18 June 2015

Young God Divine Armaments ch 8

Chapter 8 – 1st Passage of the Legend: The Awakening of War God

(What in the holy…… mother creator name is that……?)
Brenda was dumbfounded by what was unfolding in front of her eyes.
Thanks to the tremor caused by the giant golem foot step, she gets her focus back to the battle. If not for that she might still be fazed by what she just saw.
That shows just how much shocking the thing that happens before her eyes was.
Just a moment before it was a view of a barehanded lad dashing forward, that view alone is already ridiculous enough for her. She doesn’t detect any kind of magic too from the lad. What kind of reckless fool is that lad is, she feels like screaming it at him.
But then something weird happened. Renya whom she has been watching since he starts dashing forward suddenly brings out a sword.
Where did that sword came from?
When on earth did that happen?
And those questions still looks trivial…… compared to that sword Renya uses. That sword definitely not normal either.
It was a normal sword. The blade looks normal, the grip is also normal with no special ornaments. It was a normal sword no matter how hard you look at it.
Eventhough it looks like a normal sword, Renya casually use that sword to slice that smaller golem created from magical alloy like slicing butter with a hot knife.
Seeing that, Brenda gives up trying to analyze that sword with her magic.
That sword is already a thing that surpasses her logic ability. Be it the material, ability, and history.
All of them are a mystery for her… an ‘unknown’
And Renya, as the one who wield that sword with ease, is also something surpasses her common sense.
She doesn’t know that that sword is a sword that Renya made when he was in god realm.
She doesn’t know that as Renya becomes a god, that sword has transformed into a divine armaments.
She doesn’t know that eventhough it was still in a fledging level, the scene unfold before her is but just a fragment from a power that surpass human intellect, a god’s power.

“Brenda, don’t move!”

Dumbfounded by Renya action, she forgot where she was now and made her response delayed. Before her eyes is the other smaller golem approaching her while causing a small quake as it advances. She doesn’t understand what does Floria meant by ‘don’t move’. Before she’s able to think of anything, Floria quickly acts.


With that cry, Floria was successful in knocking back that smaller golem… with her bare hand. Of course Floria movement is of those martial artists who had refined their skills to the upmost. But how could Floria’s small fist manage to blow of that harder than steel, heavy golem? There’s no way Brenda would know that Floria hit that golem while concentrating her divine power in her fist so that her punch would pack more strength that easily surpass human understanding. The other three from warrior guild are too busy trying to handle the bigger golem. They don’t have room to watch their surroundings so they don’t realize what happened over here. In a way, one can say that they are lucky. It was a scene that might easily destroy their identity.
Seeing a giant steel golem blown back tumbling then rolling on the ground like a ball from a seemingly weak girl punch surely might make one want to just stop thinking about anything.
In fact it was what Brenda did now. She just stands there with dumbfounded. All she can do is just watch things unfolded before her silently. But even with all this bewilderment, she was still able to hold on the magical quotient she had composed. It shows how high her skill is as a magician but in this situation it won’t even be a consolation prize for her.
The in the corner of her eyes she sees Renya dashing to the tumbling golem that Floria punched.
He closed the gap, and then with a flow like movement he pokes the golem with a trust. If that sword can speak then it would definitely says things like ‘Nothing can stop me!’ as it pierces the golem body easily. A hole created in that golem body. That hole was created in, if according to human anatomy, a bit under the heart.

“If the creator is the same then the core might have been placed at the same place. Looks like my guess is correct”

Hearing Renya’s word, Brenda reflexively turns her sight to where Renya was fighting. The only thing left there is just chopped slabs of magic alloy that already can’t even be recognized as a golem from its shape. It was perhaps to investigate where the core is placed but checking it by chopping that absurdly solid golem into small pieces was not how a normal human would think of.
And then the second golem ceased functioning too as its core got pierced. It slowly falls to the ground like a puppet that has it strings cut.

“W-what on earth are you guys…… no, it’s not the time to think such things yet”

Brenda forcefully arouses her though that was about to cease functioning too. That mind fortitude strength deserves a commendation for being able to stand up again in this kind of situation. Normal human would probably go crazy after all.

“This case aside what are you going to do next? If it was your sword then dealing with that bigger giant golem is not a big problem yes?”
“Well… this sword can only be used to cut…… With that size reaching the core might be hard”

With a troubled look, Renya set his sight to the sword on his hand.
Divine sword Vansurb「ヴァンスルブ」*
It was the first sword that Renya made. It had been used by Renya the longest, but its ability as divine armaments is relatively low.
It was a sword that can cut better than those tempered by normal human. That’s the ‘only’ ability bestowed upon it as a divine armaments. The smaller golem is not a problem but the giant golem which you need to strain your neck so you can look at it face? Well... it’s not impossible but it would take too much time.

“Brenda, can you pin that thing down for a moment?”
“…… all I have to do is just to stop its movement right?”
“Yup. Just make it stay put for a few seconds”
“That can be done, leave it to me”

After consenting to Renya, Brenda starts composing a magical quotient with full focus.
Then the problem that is left is to help the 3 guys from warrior guild. They’ve been putting up a solid fight against that giant golem but if the fight dragged on they would start losing stamina and will fall prey to the golem. Renya and Floria at the same time dashing in to help.

“Arda! Take a half step back!”
“Darel! This way!”

Renya blocks the golem attack by skillfully handles his divine sword so it won’t cut the golem in the process. Getting its attack diverted, the giant golem tumbles a few steps to keep its super heavyweight body balanced. Seeing that opening, Darel who is close to his limit quickly take some distance from the enemy without any hesitation.
But the tumbling golem is too close to where he’s at now. Floria then tries to save Darel by pulling him back. Darel was surprised by how powerful her pulling power is. Floria manages to pull him back who is in full armor easily. Where did she hide that power inside her slender body? Grais who manages to recover his raged breath tries to attack the golem once again seeing that opening but Renya stops him.

“It’s all right. Leave the rest to me!”
“But sir Renya!”
“I’ve took the trouble to have a beautiful girl set the stage for me, How can I hold my dignity as a man if I don’t do the rest?”

‘And not only that’ as Renya proclaims, he points his finger to the tomahawk that Grais use. It must have clashed a few times with the golem. The blades of that tomahawk which is made of steel was chipped and worn out badly. Using that tomahawk more than this would only spell danger.
Renya focus his consciousness inside himself, connecting into the ‘world’ within him. In there, uncountable divine armaments slept. In order to face war god that was Floria’s father he wrings his brain thinking, putting his idea into shape, and even also use the myth and legends from earth as reference for making those divine armaments. Well… there are times when he makes divine armaments that can be said for joke purposes to do a bit relaxation from the hard struggle.
He borrowed divine power and used materials from god realm to make those. Of course, he made those divine armaments in the god realm too. All those divine armaments are tools made for the purpose of his self interest only.
Those were not tools to shows his own conception.
Those were not weapons to assist human so that they can become a hero.
Those were not armors to protect one from bizarre threat.

―― all of it are the blade that is tempered by all of his heart and soul in order to surpass the war god.

The armaments that was stored there is not just a few. From countless divine armaments stored there, Renya with only his ‘awareness’ reaches his hand to a certain weapon.
He doesn’t need to manifest it, all he need to do is to connect to it.
All the preparation are complete, he conveys that intention to Brenda by eye contact. Brenda then smiles boldly, accepting his challenge.

“I don’t have a hobby of being just a spectator you know? So eat this!!”

From Brenda raised right hand, an amazing surge of magic power torrent flickers about.
The composed magic quotation is [ice] [storm]
Lump of ice dancing furiously inside a strong gale, a blizzard.
From that blizzard that Brenda cast, in the matter of seconds the giant golem feet became frozen, nailing it solidly into the ground.
That golem machine like movement starts to move even more violently to free itself from the ice prison nailing him down but it was all too late.
What it meant by too late here was ――

“Plaster it all over with crimson! Burn it down Blazing Crimson War Axe of Divinity [Volcanos]!”

Its movement to free itself, that is.
Renya points his left hand toward the golem. It was a bare hand. But then red fiery flame starts to blaze out from it.
Even that golem giant body frame got enveloped easily by that massive spiraling fire blaze. And the giant golem body starts to dissolved by the blazing flame heat. Of course the ice that was nailing it to the ground vaporized instantly.
In that out of this world sight where the other 4 team member just watch dumbfounded, Renya face start to slack off. He can’t hold his smile any longer.

(A… at last it works…! That old man really is just way to strong! Against normal enemies this kind of divine armament is totally effective!)

Renya was also just a human being once.
He read manga, have a taste for alcohol, and he also played game.
Renya at that time have a weird obsession when playing RPG games. He keeps fussing about wanting to have a different play style than other players.
That obsession is in the field of handling and implementing his tools.
Especially he was charmed by items and equipment that has magic or unique effect when used.
There were only a small number of RPG games that has concept around the usage of those kinds of items nowadays but, by using such unique equipment he can have even more battle tactics that will be impossible to do before. Such creativity arousing games is what Renya likes best before.
A character that can’t use magic was able to do something that has an effect that is close to a magic.
Or using a magic that is can’t be learned normally.
The ability to clean sweep an army of small fries while using no cost at all.
Renya feels happy from being able to do such things. So it won’t take him long to create divine armaments with similar concept.
But the truth is rather harsh for him. If it was in game, he won’t need to think about how to create and or to improve the tools. It was already defined from start so all he need to think is just how to use it at its best. And then his opponent is also another big problem too. Sure surprising that war god with tricks and wiles is not that hard… the hard thing is that… war god defensive power himself. Renya armaments barely have any effects on him.
In truth Renya has created various kinds of armaments by using various kind of concept. He took ideas from a lot of certain games like a sword that pierces the skies, a sword that can cause lightning at will, a spear that will splits into several spears when thrown and then able to return back to his hand after, and a lot other interesting concepts for him.
Each one of those armaments was proven to be close to useless in his battle with war god.
How much that truth has broke Renya’s heart into pieces can be easily imagined.
And Blazing Crimson War Axe of Divinity [Volcanos] is one of those ‘defects’. It was a hand axe size axe with a fiery divine flame trapped in its crimson colored blade with a ruby adorned. Even if it was already powerful enough as a weapon, it still can create a fiery firestorm that burns enemies to cinders when Renya commands it.
Renya creates it when he was still new at creating divine armaments so of course it was totally useless at the fight against war god. But now it shows a tremendous effect on ‘supposed to be strong against fire’ enemy. Renya trembles with joy knowing that fact.

“N-No… don’t… laugh… yet… hold it…!”

He desperately tries to hold that feeling of joy that surging strongly from the inside of his heart so it doesn’t shows on his face.

TL notes: what I can think of such item is like magical item from Breath of Fire 3 (if I remember right) where you use an equipment piece as item during battle and it will display the same effect as common magic but the difference is that it doesn’t cost any mp to cast and the equipment don’t get broken (used up) even after multiple time of use. Free magic anyone?

There’s also a message from the author saying that one of this novel concept will be ‘items and equipment that will display special effects when used as items during battle’

*Vansurb: don’t have time to check google. I left the katakana there so if anyone knows, be our captain obvious :D

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