CC Ch 22 Part B


Chapter 22 - Princess and Paladin

Part B

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My smithing skill is only limited to do a simple repair on my metal armaments for now but I want to make special order-made armaments only for me in the future. The armaments that Granpa Bardis created mostly have a simple design but I think that such a simple form is beautiful enough. I can’t help but want to create something similar myself. And when the princess praised my ax, it felt like I was the one getting praised instead.

“Er, that is…… I was not my power alone that saved you, your highness. There were also my friends who cooperate with me. Everyone, her highness the princess is thanking us for our effort”

“I-its an honor for me…… I’m sorry but I don’t know how to use polite words”

“Having her highness the princess this close to me already made me feel so nervous I might faint de arimasu……!”

“This self is only obeying Hiroto-kun’s order so it was not worthy of praise but…… no matter what your highness the princess, your safety is already this self best reward”

Everyone in the party replied to the princess gratitude while feeling overwhelmed. Well, that should be what normal is, she is the princess of the duchy after all…… Normally, she is not someone who commoners could talk to directly in their whole life.

Moreover, she doesn’t even exist back in the game. As her character setting says, she was the lost princess, she was missing before she receives her baptism in the past.

(Getting kidnapped by a knight disguising as a mountain bandit…… if that was the reason why she went missing then, Luche should be……)

If we didn’t pass by the kidnapping scene then she would definitely get kidnapped. And what kind of fate would befall her after that is…… definitely not something that I wanted to imagine?

(But then again…… happen to pass by eh. Even if it was just a coincidence, it just felt like someone planned it to happen)

Is my chance encounter with Luche…… an inevitable fate that has been determined from long ago? I can’t help but feel that there is an invisible hand guiding me in this meeting.

The only one capable of doing such a thing is just the Goddess that created this world herself. But I don’t want to think that everything happened was just a scenario that the Goddess created.

“If we could, I’d like to have Filianess-san to escort your highness back to safety. Are you aware of where she is now your highness?”

“Fil-neesama is a great person who has many achievements even when she is still soo young. The last thing I heard that she received a domain from the grand duke for her service”

“She was from the Marquis Schureize family so her reward domain is more like an extension of the Schureize family’s original domain…… If I’m not wrong, she should be within her domain in the present time”

Following Luche’s word, Ianna-san tells me detailed information. For a second I thought she is an unreliable person but it seems like she is something like an adviser or secretary for Luche.

But what a surprise…... Filianess-san already being a landed noble at that young age. 22 years old on earth is still the age where people would go to college. The word ‘absolutely beautiful landed noble college student’ suddenly appears in my mind.

“So Filianess-san is a landed noble now…… this is the first time I heard that news”

“Yes. It just happened recently. I think she would send you a letter to convey the news. Fil-neesama…… no, Filianess-sama seems to put a lot of importance to you”

“Eh…… Filianess-san have told her highness Luche-denka about myself…...?”

Luche combs down her hair. Her eyes seem like remembering the day it happened.

“When Filaness-sama was still a child, there was a period, even though short, when she is ordered to become my guard. We got closer thanks to that arrangement…… She still comes and visits me from time to time after that but she seems to be very busy lately so we haven’t met for quite some time now”

“I haven’t met her much either nowadays. I still got in contact with her via letter but…… I never imagine her to become a landed noble”

“The decision is indeed seems rushed. But now that I look back at it again with the thing happening presently, perhaps there was a hidden motive behind the rushed decision”

Luche is still being cautious with her words. It seems like she won’t relax unless she is talking to someone she trusts…… It seems like I need to go to Filianess-san’s place even more now.

“If it was about the holy knight, isn’t she stays in a fortress close to the capital right now? I don’t know whether that place is her domain or not but I remember hearing about that in the guild’s bar”

“Close to the capital…… So she is not that far away right? Thank you for telling me that Monica-neechan”

“Fil-neesama’s domain is a village called Verenis. Ianna brought a map with her so let me show you the place”

Ianna inserts her hand into her bosom and she pulls out a map out…… Her bosom is surprisingly big but where did she pull that map out from? Is her cleavage acts like inventory space? This question might come out in the exam especially in the physical education class.

“Let’s see, it would take around half a day to reach her dominion from here…… it is only a few hours away from the capital”

Filianess-san seems to get a good territory…… Well, setting that aside, let’s just hand Sigmut and the others away to the knight brigade and then consult Filianess-san before we make a decision.

“Hiroto, what about the others in the caravan?”

Hearing that question from Monica-san, I point at the map to explain our next action. Wendy and Nameless-san is also paying their attention to the map.

“I want everyone to go to the capital for the time being. The enemy making a move on the princess in this area means that they don’t want to create any trouble in the capital so I think it would be safe there”

“That is indeed true de arimasu. Even if the enemy has friends inside the capital, it would be hard for them to act de arimasu ne? They could not disguise themselves as a mountain bandit de arimasu shi…… Of course, it won’t hurt to stay alert de arimasu ga”
(Eros: Nihonggo express learning! de arimasu ne = ‘right?’, de arimasu shi = also, de arimasu ga = but)

“Hiroto-kun, aren’t you forgetting something? We haven’t asked her highness the princess about her destination on her outings before being attacked right? …...”

Nameless-san is right. Asking that much should be still acceptable right? After all the princess travels with an eye-catching carriage. It is hard to think that she is traveling incognito.

I am thinking while looking at the dukedom’s crest on the carriage’s hood. Everywhere in the duchy, if you put this crest on your carriage like this, it should be a safe free pass everywhere ---- maybe that was what the guards accompanying the princess thought about. I can’t help thinking that they are too naive. Kidnapping a noble then demanding ransom, isn’t that some money earning chance a bandit would not let go?

Then again the enemy is not a bandit. There should be an objective besides money that the kidnapper wanted to acquire by kidnapping Luche ---- I can’t help but thinking of something along that line.

(In this world, the princess is still alive. If I managed to protect her through her plight…… Would the future I know of in the game changed?)

Back in the game, the main quest line story revolves around the aftermath of the natural death of the grand duke. The duchy is caught in a bloody war to fight over the now empty throne. Many lives are sacrificed before peace returns once again. But even so, the conclusion left a bitter after taste to everyone. As it was just a story in an MMORPG game, the player can only follow the story that is already decided in the game. The kingdom doesn’t get ruined in the game but in this another world, if the war for the throne really happened, many people will really die and the duchy’s infrastructure would get ruined.

Now that I managed to save Luche by some random luck, I want to keep protecting her to the end. And I would also do all I can to make the duchy goes on a better path. I know that a mere commoner like me meddling in the dukedom’s business is not something people look in a positive light but in order to protect mother and father, and also everyone living in Mizell, I have to do it. It is definitely the best for war to not happen at all.

“I am coming from my residence in the capital and planning to use the mountain road to reach Ishua Shrine. It is a custom for those in royal lineage that reaches the age of ten to go to the shrine to receive the baptism so we can be acknowledged officially as a royalty”

“Isn’t that like saying your highness must receive the baptism no matter what…...”

“…… No, we already received an attack on the way there so there would be no guarantee that the enemy party won’t attack me again afterward. Now that I know that someone is aiming for me, there’s no need to push myself to go to the shrine. It would only bring harm to my attendants. Even just now, my attendants fight gallantly to protect me…… but…...”

The three people guarding the princess only received minor wounds in their last fight but that was enough to extinguish their fighting spirit. Well, that is the normal reaction as they might even die if we didn’t come and rescue them after all.

“If your highness must go to receive the blessing no matter the reason, we would gladly offer our assistance on your journey. In that case, your highness would not have anything to worry right?”

“…… That is also unacceptable. You people are all precious subject of the dukedom. I can’t accept that my people like you hurt yourself for my sake”

There must be a reason why the princess won’t easily accept our offer for help. But there’s no way I just accept her rejection like that. If anything were to happen to her where my eyes can’t reach then I will definitely regret it.

The feeling of wanting to help other people may perhaps come from one’s ego but ---- even so.

“…… Does her highness sees me as someone unreliable because I am younger than you?” *Hiroto reverts back into his child-like mode

“I-I didn’t say that. I have witnessed your prowess from the inside of the carriage…… Ah…...”

Luche had witnessed how I fight before. When I think about it, of course, she should have seen it. She recognizes Sigmut’s sword art after all. But then again……

She had witnessed my true strength with her own eyes…… in a way, that could also be counted as her taking a peek on me secretly. Luche realizes her mistakes and blushed red. This is the first time I see her reacted in discomposure just like how a little girl should normally act.

“…… You are younger than I am but you already know how to tease your elder. I know that it is a foolish move to not accept your help while knowing how strong you are…… Of course, I could also fully understand such things but”

“I’m sorry for saying such audacious thing. But that is because I am the subject of this dukedom that I want to lend my power to you, your highness. Moreover…...”


The princess shows a puzzled look. I continue my word while remembering all my friends’ faces in my mind.

“All my friends are looking forward to the baptism festival. That is the festival that celebrates your highness success in receiving the baptism. That’s why I am very grateful to you your highness. Well, I know that this reason does not sound that important but…...”

“…… No. When I heard your reason, I really feel that I must receive the blessing and return safely no matter what…… Because if not, many of the dukedom subjects would feel disappointed”

“Your highness…… Aa…… Be it as it. How far have we fallen that we must borrow the power of a child…...”

“Ianna, we are also still be counted as children. And children will someday grow into an adult. Hiroto-sama and his friends here are trying to help to build our dukedom future”

With Luche’s torrential persuasion, Ianna could not say anything back and just shows a taken aback expression. And then she steals a glance a few times at me while having an apologetic expression…… This girl is also someone who basically is a good person.

“Hiroto-sama…… I implore you to lend your power for me”

“With pleasure. It is my duty to serve you…… Please be assured. We will try our best to protect you, your highness the princess”

---- I can’t let Luche be dragged down from the front-most stage in this history’s timeline. I won’t let her be known as [The Lost Princess] ever again. This is something I swear for myself.


I asked Monica-san and the rest to protect the caravan while I work alone in Luche’s group. I take control of the carriage and take them to the fortress where Filianess-san’s dominion is located.

The destination is a few hours from the capital by carriage. There is a village that is not connected to the main road and the dukedom’s knight brigade fortress is located there.

The garrisoning soldier is around three hundred people. And acting as the overall commander who leads them is also the owner of this land, Filianess-san. I hid the fact that Luche is together with me and visit Filianess-san’s residence that is located in the village, bringing the other two girls along.

“Luche…… I am so glad that you are alright……!”

“Fil-neesama…… I am sorry for making you worry about me. It was all thanks to Hiroto-sama that I managed to reach this place”

Filianess-san is now 22 years old but her growth period seems to end early so her build is quite petite. But her figure where she hugs Luche and pats her back looks matured that even I would want to be hugged in the same way. Her benevolence power is over the top.

Her long silky straight blonde hair has never changed from the past. She also keeps wearing a circlet in her head but that circlet is now changed into a higher grade one with a drastic defense enhancement and it is called [Crown of the War Goddess].

On top of her cloth armor, she wears a set of silver pauldrons and side waist armor, a set of bracer, and completed with a long cape. Her breast area is supported by a kind of leather belt like a corset but ---- Its current condition would make anyone think that it is just trying to further emphasize her overly grown breast that is influenced by her overflowing maternity. I understand that she wants some kind of light armor that would not hinder her movement while strengthening her defense in her breast area. I understand her intention. I understand it completely but, the corset that is tied with a leather cord in crisscrossing pattern like that just makes her milk bags stand out to the maximum.

(Not to mention that there are some weak spots in her set of equipment…… But at the same time, it also reaches the stage of perfection! This contradiction is just…… a thorny fascination……!)

“We haven’t met for half a year but you have grown big…… After you finish your baptism, I won’t be able to talk to you in a casual manner anymore”

Filianess-san is treating Luche like her own little sister. Luche also return her feeling and wholeheartedly trust her. The tension that kept her alert after the battle suddenly break and her eyes started to get watery after losing the tension.

“Nee-sama also becomes even more gallant each time we met…… And also, Nee-sama has become so beautiful now”

“Th-that is…… I wish to not talk too much about that in front of Hiroto. Look, there! Now he just looks at me with those gentle eyes of him…… He is always like that since he was a baby”

“It is good to see you doing fine, Filianes-san”

When I said that, Filianess-san slowly moves away from the princess and approaches me. I used to hurt my neck from looking up to her face before but the height difference isn’t that far now…… My face is a bit shorter from her breast. The height difference makes it easy for me to bury my face in her breast but well, it is not a good time to fool around.

“…… In your case, every time I see you…… umm, how is it again? You are still an 8 years old kid so saying like this would be weird but…… You have gotten more masculine…...”

“Er, that…… Filianess-san, I don’t really change that much right?”

“It only takes 3 days for one to grow and turn anew. I wanted to see you every day though…… I wanted to personally train you with Sacred Sword Art but…… before I know it, your talent had already blossomed”

Even if Filianess-san says so, her current status had grown considerably from before. For example, her Sacred Sword Art skill. As she doesn’t have a skill level limit like me, her level had risen greatly and already passed level 50.


Name: Filianess Shureze
Human, Female, 22 years old, level 56

Job: Paladin

Life: 1132 / 1132
Mana: 996 / 996


Rapier Mastery (93), Sacred Sword Art (92), Holy Sword Mastery (32), Armor Mastery (84), Spirit Magic (82), Commanding (30), Body Strength (91), Magic Grounding (81), Courtesy (58), Maternity (82)

Action Skill:

Piercing, Twin Thrust, Sonic Thrust, Mirage Attack, Zero Thrust.

Prayer of Protection, Magic Sword, Double Magic Sword.

Mana Sword Creation, Spirit Magic level 8.

Chain Command, Battle Formation.

Suckling, Lullaby, Milking, Persuasion, Child Psychology.

Passive Skill:

Equip Rapier, Dual Wield, Piercing, Critical Hit Up.
(Eros: Critical hit in Japanese use a word that originally didn’t have that meaning. The kanji combination is the kanji of meet and kanji of heart. Well, if your attack meets the heart it would be critical I guess. I have to look for this meaning in the net lol)

Mercy, Charisma.

Armor Equip, Heavy Armor Equip, Armor Effectiveness Up level 3.


Manner, Etiquette, Sense of Fashion.

Rearing, Affectionate Mother, Child’s Treasure.

(She is strong as usual…… If I exclude Yuishia, she should be the strongest person that I ever met)

Back in the game, She was 29 years old, just in the peak of her golden age so her status might still grow even further than this. But even so, some of her skills would reach the maximum point. If I could just find another way to learn [Limit Break] other than from the Sovereign Dragon’s inheritance, She could easily get pass level 100……

(…… Wait what?)

I don’t really pay attention to other areas besides the skill so I just found out that Filianess-san’s job has changed. [Saint Knight] is the superior version of the job [Knight] and there should be nothing else above it…… [Paladin]……?

---- And then I finally realize. There is a skill I never knew before just snugly fit itself under the [Sacred Sword Art] skill nonchalantly.

(Holy Sword Mastery…… Wha-what is this……!)

Is this [Paladin]’s unique skill? Or is there any trigger to learn it? I hold back my impulse of wanting to dig information from Filianess-san until no hole left uncovered and while I’m at it, I might as well asked her about how she changed her job.

“E-err…… Filianess-san, I heard that you have became a landed noble from her highness the princess……”

“Mu…… I-is that so? So you heard about it? As a knight, I have to battle in the frontline so if asked whether having a dominion troubles me then I could only nod……”

“His highness the grand duke should be feeling worried if Fil-neesama were to go out from the duchy…… I’m sorry, neesama. I told Hiroto-sama about you without consulting it with you first”

“It is not a problem. It is normally an honor to receive land from one own service. It is not something that Luche should feel sorry about…… But then again, I can’t imagine myself going out of the duchy for the time being. There are many things left that I should accomplish in the duchy”

What Filianess-san means by that is to guard the demon sword…… and also……

To teach and show me the way to become stronger. Or she just simply wants to be on my side. I could guess her wish from the way those gentle eyes looked at me.

“I have been bestowed the job that is one rank higher than the Saint Knight. And with that job, I managed to earn the qualification to govern a land. I need to pass a trial suitable for the job but for my current self, that trial is nothing hard”

Filianess-san had meet the prerequisite to change her job into a [Paladin]…… And by changing her job into [Paladin], she automatically learns the [Holy Sword Mastery] and is now on her way to master the skill.

(Thi-this is bad…… Seeing a new skill just an arms away like this makes me……)

Makes me want it so bad. Remembering my interaction with Filianess-san from back in when I was still a baby, that exact time when I acquire the [Sacred Sword Art] skill, I felt an unprecedented wave of excitement filling every inch of my body. And that feeling started to comes back when I saw the skill.

“…… What is it? Hiroto, you have a bad habit of suddenly goes daydreaming like this. I think it is better for you to fix that habit okay? You must listen to what other people say while looking at their eyes or it would be impolite”

“Ah, right…… I’m sorry Filianess-san. I will be more careful”

“Fufu…… I am not actually angry you know. I’ve taken fancy of Hiroto’s face when you are pondering about something”

Filianess-san then tidy up my hair, touches both sides of my cheek, and looks at my face with a happy expression. The 14 years old Filianess-san was a beautiful girl that looked innocent yet divine…… and the current Filianess-san doesn’t seems to lost that sparkle at all. I suddenly realize that even without the charm skill accident, I would still become emotionally attached to her in both my mind and body.

“E-err…… Fil-neesama…… You are thinking very highly of Hiroto-sama aren’t you…...”

“…… That is true. I don’t have any reason to deny that. Although I don’t want to keep too many secrets from you Luche”

Even when Filianess-san’s face flushed red, she still thinks that her feeling towards me is a magnificent thing as she also showed a bright smile. The princess who looked at her changes in expression also turned red in follow.

“To think that Fil-neesama that is far more an adult than me to think of a boy that is younger than me like that…… I somehow feel my heart beating erratically…...”

“! ……. I-I’m sorry Luche. This kind of talk is still too soon for you right? …… But I think it is better for you to get accustomed to it gradually. But well, it is not my place to say something like that I guess”

“Th-that’s not true…… That’s right, Hiroto-sama is also a boy and he is very strong…… Fil-neesama should be…… about him……”

Luche has been interacting with me with a frank attitude so far but is that because she doesn’t see me as a boy before? …… I finally realize just now.

But after she sees Filianess-san’s approval for me right in front of her eyes, her perception of me seems to change anew. The way Luche’s eyes look at me from before had changed…… Th- this is……

“Luche, your face turns very red. I will ask Marle to bring some water. After all, Marle and Aletta are eavesdropping just behind the door”


Something loud could be heard from outside of the room. They have been ordered to stand guard outside so Filianess-san could hear the situation from the princess but they still dared to eavesdrop just like Filianess-san had said…… They are really a naughty bunch of girls.

[W-we don’t eavesdrop! I will bring the water now~! Marle Cleiton, here I go!]

[I-I’m sorry Filianess-sama!]

Sounds of footsteps could be heard moving away from us. Marle-san and Aletta-san should have become an elite knight by now but their behavior in front of Filianess-san never change from the past.


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Did you think that the paladin is Hiroto? No! It’s her, Filianess!

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