confidence the guy is when boasting about that failed plan that even with a small spark a big raging fire of war will definitely happen. Then that should meant that Ordough sect still has hidden card up to their sleeve to make that happen.
While the three keep on listening, the guy keeps heating up from anger. In the other hand, the girl still keeps up her composure.

“And then Betty, have you investigate the people involved with the incident?”
“…… Why did I have to do such things?”
“Haa!? Bitch you are my aide here did you forget?”
“Even if I am your aide it was decided by the organization. I don’t remember admitting as your subordinate. Could you please not mistake me as your servant?”

With a loud thud, the girl that was called Betty is being held down on the shoulder by the guy.
His anger point keeps on rising while the girl doesn’t even react to how violent she is being treated now.

“Aren’t you being too full of yourself after reaching this rank in a short time? You must have used that beautiful looks and sexy body to raise your rank quickly aren’t you, you whore!”
“…… Really, crude guys are useless in the end”
“What the hell……”
“Because people like you mostly only think about things shallowly-”

In an instant, the view that the guy see changes suddenly.
When he came to realization of what happens, what he sees in front of him now is the dark ceiling and Betty who is looking down on him.
She grabs his hand that was holding her shoulder and then threw him to the floor in a flowing like, calm movement.

“- that even someone like me can caught you off guard like this. If I use weapons then I can slit your throat easily like this”
“T-This…… damn bitch……!”
“I can understand your feeling about your beloved golems but this isn’t time for internal dissension right? Or did you want to keep reporting failures to the Bishop? Cool your head for a bit Fion”

The guy that was called Fion slowly raises his body up. His anger that was at one moment could easily be mistaken as bloodlust don’t end up exploding after all. He still has it in his mind to not let himself be plastered by shame from keep doing failures.

“There is also no obvious result can be seen from the other branch division movements either. If it was like this then trying to meddle with the two countries from the outer part is already meaningless, we should prioritize the plan to disturb the capital for better results. Based on that, we should quickly move out from here and join the main force in the capital. Is there any objection?”
“…… No dammit, Even I know that if I keep on insisting doing other things here then the peace treaty will come to realization faster than my next plan is”
“haah for Ordough sake, if you keep your head cool all the time like this then beside our job will get done more smoothly, I wouldn’t need to do bothersome things soo frequently either”
“Oh just shut up……”

Renya can only praise the one in Ordough sect that pair this two even if he is an enemy. Adding the cool headed Betty as a controller to Fion who has unstable mind is a great combination from looking at their exchange just now.
In fact Betty manages to hold back Fion from running recklessly in a great way. Adding to that she also has over the average martial arts skill. If it was simply throwing down someone then it was just a simple thing to do. But throwing someone without them noticing, and also doing it calmly so the thrown party won’t receive any damage is a feat that can only be done by experts. She’s not a woman that reaches this far up by using her own body as compensation.
The two of them then starts packing their belongings so they can leave this place soon.

Well now what should I do. Just capture them as is then interrogate them or just beat them without giving them any chance to do anything?
What should we do, Renya ask that with his eyes to Brenda.

“If it was possible then please capture them, I still have few things I want to inquire to them”
“Okay, then let’s finish this quickly. Floria, let’s go”
“Yes ye~s, let’s give them a quick beating”

Faster than Brenda reaction to Floria’s remark, the two gods approach their target calmly.
Then without making any noises, Renya at Fion and Floria at Betty, they strangle their own target instantly.
It was such an amazing strangling movement that their opponent faints without even have chance to let out a sound.
Brenda is speechless, she was unable to catch up to the things that happened before her in her head.

“Did you forget my total isolation barrier Brenda?”
“Fighting them up front is also good but strangling an unaware opponent is way easier you know?”

Didn’t you bring us along expecting this kind of amazing power? Is what Brenda can perceive from how this two gods looks at her now. She can only let out a big sigh.

“I now understand that you guys really are trough and thorough the kind of people that isn’t affected by common sense…… in a lot of meaning”
“It’s better for you to get more accustomed with it you know? Moreover this kind of [ability] is still a minor one”

Then I’ll do so, reply Brenda while nodding powerlessly. Brenda then quickly regains her senses and put a choker that has the effect of magic sealing and suicide prevention on Fion and Betty. The three don’t know which one of this two who have the monster tamer ability but by sealing those two magic, the monster that was freed from the tamer control quickly escapes from the fortress. And just like that, in just a short time Renya and his party manages to destroy one of Ordough sect branch division and also captures the member of that division without harming them.

Brenda then adds a quote afterward.

“So what it meant in ‘turning a god into enemy’ is this eh?”

TL Notes: so I’m trying to make the dialogue sounds more realistic as possible but I'm still lacking in the insult department so yeah… it might sounds bad.

and this chapter and the next is kinda boring. Wait for chapter 13 :3

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