YGDA Ch 82


Chapter 81 – THE Swimming in the Sea

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Book 4 - The War God and His Followers’ Holiday

 The sky is clear today and the sun is shining.

The strong sunlight pours on the land as the harbinger of summer.

Renya and his followers are currently on a nameless island far away from Barzelion continent. This island is the resort that Anrietta found under Renya’s order.

First, let's talk about the island sandy beach.

The virgin beach that has not yet touched by the hands of man has a unique charm that is hard to describe by words. By only walking around there, one’s heart would flutter from excitement.

The next item on the list is the sea. The sea around the beach has a natural marine blue color and a high level of transparency. The sight is very similar to the seas located in the tropics. The beauty of mother nature is in abundance here.

The last thing on the list is the island itself. Although the size of the island is not that big, it still maintained its own unique balanced ecosystem within it, enabling Renya’s group to harvest some tropical fruit there. Other than fruits, the meat of the magical beast living on the island also has a peculiar taste that is different from those hunted in the big continent. This island really is a place where the blessing of land and sea could be enjoyed together.

Of course, the main attraction is the harvest from the sea. Not to mention the many kinds of fishes, there are also clams, shrimps, and crabs that could be harvested from the surrounding sea. This is perfect for one of the main enjoyment in the sea which is the seafood barbeque by using the prey they freshly caught.

But such luxury is just a little extra for the current Renya’s group.

Under a big parasol, Renya is relaxing on a slightly larger sized reclining chair while his eyes are fully focused on the beautiful girls that are playing happily on the sandy beach.

First is the leading figure in this event, Floria.

She is the great mind behind everyone's swimsuit design. She gives it her all in trying to bring the best. And of course, she does not do such a mortal-like mistake where she forgot preparing one for herself. She is after all a genuine goddess herself.

She put her silver hair up. Her god-like body proportion and lithe limbs are colored with a standard bikini type swimsuit.

The bikini color is pink and it covers enough places to give out the impression of a mature lady but her overly assertive body line easily overturns the impression. If she wears something that also sexually assertive, it would oppositely look vulgar instead. Her judgment for fashion is impeccable.

The next contestant waiting is the blonde beauty, Brenda. Brenda is the most conservative compared to the other women in the party but she chooses the same bikini type swimsuit like Floria which surprised Renya.

But her red-colored bikini really does makes her shine. Added to that equation, although her body is on the slender side, she has more than enough female roundness portions that should stand out. But then again, her breast size still pales in comparison to her beautiful pair of legs that is worth being acclaimed as a national treasure. Renya once again realizes that Brenda also has a unique weapon that only belongs to her.

And then the next one has her lethal weapon swaying vigorously as she is playing along the waves. She is of course Elvira. She wears a bikini that is black in color as it is her favorite color but she also had a pareo tied on her waist.

In Elvira’s case, Floria is afraid that a half-hearted design would easily lead to an accident even with the smallest swing and sway. Not to mention getting washed away by the waves. So in order to strengthen the swimsuit, she chooses the design that covers a lot of areas. One would think that a swimsuit that covers a large area would look unstylish but when combined with pareo, but combined with the natural noble temperament of Elvira, the swimsuit manages to bring out her inner charm and elegance.

But then again her natural armament is already disastrous enough. If a mere mortal man were to caught sight of her, they would definitely unable to take their eyes off. The dragon clan really did a great job of giving birth to a woman like her.

With those amazing line-up of onee-samas, one would ask whether the younger girls would become pale in comparison with them but this is where Floria brings out her all. As Renya expected, Floria gave Theresa and Rebecca a one-piece type swimsuit with both swimsuits actually have a matching design with only color difference.

The one-piece swimsuits have frills in the reversed A shaped line bottom part and ribbon on the chest area. Instead of bewitching, Floria chases for the cute part in her design. The eye of the goddess doesn’t have the word compromise in it.

Theresa’s swimsuit is green lime while Rebecca’s is pale blue.

Different from the mature ladies, looking at both little girls' bodies that are still en-route to their growth wrapped in a cute swimsuit while frolicking around in the water is like witnessing a pair of fairy appearing before you.

Because the wear the same design, the difference in their figure becomes strikingly obvious. The swimsuit emphasizes the different types of “arsenal” that the two each have.

Frankly speaking, Therese has it in her lower body. Especially the beautiful line tracing from her hip to waist is the most conspicuous. Catching her fixing her swimsuit line that is eating into her lower body from time to time even makes Renya unconsciously make a guts pose.
(Eros: Guts pose, or fist pump whichever you prefer to)

For Rebecca, it is her upper body especially those bountiful breast size that does not match with her age. As her main weapon is a pair of twin sword, swinging swords all the time helps the development of her upper body greatly in a balanced way as she still not losing the tender characteristic that woman has and giving her a balanced proportion. While she is the so-called big-breasted loli, her big breast is also matched with other parts of her body making it look natural and it's all thanks to her own hard work and nothing else.

Even when he is currently resting after tiring himself out from playing in the water, Renya still keeps his gaze locked on his own group of women. Or rather, he just can’t move his gaze away.

Even after seeing their naked bodies many times now and even doing some things that are hard to say out in public, Renya would only comment “Nudes are nudes and swimsuits are swimsuits. They fill different stomach” for that.

And here, Renya, as a man who believes that playing should be done all the way, has a girl that rarely appears sitting on his side.

“Master, are you not going to swim?”

“I am currently resting a bit. Rather, how about you Anri? Aren’t you going to play?”

“I have also played quite a bit with Therese-sama and Rebecca-sama so I am also feeling a bit tired”

Yes, she is the materialization of Anrietta. Renya had brought her along to this event and of course, she also wears a swimsuit.

Renya had ordered Floria to prepared a normal swimsuit while feeling a bit guilty towards a certain group of gentlemen.

At first, they made the kind that has a name tag on the chest part matched with deep blue color fabric as the base but...
(Eros: Japanese school's swimsuit uniform)

“Floria, this is bad. This is definitely ‘out’”

“I thought so too. This is a proper swimsuit in reality. But when I see it with my two eyes, I just can’t help feeling a deep sense of immorality”

In that way, with the last bit of the two gods conscience ached, they finally decided to give Anrietta an orange-colored standard one-piece swimsuit design.

The thing that is unexpected to them is that Anrietta is in great delight for experiencing the sea for the first time in her life. The simple swimsuit with nothing special added to it actually sync greatly with Anrietta’s purity.

After having a blast on the beach, she started to feel tired so she comes under the parasol’s shadow to take a rest and meets Renya there. But the reasons why the two of them get tired are actually not the same.

When the sunray is strong and they only wear a swimsuit, there is of course a problem that they need to solve.

And that is sunburn.

Especially for Brenda who has a light complexion, Renya judges that the effect of sunburn is the worst for her. A half-day worth of sunbathing already made it a must for her to use a sunblock oil (that is of course the one that does not have any other negative effects).

And the reason why Renya forcefully uses his divine power to meticulously create a sunblock oil and expending most of his energy into it is of course just because of one reason ---- to satisfy his lust.

“I will put on the sunblock oil on all of you! And this is an absolute order!”

When he comes out strongly like that, and then when they noticed the substance, effects, and the way to use the sunblock oil, the girls them just roll their eyes at him. And of course, Renya pretend to not notice their gesture.

It is because the group had already become accustomed to Renya’s naughty trick and it was not only once or twice he had done the same trick in the past so the member just obediently accepts Renya’s suggestion.

(After all this kind of suggestion would even make your girlfriend feel unpleasant at you back on earth)


With that exclamation inside his heart, the members who had prepared (mostly in their resignation) in turn fall prey to Renya’s naughty and slippery hands. His hands glide freely on top of the girls' soft skins.

And that was the reason why Renya is feeling tired now.

For the girls' reaction, they kinda go like this:

“...... The way you heats up the oil with your own hand like that, what a pointless but great preparation that is”

“If it's you, Floria, I honestly have the thought of just going straight while the oil is still cold and enjoy your cute shriek when the cold oil touches you”

“Fufu~, if you really did that I also have some thought for you, you know?”

“For example?”

“Like touching your neck with a cold konnyaku jelly while you are sleeping perhaps”

“Aren’t you also the same when making such pointless preparation!? Or rather, don’t waste your divine power on making konnyaku jelly just for doing a prank!”

On top of that, even for Renya who has the war god intuition active even when he is sleeping, Floria could easily skirt around his danger premonition and ambush him so her treat is actually scary.

At the end of Floria’s case, he obediently concentrates on only spreading the sunblock oil without any other naughty thought.

“Listen, Renya. I somehow felt...... extremely uncomfortable now”

“N~? This is just like having a massage so just relax”

“Un...... That is true, yet when both the pleasant and uncomfortable feeling mixed together, it felt terribly strange”

“...... Hmm”

“What is it?”

“Nothing, Brenda. I just feel that doing a prank on you now would make me feel extremely guilty somehow......”

“Then we could just not do it”

“I would not so let me spread the oil a bit more on your legs alright?”

“...... Then just a bit more okay?”

A bittersweet atmosphere suddenly created between them and in a different way than Floria, Renya also could not do anything weird to Brenda. Yet he still managed to fiddle with her breast and ass a lot more beyond necessary. It is unknown whether one should praise his tenacity as a man or not.


“Renya-sama? Do you have something in your mind?”

“No...... I just kinda entranced by the amazing sight in front of me”

“So...... what are you talking about exactly?”

“Well, when a woman reaches Elvira’s class breast size...... I could easily touch them even when they lay face down”

“...... G-geez, Renya-sama!”

“Hahaha, okay okay I’m sorry. But then again, if I were to accidentally touch it, it would be just an accident. Do you hear me? Accident”

“Whether it is an accident or not, you already have the intention to touch didn’t you Renya-sama?”

“But of course”

“Then just stop the cheap tricks and openly touch if you want. Would you please help me put on the sunblock with that in mind?”

“Aa, I understand. In exchange for that, Elvira, I want you to report to me about where I touched you and how it feels to the minute detail”

“...... Re-Renya-sama! Isn’t your request’s difficulty too high!?”

“I don’t approve objection. Let us begin”

Ultimately, let just say that Elvira is the biggest victim in this scheme. It was only until Brenda warns Renya to stop that Renya’s oil-smeared hands stop looping eternally on Elvira’s skin.

Elvira’s already flushed red even before they start playing at the beach. Renya would later mention how her expression at that time looks very sexy.

“Well then, as Therese and Rebecca are both small girls so there are not as many areas I can apply the oil to, let’s do it a bit different this time”

“Renya-oniisan? Why only the two of us get on top of the sheet nanodesu?”

“...... It’s very... wide”

“The answer is already clear! The three of us will get the oil applied to each other simultaneously! This way, we can finish the session together. Don’t you think it is a nice idea!?”

“...... That is the face when oniisan is thinking about naughty things desu”

“...... But... the most energetic... expression... I think”

“Worry not! The oil won’t spill into the sand. It won’t make a stain on your swimsuit either. And the rest of the oil that sticks on your skin would eventually dissolve in the water. Come, my cute kitty cats! Let’s oil play!”

“Oniisan!? Something is odd with you desu!? Wait, Kyaaaaaa!”

“...... Kyan...... It is...... slippery...... hard to move”

When it comes to the last pair of lolis, Renya’s head is already getting weird from the overdosed amount of summer’s delight, and the two fallen prey to his evil scheme.

He doesn’t only use his hands to apply the oil. He uses his whole body instead to have the famous mat play.

The combination of two little girls smeared all over with thick slippery oil while their skin rubbing to each other’ makes a picture of total immorality that would definitely be scorned everywhere in the world.

To make things worse, the two little girls’ age is at the borderline which is also considered as bad even in this world. And the finishing is the liquid smearing them are not just plain water. Even with the two of them still wear their swimsuit, Renya is already gone beyond help.

He intentionally extends his limbs to reach a risky place whenever he has the chance and continues the “oil applying” activity until the three of them covered perfectly with the oil. And by the time he has done with it, Renya gets tired from too much fooling around.

And currently, he had consumed too much energy even before they start playing on the beach.

It does not need to be mentioned but the girls already aware that Renya only wants to apply the oil to them and would not let them do it themselves.

It is still a while before noon. While relaxing on a deck chair, the war god’s vacation is about to begin.

Author note:

THE swimsuit!
(Eros: again, the author uses Latin ‘THE’)

Yes, this chapter is packed with the standard summer event.

I personally think that the combo of applying sunblock oil and swimsuit is in the top five of Eros combo.