YGDA Ch 81


Chapter 81 – War God, Let Loose

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“It’s a nice bathwater right~ I feel rejuvenated~”

Renya and gang are currently enjoying an early morning bath in the big bathroom inside Hlidskjalf that they started to take pride in.

Thanks to Anrietta diligent search, she managed to obtain the sample from three springs that is located in the Barzelion continent and using those samples, the number of bath pool in the big bathroom increased to four.

Amongst the four bath pools is a bath with the effects of relieving fatigue, relaxing the muscle after strenuous activity, and such other similar effects are being used together by the girls. Yes, all five beautiful girls are now using it together at the same time.

Just from that information, the readers should be able to guess just how wild the night they have before was.

After they warmed their body enough, Therese and Rebecca is taking turns in washing each other hair. The scene where both little girls are covered with bubbles are both heart-warming and stimulating Renya’s carnal desire at the same time but for the time being, he holds himself back. Thinking back to what happened the night before, he felt that if he mess around more with the two in the younger group, he would get into some trouble afterward. He at least still have that much reasoning power to grasp that.

Floria’s voice still shows that she still feels comfortable and still has much more to give but let’s not mention Brenda, even Elvira still has a trace of fatigue in her countenance. Just how many ‘hustle’ session did the immoral war god had done to achieve that?

“It’s been a while since the postwar dealing period but the situation unexpectedly got sorted out smoothly”

“Well, with the whole royal line died like that, there is no point in demanding responsibility from starting the war. The kingdom restoration will also become out of the question”

While letting out an amorous sigh, Brenda who still looks very tired let out a small whisper.

“In times like this, there would be peoples who claim that they are a distant relative or maybe a bastard child popping out of nowhere. But there is actually no one doing so! What you think of it, Brenda?”

“Do you think that there are people who want to shoulder the heavy responsibility of a defeated kingdom just to sit in the throne? I would admire such people if they existed. Moreover, the name Faskurn has been smeared badly as a blasphemous kingdom. Would any sane people who hold ambition wish for owning such a kingdom?”

“...... Right, there would be no one. Even the most capricious person wouldn’t want the throne of this kingdom with minus start”

“That is the reason for the smooth post-treatment Renya-sama. Moreover, both Tosuminia and Ezemeria opinions on this matter do not clash with each other. Tosuminia also gives it consideration to Ezemeria who suffers a bigger loss. And both kingdom declares that they don’t need any more territory from the start”

Faskurn’s territory also includes the precious coastal line to greatly support trade but Ezemeria has already its own port and as a kingdom that not heavily concerned about trade, they don’t need it. In Tosuminia’s case, Faskurn’s territory is too far from their own land so having their official sent there to govern the place is also something hard to do.

And the conclusion is to dissolve the Faskurn royal family. Tosuminia will then protect the kingdom to recover so they could, in the end, govern themselves independently again. This opinion is accepted by both the winning kingdom after holding a conference.

Fortunately, Faskurn royal castle is only partially destroyed so the winning kingdoms could seizure the wealth that is stored inside for their cause. Tosuminia received the reward for winning the war and Ezemeria received enough funds to restore the destruction caused by the war.

Furthermore out of the alliance convenience, the one who doesn’t join the giant creating ceremony in the royal castle is only the rich upstart noble who only holds less important positions in the kingdom yet is filthy rich.

As the upper side of the kingdom is all died together, the responsibility for inciting the war all goes to those rich upstart nobleman and their wealth is confiscated as the result.

Thanks to that situation, Tosuminia and Ezemeria could avoid getting a big economic loss even when they win the war.

The knights and mercenary dispatched also need to make a living. The dispatched troops also need to be paid.

If they don’t get any payment then the mercenary would lose their faith in the kingdom and the knight would lose their loyalties as their home economy situation is in jeopardy. Getting nothing from war is one of the best reasons for ruining a kingdom.

And with the monetary problem settled, it also means that Renya and his party would also be getting their payment with an enormous added bonus.

Well, that large sum of payment comes from the alliance’s suspicion that Renya is the one who defeats the mud giant. They tried to dig around for more information from him but Renya kept acting oblivious through and thorough.

As for why Renya did that is because he felt that it would only bring him more troubles if he told the truth. So after they receive their payment, Renya party quickly vacates their lodging in Suminiastar.

As the capital is still in a high festive mood from winning the war, the crowd of people becomes Renya party’s cover as they have gone with the wind.

But later in the future, the wandering minstrel and troubadour in Tosuminia territory spread songs and poems about a group of heroic nameless warriors that appear when the war started and disappear as the war ended. But Renya party would only learn about this matter far in the future.

“And in conclusion, our purse is once again in a very healthy condition”

“Is there times when our purse getting lighter since the time in Eiribeiris?”

“My memory tells me that our purse is constantly on growing status instead Floria-san”

When Elvira said that, Renya also starts to ponder. He himself doesn’t even know the exact number in his own purse after all.

According to Anrietta:

[The wealth that is amassed has surpassed the level of a small kingdom’s royalty and is now comparable with the wealth of a big empire’s royalty]

And that is the conclusion.

If Renya feels like it, he has the fortune to start a lifetime project of creating his own kingdom that has a vast expanse of territory with large cities but the person in question is not interested in that.

Renya is fully satisfied with only having the five girls accompanying him.

That’s right. Just look at Brenda now. Even when her face is gloomy because of the tremendous physical fatigue, which by the way tickles Renya’s S side greatly, she would still response lovingly when Renya sneaks attack her with a kiss. He just feels that his harem is very loveable.

But well, ‘a few’ parts of it actually comes from lust though.

Because of the sudden surprise attack, Brenda could only let Renya do whatever he wants. But even when she realizes it before, she might still not reject his ‘loving gesture’. You only need to know that this is the logic of a woman who is deep in love.

“~~~~~~!? Nnnn...... kiss...... smack...... Ahn...... no......”

Along with the passionate kiss involving the tongue that is not commonly expected as a morning kiss, Renya sends along some of his divine power into Brenda through the kiss.

With that injection of power, the fatigue that Brenda experienced is relieved. But then another question arises: did he have to send his divine power in with that wet sloppy kiss? Under the bathwater, his right hand actively fondling Brenda’s breast. But this one does not have any meaning in it. He just wants to fondle it so he does.

Brenda is about to complain about Renya’s sneak attack but she immediately realizes the changes that happened in her body. She realizes Renya’s care for her and it snuffs her anger out quickly.

Even so, she won’t just stay silent because of that.

“...... Did you already know that your kiss would energize me?”

“Nope, I just want to kiss you, that’s all! Your fatigue is caused by me and I want to atone for that so I mixed the two together though”

“...... Don’t we usually just atone our mistake without mixing anything with it?......”

“I am a god so I don’t know what the usual is”

“......... Baka” (Eros: stupid, bastard, asshole but in this case, with a lovestruck tone)

Brenda often laments this side of hers that just could not say anything toward this side of Renya. She can only spitefully pinch Renya’s left arm in retaliation.

And just like that, they continue their bath while getting intimate with each other. Therese and Rebecca who finished washing each other return back to the warmth of the bathwater. The two little girls bundle a towel on their head in order to keep their hair from falling to the bathwater.

Looking at the two little girls relaxing in the tub, Renya’s naughty heart revives once again but before he could do anything, Brenda managed to sense his intention and look at him with a bright smile.

“Don’t do it okay? The two have already washed so if you still intend to pull a prank on them then I won’t let it go you know?”

“Y-yes, mam. I will refrain. I am a good boy”

Renya quickly becomes obedient once warned.

(Umu, it is hard to do mischief as long as Brenda is around. She is indeed number one on the spot of the scariest when angered)

But conversely, as long as Renya knows the limit, Brenda would not deny skinship to a certain degree.

Thinking like that, Renya holds himself back with just hugging Therese.

Lying inside a large bathtub while hugging a girl.

In Renya’s heart, that action is in the top 3 of action that soothes his soul without any Eros needed.

“Oniisan? What is it desu?”

“Well, do you remember when we were still straying inside a tent in the frontline? Rebecca got something good at that time and I saw you feel dissatisfied by it so I’m just trying to atone myself from that time”

“E-ehehe, is that so desuka? Indeed at that time, I feel a little jealous of Rebecca-chan deshita”

“Therese, you have a strong tendency of being reticent. Just look at the other girls here, they are mostly assertive to a degree so you can be a bit more willful you know?”

“P-personality wise, that is impossible desu. That is.......”

She just can’t go out strongly when the other had already taken the initiative and it had already rooted deep in her personality.

(From now on, my chances to have a go with multiple partners would increase so maybe I should give extra care for Therese on those occasions)

While fully enjoying the softness that is unique to that of a little girl with both of his hands, Renya is absorbed in his own thought.

He is still far from feeling dizzy. Once again he realizes that soaking in warm water is a supreme luxury by itself.

In that part about the bathtub, it might come from him being a Japanese person before but it seems like Elvira who comes from a tribe that owns a natural hot spring would also agree with him.

“...... By the way......”

“What’s the matter Rebecca-chan?”

“......... Onii-chan, what did you...... asked Anri to find?”

“Ah, so it is about that. Do you remember we were talking about swimming in the sea a while back? At first, I thought there would be a place somewhere in Barzelion that could be used for that purpose but”

This world also has a culture of swimming in the sea.

Although the concept is not like in modern world earth where one would go far distance just to swim in the sea, starting with nobles, people with high positions and wealthy people would come to place with a big body of water to cool themselves in summer. That kind of culture already exists in this world.

But here, a problem arises.

A maintained, or at least have people’s hands taking care of a sandy beach area is not present in this world. Of course, there are natural sandy beaches that could be used for their purpose but, the season is currently in the middle of summer.

There is no guarantee that other people won’t think of the same thing as Renya. Those potential natural sandy beach that he had found before are not that isolated from human dwelling so the chance of meeting other people in those beaches are not at zero.

And after some investigation, people indeed seem to gather to those potential sandy beaches where magic beast and monster population are low and have large enough sandy areas to play. Renya feel that the situation turned dangerous.

“So you told me that I have to let other men see my woman in their swimsuit for free!? Unacceptable! Absolutely unacceptable!”

Just to emphasize it. While Renya is saying such manly thing, the one inside his arm is Therese so normal people would only see him as a total lolicon.

“Then do you mean it would be alright if they pay?”

“You know that’s not what I mean right Floria? For free here is just figuratively speaking. Moreover, other men would definitely try to hit on you girls. Won’t that also be bothersome for you guys, right? And this is our precious vacation time so I don’t want to get disturbed even more”

“So what is that Renya-sama asked wanted to find......?”

“I told Anri to find a solitary island that is detached from the usual sea route around. Of course, one that is suited for our leisure. If we find a good island that fulfilled all our need then I am thinking of isolate ourself in that place for a while”

“Renya-oniisan, you always do things in an extravagant way desu”

“But of course! Because of that everything has been going smoothly after all. Let us have some break shall we?”

They indeed have been very active lately so enjoying leisure time in a tropical island sounds very charming to them. No one denies the decision.

“But Renya, we understand about you not wanting other man look at us but is it okay for you to not look at other woman swimsuit figure?”

Won’t that be a shame? Such nuance is hidden inside the word that Floria said as she says it with a meaningful smile but Renya then returns a fearless smile towards her.

“Do you think that there are other random women that swimsuit figure could excel you, girls? At least for me, my standard has grown so much that no random woman could interest me. In conclusion, I don’t need other women. Rather, they will just get in the way”

“Look at that girls! He can say that without hesitation. Renya is also growing greatly”

“Anyway Floria, I can hope for the best swimsuit design from you right?”

“Leave it to me! I have everyone tried many designs before finalizing it. Well, I tried to avoid being risky though”

“I prefer that way. Cuteness can be faked but Eros has to come naturally or it would be meaningless. I reject high exposure”

“Well, that weird obsession of yours makes the design process becomes difficult you know”

“If I did not say that then you would give a slingshot-type swimsuit to Elvira wouldn’t you!?”

“Eh? Did it not suit her?”

“It suits her. But it suits her too good it’s dangerous. If it is just for show then it should be alright but if she plays around in that outfit then those things would definitely slip out grandly”

That swimsuit is simply designed like the alphabet V but knowing Elvira’s extraordinary bust size, a single negligence would mean disaster.

“To not happy of a slip out happening, it’s not like the usual Renya”

“If I want to see I can just directly take it off”

“Don’t say it upfront like that you really naughty little”

Floria smiled like expressing that she could not do anything to Renya’s unique obsession but from the nuance of her words, she also can’t wait to see everyone in their swimsuit. She is also having fun in her own way.

“Everyone should also enjoy themselves to the fullest okay”

“Of course! This is my first time swimming in the sea so I have been waiting for it!”

“Yeah, I wonder what kind of thing that Renya will teach us to play in the beach”

“I also have never experienced what it is like in the open sea so I am looking forward to it”

“I want to learn how to swim desu!”

“...... The sea...... seems fun”

Soon, summer (chapter) will come.

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