26 July 2015

Young God Divine Armaments ch 14

Chapter 14 – A Loli Schoolgirl and A Mysterious Beauty

“Hau… Hau… erm thank you for saving me”
“You’re welcome. And you seems to be fine also, I’m glad”

To the girl that won’t be weird to be called a child who keeps politely bowing her head multiple times toward him, Renya acts twice as gentleman as he usually was.

The owner of the cart that was the cause of the accident desperately expresses his apology. Well because there was no one hurt in that accident nobody blames him harshly. Just in case, Renya redo the tying to close any gap left and also to make it firmer. He also gives advice to the owner to quickly unload the cart’s cargo.

For now, rather than doing favor for that short statured merchant, this girl is more important! Is what his heart tells him. An oracle has descent to him. And in according to that, Renya is now engrossing himself with his chat with the little girl.

Where did he, who is a god himself, get that oracle anyway? Isn’t the one who gives oracle supposed to be the gods?

“Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Therese Ortis. I study at Sirkaberia academy. Can I hear your name onii-san?”
“Ah my name is Renya Eastle. I’m different from Therese who is working hard studying, just a traveler from a far away land. And this is my 1st day in the capital as I arrived here today”
“O-Oh please…… I’m not that great. I’m just study for my own sake that is”
“Even if it was, it is still a fact that you study hard right? And with you being this humble makes it even more excellent in my opinion”
“Hauu…… Onii-san, you are such a sweet talker”

Even when she says that, she stills shows a cute happy expression that match her age from being praised for her hard work.

(Whooboy, this is dangerous, this feeling like when I’m playing with a cute small animal, something inside me is going to awake)

He wants to try a little bit more in making Therese do other kind of expression when he felt something very cold stabbing his back. Well, he already knows what the cause of that cold feeling in his back but for the sake appearance, he slowly turns his face to where that cold feeling came from.
There, stand two figures that glares at him with a sub zero stares. They are the two girls that come along with him just a while ago.

If their stares can be made physical, then those ice cold stares will be without a doubt pierce Renya’s back without mercy.

“Ne Brenda. What do you think of a man that left us, his companion, to go elsewhere and admires other cute girls?”
In my opinion, he is definitely the worst. We don’t need to regard the situation and reason because he is definitely guilty.
“We have matching opinion then. To monopolize such cute little girl to yourself like that… I won’t allow it!”
“Yeah that’s right. I think that you should share us that kind of rare chances too you know!”
“Did I just get scolded for such a trivial reason?”

It seems like the two girls was not mad at him because he was ‘flirting’ with other women rather it was because Renya monopolizing that cute girl that is deserved to be admired that the two get angry for.

Unable to process the things happening in her surrounding Therese cutely tilts her head. But that gesture seems to blow a critical hit inside the two girl heartstring. Unable to resist, Floria quickly acts.

“UUWAAAA~~~ So~ Cute~!”
“Hagyu’, O-Oneesan, its too tight uu’”

Floria who was shot to death by Therese cuteness suddenly hug her with all her might. Without any restrain that is.
Of course because of the size difference, Therese’s head was buried entirely in between Floria’s abundant twin mountain.

For a moment every man around have their gaze nailed at that scene but with a glare from Renya and Brenda, they hurriedly leave.

Floria who is at last regains her composure release Therese from her hug and then the four of them start walking to the side road so they won’t hinder other people who walk pass it.
There, Renya formally introduce the two that are companying him.

“Floria onee-san and Brenda onee-san right? Nice to meet you”
“Nice to meet you too Therese”
“Mm, nice to meet you. By the way Therese, What is your student grade at the academy?”
“Err, I was about to graduate soon so it should be the senior grade”
“I beg your pardon but how old is you?”
“I will turn 14 soon”
“In that age and already about to graduate…… you must be a really superior student to be able to manage that”
“Hawawawa, I-I’m not really that superior you know~”

Therese flusteredly denies that while flailing her hand all over the place, but Brenda keeps her admiration expression towards her. Renya who doesn’t know the detail of what 
Brenda says then ask her for the details.

“Sirkaberia Academy is a school that upholds and respect individual competency. That’s why there is no age limit to enroll into the school. Well there are none, but still enrolling there at the age of around 11 is a rarity”
“That means the school study program is for 3 years long right?”
“It was the fastest course if you can manage it, that is. That school doesn’t spare any effort when teaching so that’s also why they won’t let people graduate if they still judge them to be unfit for it. But because of the limited seat in the school, once they have done teaching all that they can teach, they will recommend that student to ‘leave their nest’. That is pretty much that school policy is”
“Well it was maybe because learning in some meaning is something that we will keep on doing as long as we live, right? We can’t deny the possibilities that some people might be willing to spend the rest of their life in the school to study if they have the will and funds for it, can we?”

Having heard that much, Renya is now understand why Brenda was amazed by Therese’s achievement. On top of enrolling to this school at such an uncommonly young age, she was also able to keep up with the school curriculum and is about to graduate from there in the fastest course available soon enough.

He doesn’t know what kind of study Therese does at the academy but he can feel a great potential hidden inside her. Just what kind of special things hidden inside her small petite body? Renya suddenly became curious with it.

“Therese, what kind of things did you learn at school?”
“Etto, I learn magic technology at school. It was a study about how to develop magic tools imbued with the power of alchemy or sorcery or other such kind power. Then by using ancient technology those power can be simplified so it can be easily used. And the resulting magic tools should be recognized as something practical too so it can have its own value. Something like that?”
“So it was the technology to create tools that is like a sorcery itself… is what magic technology is right”
“That’s right, the already existing magic item sometimes have problem in using it like it needs a lot of mana to use, lacking output power, won’t active if the person wielding it does not recognized as its master and so on. But the tools created from magic technology, such problem can be dealt with so everyone can use it easily. As this technology is a very powerful one, it has a high danger potential if it were to spread carelessly to the masses. Because of that, magic technology is kinda treated as a problematic study. But with the help of magic guild and alchemist guild, there are plans to spread it to the world bit by bit”

Renya think of her as a quiet girl at first, but even someone like Therese will become very talkative when talking about their own forte. Renya got even more favorable impression of her. Magic tools and magic items, those two seems to have the same meaning from how it was called but it was not. He then start thinking unnecessary things like ‘is it okay to name different things with such almost similar names?’ but he just quickly shut it out.

While being engrossed by the thing one like and to not get near-sighted because of it and still consider about how the world see it. Also to still be willing to learn it while knowing full well on how dangerous that technology is. Just how splendid her way of thinking is?

Did he have that kind of fine way of thinking when he was in the same age as her? Nope, he immediately denies it.

“Yeah you’re right. What a new convenient technology will bring is something that is impossible to predict both in good and in bad way. And magic technology is a dangerous technology to be carelessly propagated so it will be hard for you to get recognitions for your achievement”
“Yes, I understand that there are many kinds of people in this world. If there are people that see magic tools as a convenient tools and try to propagate it to help improving the life quality of people around them, then the possibility of people who see magic tools as a cheap, convenient, and effective tools to do evil will also present. We have to introduce this technology step by step to familiarize people with it so people won’t get afraid of it”

It was a though challenge for magic technology to face but Therese grips her fist stronger and declares.

 “But most of new technologies also face the same problem. Without letting people know about it and understand it, it would be impossible to propagate. We can just take it slow and easy without rushing to make people understand about it bit by bit. And when magic technology soaks deep into the masses, maybe at that time I probably would be a granny, but at least the world will become a more convenient place to live. With a more convenient life, people will become happier. And it has been my dream to spread happiness like that so I study hard in order to achieve that dream”

What are you? An angel?

Despite her gentle personality and small animal like cuteness, the flame of passion and strong will that can be seen in her eyes is without a doubt the real thing. Such imbalances only make the three falls for her more.

Seeing such a cute thing makes the three thinking the same one thing. It was that they will definitely bring her to their place without any delay if they get the permission to. She is the incarnation of ‘Cute is Justice’ herself. And in case of Renya and Floria, they are troubled with the option to kidnap her by using their divine power so nobody can notice them… These two gods should restrain themselves more.

Then Therese casually looks at the clock that is located in a plaza just way ahead. After looking the clock, her expression darkens and she starts to panic.

“Hauu, its almost time for the curfew! Dorm mother will be mad at me”
“Aa, that would be awful. Then let’s finish our talk for today, shall we? We stay at one of the hotel area’s inn named ‘The Perch Pavilion’. We would be staying at the capital for some time so if you want to meet us for a talk then just come there”
“Ah, yes, again thank you for helping me. Renya onii-san, Floria onee-san, Brenda onee-san; if there’s any problems during your stay at the capital just come to the school. I will try helping you with the best I can”

‘Then see you again next time~’ Therese says that while waving her had vigorously as she runs back to her dorm.
How she runs looks somewhat uncertain with her oversized clothes but she was surprisingly keen-witted. Maybe it was thanks to field work lesson that she do at the school that she seems to have good physical strength. Renya feels like he saw something unusual about Therese.

“Really she is a cute one don’t you agree~”

Floria who have hugged her with all her might seems to be in rapture. Brenda also nods her head in agreement.

“Agrees, she has manners, and on top of it she already has a clear objective and is also working hard in order to achieve it in such a young age. It was not something that can be done by just everyone”
“Yeah, that kind of hardworking girl makes me wants to reward them with something. Then what kind of situation does magic technology is at the present time?”
“So you did worry eh? Actually it was still far off. The existing magic technology is not yet something that can be used by everyone yet so I think it will take a long while before it can be propagated. Especially in term of cost, establishing an industry for it is still economically impossible. No one is willing to support it because of it high cost and close to no profit. With that in mind, propagating it would take a very long time as expected”
“I see. So Therese’s objective is still impossible for the time being”
“But as Therese just said, magic technology is a field of expertise that has a high possibility in bringing a big change in the people everyday life. And again just as she says, every new technology will always bring a danger factor in them with advancing war technologies as number one excuse for bringing out that danger factor further. But that’s not all there is to it. Propagate it so it would be used in the right way is indeed an impossible task but it was by no means a futile endeavor. The one who will support the life of common people would be without doubt, those researchers who have excellent intention like that girl”
“Yeah I agrees. It would be good if there’s not much obstruction holding her in the road she chooses”

It is a common thing in every world that things would not always go the way one expects them to. Renya prays so that pure girl wouldn’t meet too much obstruction in her way to achieve her wish.

And then night comes. When Renya is about to go back to the inn, He casually turn his face to the direction behind him.
In this time of the day, there’s already not much pedestrian walking on the road. The other two who don’t know why Renya do such things try to ask him what’s wrong. But before they are able to say anything, Renya emits a strong overpowering aura that might make ordinary man faint at spot and says.

“I don’t know who you are but how about show yourselves out first?”

Like responding to Renya, from the direction that Renya face, the view of the surrounding become a bit warped, and from its center, appears a single woman.

It was happened in an instant so the surrounding human can’t perceive it. No, that’s impossible. How could someone don’t get surprised when a person suddenly appears in front of them? Normally, everyone would react in some way or another.

It was because the surrounding people senses have also been deceived by that mysterious woman.
Realizing that fact, Brenda assumes her fighting stance without any delay.

“I beg your pardon for following you in such way. In truth I want to get in contact with you soon but to interrupt you when you was talking with that little girl would proven to be unrefined”

She has flaxen colored long hair and wears a black one piece. From the gap in her clothes, her overflowing breast volume can be seen. Renya’s eyes were naturally attracted to that part but remembering the situation, he holds that urge in.

“So even someone like you who have tailed us for quite some time still can say such humble thing eh?”
“If you would please think of it as a maiden heart whimsicality that do not wish for disturbing such fine man like you when you was having fun in that conversation. And then I can’t quite get the timing to greet you that it ended up like this. For giving you troubles, I ask for your forgiveness”

The woman says that as she deeply bows her head in apology. Her sorrowful expression makes it hard to think that she was lying. And from her words and gesture, she really is the embodiment of a prim and proper woman.
He then decided to not use provocative tone in dealing with her after seeing that she doesn’t really have any ill will. Rather she is soo modest that Renya disgust of being tailed upon is already gone to someplace far away when he notices it.

If she doesn’t have any ill will then let just let her off the hook is what Renya thinks off but it seems like things won’t go as he think it will.
It was because the girls group glares at her with such scary eyes like saying ‘do you think with just a smile and an apology we will let it pass easily?’

“Well then, what business you have for me that made you do such thing like that?”
“Yes, But before that please allow me to introduce myself first. My name is Elvira Blackford”

When Elvira introduces herself, at the same time, a sudden gust of wind hit the three.
The three reflexively cover their faces. But even with such a strong wind blowing, the surrounding human doesn’t seem to be affected by it as they just walk pass by as nothing happened.
And they at last realize the fact that the thing that was blowing just now isn’t really a wind. Renya and Floria were able to sense the abnormality faster.

“Is it…… spatial teleportation!?”
“We got teleported into a space created by someone! Be careful!”

And when the wind dies, what lies before the three after lifting their head from cover is a wall.
No to be precise it was not a wall, but a circle shaped building where one can easily look around the surroundings. Also, the spectator seat with no one in it.

“This is…… Coliseum…… a place to have a duel eh?”
“Yes. I fully understand that it was impolite but I have taken you to the duel arena that is owned by my family. For the repeated offense I’ve done, again I beg for your forgiveness Renya Eastle-sama”

Renya isn’t surprised to know that the woman, Elvira, already knows his name. She has follows them around since he was talking to Therese so she should overhear him when he introduce himself at that time.
He focuses his concentration towards Elvira so he can reacts to anything that she might do after this. And when he is waiting for her move, that thing suddenly happen.

“Would you mind having a duel with me? I wish to feel, to see the power of someone who is a god embodiment like you. Would you be so kind and fulfill the wish of this princess of the dragon tribe?”

Even Renya can’t hide his surprises when the woman says that she has seen through his real identity as a god.

TL Notes:
Therese name was written as 「テルシェ」 in katakana which reads as Terusie. The closes western-ish name to that would be Therese for me. Any other opinion for her name? it can also goes Terse, Terus, Ters but I like Therese best.

Also there’s a lot technical vocabulary in this chapter, I dunno if I can made them right in English. Well if you found any weird part just report *thumbs

I also tried to rearrange the text to make it looks easier in the eyes. How is it?

Was about to update yesterday but I got caught myself up in playing gnomoria. I just can’t stop.

Anyway maybe this is the last speedy update that is caused by my 1st receiving a donation. The buff effect has wears off lol. So see you… next week… maybe?

And one last thing. Loli Cute is JUSTICE!

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