01 May 2015

Young God Divine Armaments ch 2

Chapter 2 – The Birth of Young War God

“That’s why for the time being I’m going to take my time on future plans while reflecting myself.”

“Well isn’t it fine for the time being?”

After shouting out all the stress that has been over accumulated recently, the young lad with black hair, Toujou Renya is now having a conversation with a girl with silver hair back in a room that he is familiar with.

This place is not the mentioned before wasteland. The fact that the land was spread seemingly without any end was the same. But not like the wasteland before there are a wide prairie and flower bed spread all over, complete with a set of flowing river and a clear lake. Those who saw it can’t be helped but to think that it’s a utopia.

In the center of that utopia, there’s a hut where Renya and that girl lives. A simple two story building with bedroom on second floor and kitchen, living room, and a study on first floor.

“But Renya really is amazing just as I though. You beat daddy in only 138 years 11 month and 21 days if it was according to Renya sense of time!”

“But I really don’t feel anywhere amazing though”

“Because Renya did it faster that what I was expecting at first. I even thought it would takes twice longer you know? Really, I can’t look down on humans because they sometimes works miracle”

“But if you ask me to repeat this whole thing again, even if it was me, I will fall into despair you know?”

“Is that so? I believe Renya will keep on chasing father for eternity if he have to”

“Well thanks for the compliment. Anyway is it really already been that long since you got me here, Floria? My sense of time getting dull from living on this side”

“It’s because you were really being absorbed totally on in. You wake up, do some training, forge weapons, do research, and after all that challenge daddy, getting beaten up instead and repeat that process all over again”

“Japanese people are strong in that kind of routine work you know? And I also like putting my effort to where I can clearly see the result”

“Yeah that’s right. Because Renya is like that, my effort bringing you here won’t go to waste”

[Bringing] Renya here means literally like that. On a certain holiday, when Renya about to go out to eat, when he open his front door, at that moment a dazzling light envelops Renya. Does today sun is extraordinarily bright? Is what Renya thought at that moment. But when he open his eyes the next second, he was in an unknown prairie.

What the heck happened?

Is what Renya reflexively said while being dumbfounded at that moment.
“And then you suddenly said that no matter what I do or how hard I do, I will die after 3 days, and then I will reincarnate as a dog in the next life. If I don’t want to became a dog I should go to this [Gods Realm] where I can grow my ability while not getting old, then wins against a god in order to receive his power. And then you asked me ‘So what will you choose? Becoming a dog? Or becoming a god?’… With that kind of condition, there won’t be any sane people choose the first choice you know!?”

“ahaha, well that’s supposed to be true. Renya’s face at that time really warped in a funny way”

“Shut it, on top of that because you ask me, a normal human, to fight a god, I thought it was a weak god or something, but it was a goddamned war god complete with steroid driven macho body and weapon of mass destruction like skill. I reflexively made a yaoming face in reality you know?”

“So you are the guy that will defeat me?!” is what the war god says to Renya the first time they met. Reminiscing the past, Renya remember how much pressure concentrated in his voice that just by hearing it he trembles in fright. God’s majesty is not something you can ignore. Regardless, after hearing that he don’t have a time limit, he won’t die, and he can freely use anything and anyways in battle, Renya then says “I might be able to do something if I had the time.” It was something that no normal person would think off. Some might says that they are a well matched in that odd common sense way of thinking.

And then he starts living together with the beautiful girl, corrected, beautiful goddess named Floria that appears before him at first.

Floria helped Renya a lot in his ordeal. When he needs helps in knowledge, tools, and even daily necessities, she will help her with such devotion. That kind of devotion made Renya wonders somehow because in the end, Renya will be the one who kills her father. So why did she give her best supporting him? Such question had Renya asked once to Floria.

“But even as powerful as he is, thanks to Renya, daddy at long last gets the “ending” that he wish for.”

“Because there’s already no one as strong as he is, He became unable to find a way to end his own life. That’s in a way really ironic.”

“He should go and find other fun things to do instead… but well its daddy here we’re talking about……”

The gods are not allowed to take their life on their own, On the other hand, war god also don’t feel right giving his daughter that kind of responsibility. Eventhough she is also a goddess, He don’t want her daughter to bear the sin of being her parent murderer. Yet spending his day in peace also a torment for him. And with all those negative feeling piled up, he knows that someday that feeling will overrun him, dragging him down on becoming an evil god that only brings destruction.

He can’t stop himself. That’s why the only way to do it is to entrust other for that responsibility. And Renya happen to be the chosen one among other infinite possibilities.

Floria on the other hand persisting on supporting Renya the best she could while killing down her own feeling of being powerless, hiding it with a bright smile. She knows that by fulfilling her dads wish had the same meaning as killing him.

“He is really strict when it comes to battle. The feeling of wanting to end one own life in the heat of battle is understandable because of his career background.. But never in my wildest dream that you asked human to do that”

“Don’t be so modest Renya, even in your world mythology also has legends where mere humans achieving an amazing feat and then got recognized as a lower tier god right? Well, normally you will get old and crippled first before you do become god so it was kinda impossible. But what if you can continue getting stronger without any limits like getting old and such? Even human can ascend into god class power”

“Having ascended into god class myself, I can’t deny that statement”

“Well mostly those who are able to reach that level was already half god from the start..”

“If that what it is then don’t push that kind of ordeal to me then Floria. I’m just a normal human that born and raised normally, even I don’t have any special power you know?”

“Yeah it’s definitely true that Renya’s lineage, environment, power, and even looks is all just in the average. But you also has one good point”

“Oi, don’t go dissing me nonchalantly”

“Your soul is an amazing one you know? If you get out from your limit as human, you can have literally unlimited possibilities spread before you. Well, that won’t be useful at all in your previous live though..”

“You do that on purpose right Floria?”

Floria sticking her tongue out cutely. Renya can only sigh in front of this little devil. This beautiful happy go lucky goddess is a moody person that likes to make prank at Renya once in a while. He think that it’s just her way of putting up a though front while on the other side giving him her affection. Renya never blame her for that, nor ever get really angry at her for that. It’s her way to frolic around. As she appears to be at the same age as Renya, he doesn't feel restrained around Floria.

“Even if you say so, I sure am now kinda like a pseudo-god being. Anyway since the objective has completed, shall we think of our urgent issues?”


“Urgent. I can’t just keep on staying on god realm forever now that I have inherited the power of war god right?”

“Well it’s not really a problem. But it is boring right?”

Floria, on top of helping Renya in making weapons and giving him reference on fighting techniques, she also assertively trying to know the information on Renya’s world, especially Japanese culture. Having known the excitement of knowing the outside world making her feels bored to stay god realm where, even if it was peaceful, nothing else exist.

Renya also don’t want to keep a secluded life there. Not that he has any strong ambition when he get out, but as he was a normal human that get stimulated easily by something fictional, he’s raring to try using his power for something.

“Then again going back to my world with this kind of power is a bit..”

“Do you plan on conquering the world?”

“Seems like boring and it will give more trouble than fun anyway. Why did those boss character from game willing to conquer the world anyway?”

“Because that way they can do as they pleases?”

“People with unthinkable power still can do as they please even if they don’t conquer the world though. Why bother making themselves got in troublesome position like the world enemy? I fail to understand.”

Renya thinks that by not making any enemies that also means that they can do whatever they want without other people disturbing. Well Renya can’t help thinking about the standard fiction story from his world.

“So in short, Floria, let’s go to another world!”

 “Ok! Leave it to me for the details!”

“Yes! With your power which found me from infinite number of worlds and dimensions, let search a suitable world for us to get in!”

“Ok! Let’s do this!”

Floria slowly hold her hand out, numerous balls of light appear on her surrounding space. It comes in different sizes and shapes, a numerous kinds of worlds is filling the surrounding.

Well then, what kind of world awaits? With high hopes Renya hold in his chest, he start peeking inside those balls of light.

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