YGDA Ch 83


Chapter 83 – The War God’s Vacation

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Around the time when noon passed through, Renya once again goes swimming in the sea.

He just had a seafood lunch that lavishly used the marine product they could harvest around. As they have Hlidskjafl with them, they don’t have any trouble with the cooking tools so their cooking method does not have any limit.

They put the trouble with eating outside as it is one of the most awaited leisure methods they thought of.

The lunch menu consists of seafood pasta, shellfish and squid skewer barbequed with salt and pepper, and some others included cooking whole scallops with its shell on top of fire. They gather the food product from the surrounding place and eat them as they please.

And now, with his stomach full, Renya decided to go swimming to fill his free time. The sun is still high up in the sky after all.

He does not swim with his full power but instead enjoying the swim by riding on the waves.

This island doesn’t have any place around it with high waves so it might be impossible to do surfing here but the sea is perfect for leisure swimming. Once again Renya thanked Anrietta in his heart for finding this place.

After finishing a round of swimming, Floria seems to be preparing something interesting on the beach.

She draws a line on the sand, places two iron poles in the middle of the lines, and tied a net between the two poles.

No matter how Renya sees it, he recognizes it as the familiar setup for beach volley.

“Ah, Renya, welcome back”

“Oi oi, Floria? What do you mean by this setup which makes my heart dancing around for double meanings?”

It is in the meaning of it looks fun and also it looks lewd. Renya who could make his face express the two expressions with each half of his face asked.

In this kind of situation, any man would reach the same conclusion upon seeing this situation. Renya’s heart is dancing from his excitement while the girls’ breasts will be dancing physically.

“Well, you know~. It just doesn’t seem complete to have a vacation on the beach without beach volley, right? While I’m preparing the stage, I also explain the rules to everyone else so there will be no problem”

“Yes yes. That’s right, you are correct! You are really wise my partner!”

“Anyway let’s start with a 2 vs 2. the other people that are not playing would be the umpire. Is that okay?”

“N? What about making me the permanent umpire?”

“What are you saying? How can I possibly let you hog the special seat all by yourself? Ah, by the way, we have special rules for you in which you will always be playing without rest”

“Wait, Eh!? Why!?”

Running sweat, breast that shaking up and down, legs that is lively with motion, and hips that swaying in a ladylike manner...

Renya who conspire to gaze at the 5 beautiful girls bodies like licking them all over the place found out that his plans are already failed before it could start.

“And to amp it up, I also specially made a Floria special field called [Renya’s Karma] so that when you lose a point, a small lightning would strike you down”

“UOOI! Why is it only me who got a penalty game!?”

“Fufufu, When you think about the profit that you can get from the game like watching mine or Elvira’s breast swaying from the front, or watching Brenda’s bottom when she is trying to attack with a spike, or maybe the sight of both Therese and Rebecca franticly chasing the ball, would you still think that this treatment is cruel?”


Because you will have a kind of enjoyment then we also demand equal treatment. This is what Floria aims for with her set up which Renya somehow managed to guess.

And she would not joke with the word ‘lightning’ either. Even though Renya has the invincible war god’s body, he would still twitch uncontrollably when shocked by lightning.

More or less, he still feels fear. There is also the risk of showing his disgraceful side.

However! Disregarding all the risks ---- This is still a battle worth wagering!

Steeling his resolves, the war god has strengthened his determination to proceed towards a war.

His expression is that of a warrior. But still, the corner of his eyes looks like that of a perverted middle-aged man.

“Then so be it. Floria, I accept your condition”

“Iyoshi! You heard it right, everyone? Well, I think that everyone is already become used to Renya’s erotic gazes by now but we would also like some merits from time to time like watching at Renya’s silly reaction right?”

The girls are nodding to Floria’s question.

Rather it is actually Renya himself aware that he has been asking the girls too much when it is related to erotic things so he can’t shamelessly be assertive in this case.

“I am sorry for not being able to hold myself back……! I really am sorry……!”

He unconsciously gets into apologizing posture.

He knows that the girls are not really angry but he still does not have any confidence that he could control himself better in the future so Renya docilely bows his head.

But still, he does not feel good being forced into that position so when the girls are still busy deciding the teaming and player order, Renya whispers his mind to Floria’s ear.

“I will give you a special punishment play using the tropical seawater tonight so be ready for it”

“…… I am half worried, half expecting, maybe~?”

“To have pleasure feeling mixed when about to receive punishment like that, Floria, you really have been deeply affected by my color”

“Well~, it’s because Renya sometimes do things that even overcome the expectation of this goddess who has lived her whole life in the realm of the gods”

“I am just being fussy when it comes to Eros…… And also, I can now do things that are impossible to achieve if I were just a normal human”

“The things that Renya pursuit must be something depraved, right?”

“Isn’t that a good thing?”

“I want you to put yourself in our shoes as we would have to be the guinea pigs for your inventions~”

“It’s okay. When I am about to do something special, I will add more numbers to share the burden”

“That is not the point~! You already aware yet still say it like that, right?”

“…… Tee-hee?”

“A man won’t get cuter and get pardon when doing that okay?”

“Honestly, I did that in a spur of the moment and I’m really regretting it now”

While Renya and Floria are having their lover’s spat, the first team is decided.

Renya and Brenda team versus Elvira and Rebecca team.

“To think that the first enemy team is the strongest team…...”
(Eros: here Renya make a pun with the kanji utmost breast and worshiped breast with both reads as saikyou which could also mean the strongest)

“…… Renya, why is your face shown such an extreme fear like that?”

“I’m sorry but I’m actually not feeling confident keeping my calm when thinking about seeing those tawawas shake around vigorously…...”
(Eros: Tawawa: expression of how ripe fruit dangling on the tree)

“…… You make me feel anxious for various reason from that remark”

“Adding to that, I might also accidentally see your beautiful behind. I’m really worried I can keep my reasoning until the end of the match”

“If you keep playing around like that, I will drop the ball on purpose near you okay?”

“…… I’ll do my best”

If Brenda really does that then it would become a 3 vs 1 situation and there’s no way Renya could win the game like that.

After all, they pick the speedy rule for the beach volley game where the first to get 7 points wins. There is no deuce rule.

Even if he is the invincible war god, he could not do much alone in a volley match and if Brenda betrays him, he would simply lose the match. Renya is not willing to shoulder more handicaps more than this so he steels himself up.

He did steel himself up.


First, it is Renya’s turn to serve.

He estimated that he does not hit the ball that soft but the ball won’t rise up the way he expected. The ball barely touches the net and it falls down in Renya’s own court without managing to reach the enemy’s.


A powerful electric discharge that is powerful beyond his expectation rages inside his body makes Renya’s body spasming uncontrollably. It is really a very disgraceful act without comparison.

There is someone near the ball who tries her hardest to holding down her laugh. She held her laugh to the point of shivering her whole body which looks very cute if it is in a normal scene. That person is Floria.

“I forgot to say, Renya, but that ball would become very heavy only when you hold it~. Also, when you receive the ball or doing a spike, you will feel an unimaginable pain I think~”

“Say it earlier!”

With this many restrictions that even thoroughly disregard his divinity, Renya starts to believe that this is not a game of beach volley but a real war instead.

If he foolishly enters with the mood of playing around then ---- he will really get killed.

Especially the opponent is Elvira and Rebecca who are both have the vanguard role in the party. Their spike would literally be a killing spike as both girls have an immense amount of physical power. Receiving their spike without any preparation is extremely dangerous.

But then again, if he just let the ball pass by, he would be punished by electric shock instead.

(This is weird. I should have reached a good balance in life but why I have to keep myself ready for war at all times? This is too stressful)

Someone, please tell Renya that this was all the consequence of his daily conduct.

With a handicap that is like having both his hands and feet shackled, the beach volley match started without any wardrobe accident.



Because his focus is attracted to Elvira’s bouncing breast, he failed to receive a spike.

“…… Tei”
(Eros: sounds of Rebecca exerting her power)

“That was a feint!? NYAOHAAAAA!!”

Because his focus is attracted to Rebecca’s lively motion, he failed to notice the spike was a feint and a toss pass by.

“Here I come!”

“That is out…… Borderline in!? HAGYAAAAAA!!”

Spending all of his concentration to chase after Therese’s behind who is running around the field in detail, his line reading becomes weak.


“Time lag attack!? You guys should just learn about the rules today…… NUBABABABA!!”

And when his attention is focused on Brenda’s beautiful legs, he missed the cue of time lag attack and late to block the attack. His condition is thoroughly bad. This entire misfortune he suffered actually comes from his own action but then again, there might be only a minute amount of men in the world would blame him for that or even no at all.

It is because even when a man knows that he will lose, there are still things that he should pursue with his eyes no matter what.

The only thing that supports Renya right now is only that 1 quote.

As the match continues, Renya piles up fatigue faster than imagination. The repeated miss play gradually turns his body numb. Hitting or receiving the ball would accumulate more and more damage to his hands and Renya feels his hands becomes heavier as the damage accumulate. And the continuous match saps Renya’s strength dry.

He does not even feel this tired when fighting a god who is on equal standing with him. From the development of the game, these women who are the member of his harem managed to drive the War God this bad could be counted as the strongest being in this world.

Renya wants to just fall over and rest but if he were to miss the ball, the lightning would shock him so he does not have any other choice but to receive the ball with his hands.

The people watching would find it amusing seeing the figure of Renya desperately chasing after the ball while spasming from time to time but it is torture for the person himself.

I am not a slapstick comedian! While screaming that sentence in his heart, Renya keeps on playing the game. This might be the nature of a war god to not easily give up.

And then when the sun is about to goes down, it is already the last volley match.

Renya is facing Floria and Elvira, the two with the biggest breast in the group and also the strongest. Because of that, Renya managed to choose his own partner and he chooses Therese for that.

And his reason for choosing Therese is because she is the least tired compared to the other members.

Therese is the smartest of the member so she could easily calculate the ball trajectory from which she could minimize wasteful moves. Because of that, she is the most energetic member now.

On the other hand, Renya would spasm even when he just standing because of muscle fatigue. If he loses his focus for a bit, he would sprawl on the sand like a fish pulled out of water.

“We finally come this far~. Congratulations! You are the first one to reach this far!”

Floria somehow starts acting grand and solemn while reclining back. While having his eyes attracted by the pair of towering mountains, Renya also replies with a playful attitude.

“So you bring up that meme now…… Just from what game did it comes from?”

“This is a game that I created where I give a big handicap to the challenger”

“Why did you even bother made such a harsh game…...”

“It because I am bored with the nowadays Renya who lacks stupid element. It is at that time when I am starting to think about this beach volley game”

“How can you reach that conclusion!?”

He had accompanied this goddess for more than a century yet he still could not read her thought. Or rather, he couldn’t even tell whether what she just said was a joke or not. It might be precisely because it is Floria who could match her persona with Renya as she managed to absorb his old-world sub-culture knowledge like a sponge.

Renya finally realizes that this goddess would never feel bored in her life.

“I want Renya to show hilarious reaction so I can enjoy it. But knowing you, Renya, I know you would become used to it soon so I will be feeling bored again”

“So that’s why you set up the 2nd and the 3rd handicap?”

“That’s right! Absolutely correct! I want to watch Renya struggles until the very end!”

“I know that urge of wanting to speak grandly when you finally managed to trap your enemy at their wit’s end soo well that its hurt and Floria’s scheme seems to progress well so far now…...”

Proudly sticking out her alluring and elastic chest, Floria lets out an aura that said “the mastermind behind your misery is me!”. She lets herself be high in the mood and narrate her scheme.

“Aren’t you a bright person? From the many matches that happened, You have provided me with much fun and laughter, Renya. But I admit that your writhing in pain figure that would still persistently chase after the ball makes even me feel deeply moved. So I want to give you back something to show my gratitude as someone who manages to makes me feel this way! I will fulfill any wish you have”

“Your deeply moved point is definitely weird, okay? Fulfilling any of my wishes really does sound alluring…… But there is no way for me to give up! And then I will make you eat your own words just like how you wish it. How dare of you trying to turn me into your plaything?”

The two exchanged a fearless smile to each other.

Yes, he had a record of always losing when fighting the previous war god which is an embarrassing war history of his. But he never once feel like giving up in front of the challenge. That is even more so now that the mastermind behind his suffering has appeared.

“Proposing a fight against a goddess…… You really never fail to entertain me, my partner! You definitely continue fighting right? So this is the Saga of a War God…… I like it! Before you lose, you better burn this goddess swimsuit figure into your eyes~!”

“The me who going along with this jokes is also at fault but, what a cruel development you made me do here, Floria!”

“Hehe~n! Even I have already prepared many things in order to win~! Would an utterly tired Renya be able to break through this 2 pair of dynamite Oppai wall that I prepared~?”
(Eros: nihonggo 101: oppai = female breast)

“Honestly the feeling of defeat is ‘bigger’ but that is just a minor problem. Let’s end this before sundown! I will definitely win!”

In contrast to the two who forgot their fatigue and are lost in their own world, their team partner could only look at each other face while smiling wryly.

“Renya oniisan who spasming nonstop until just now suddenly becomes lively desu”

“Fufu, Renya-sama is also a gentleman. He wanted to always show his excellent side in front of the girls even if he has to bluff”

“That side of oniisan also made me fallen in love with him but I also feel troubled by it to sometimes desu”

“Ara, Therese-san, don’t you know that I am also the same as you? But for now, let’s do our best to help our partner so I won’t let you win that easily okay?”

“Then bring it on desu! This is my chance to become the only one who assist oniisan into victory! I also won’t lose desu!”

And so, the fire for the final battle in the Renya’s harem beach volley meet has been lit and quickly burn brightly.

Therese’s ability to read the trajectory of the ball until the minute detail helps her to give precise support and cover to Renya when he makes a mistake. Her existence in the match actually helped Renya beyond his imagination and it resulted in their team taking the lead many more times compared to the matches before.

Therese could also grasp the surrounding field impeccably and the enemy team finds it difficult to pick up her precise close to the line spike and save. She uses the whole field to stir up the enemy team. Her strategy can only be described as a miracle play.

In a sense, for Floria whose play style mostly following her own intuition and impulsiveness, Therese’s playstyle is like her natural nemesis. Elvira is also a power type front-liner fighter so she is not used to using stratagem and tricks in a fight. And finally, the last match reaches the 6-6 score. It is the match point.

Renya could only think of one method to clinch the final point away.

With great confidence. Renya whispers his method to Therese.

(…… I-I am a bit scared but I will try my best)

(Ou, don’t be afraid. If it is us, then we can do it beautifully)

It’s the opponent’s turn to serve. Floria is aiming for the lines but Therese simple sees through that.

With a stable receive, she lifts the ball up and then Renya toss the ball very high on the air.

It would take the ball a while to fall back down. It was a normal thought for any normal people and Elvira is also thinking about the same thing but then she notices that Renya is leaning down in the opposite field. She finally realizes the other team’s trick.

“Ah, danger!”

“Haha, Floria, you are too late! Fly! Therese!”

“Okay desu!!”

Therese puts her feet on Renya’s linked hands and at that moment, Renya sends Therese soaring to the sky.

It is a spike from a place higher than a normal jump.

On top of that, Therese could also precisely and accurately aim the spike direction wherever she wants.

“I will take this desu!!”

Both Floria and Elvira could not cover the deadly spike in time thanks to how exquisite the spike is aimed. And with that, Renya finally clinched the final match victory which is also his first in the event.

And with the day over, things should have ended in a fun note. But in fact, it is not.

“So Renya, what is this?”

“I said it haven’t I? A special tropical play. And also, Floria, as I want to punish you for being naughty, I will let you experience it to the fullest”

“The experience it to the fullest that you said just now sounds ominous…… No, sorry, don’t mind me at all~”

Floria who already familiar with Renya’s naughty side to some degree had lost any will to tease him back under this situation.

Because of the beach volley matters, Renya whose morality already weak to begin with finally break. She could see that her chance of winning is infinitely small.

If asked why is that because she is currently being tied up while still wearing her swimsuit. There is also a barrier made by ocean water that is injected by divine power. On top of that, the thing that is tying her is a giant squid that is made by Renya’s divine power combined with the seawater.

The tentacles are gleaming in a bad manner. And those things are coiling around a beautiful girl.

The combination of the beautiful and the grotesque giving birth to a weird kind of EROS that wrapped the goddess.

“When talking about EROS at the sea then it is definitely about a mollusk creature capturing a beautiful girl. This is a standard norm that can’t be left behind”

“So you are bringing that thing out now!?”

“Aa, be at ease. There is no suction added to those tentacles. They would not leave any mark behind, you know?”

“You are still doing an unexpectedly good job in that direction…...”

Floria’s body is smeared with a slippery and viscous liquid. There are also tentacles creeping around her skin.

The tentacles are controlled by Renya so Floria feels like her body is being touched all over by him but, the stimulus she felt is stronger than normal made her body reacts abnormally. When she thinks that something is off, Renya tells her something outrageous.

“Ah, I forgot to tell you Floria, but I also smeared your skin with something that would make your skin more sensitive”

“He-hey that is foul play! This slippery thing is that something!? When did you make something like this!?”

“It was the failed product when I made the suntan oil. On top of that, I have already created a divine armament to create this thing so I can have this Ex-traor-di-nar-y-thing anytime I want”

“Uwaa…… I really want to run from that smile. I don’t feel like hearing what kind of material used…… Hyan!? He-hey Renya! This squid is…… alive!?”

She did not realize it before as she thought that it was Renya who manually controls the conjured squid. But no matter how skilled Renya is at controlling the squid, he could never reach this kind of perfection that a squid naturally has. Floria can only think that it is weird as she lets out an erotic shriek.

“That is of course because I linked my sense of touch with it. No matter how serious I am when doing a play, I still won’t let the chance to feel your body in a new way go, right?”

Renya makes a thumb up pose while showing a handsome smile but his words are not in the least convincing. After all, he is already in the soo called battle-ready form. Or in short, being butt naked.

Because his smile is just too excessively refreshing, Floria regains her cool head back. A result that is in the opposite position from what Renya meant to do.

“Uwaa~. I want to punch that smile soo bad”

“Hohou, still having the thought to fight back even at this condition showed that you have a laudable mind. But how far can you resist I wonder~?”

“Uwa uwa uwa~! No! These tentacles are soo ecchi! Well…… the one controlling is Renya after all so its no wonder…… hey wha- kyaa~! Do-don’t touch that place suddenly like that!”

“Um, this is bad. The feeling is very addicting. For our future’s sake lets test various things okay, Floria?”

“E, e, e, no, don’t wanna, Renya, give me a second, please? I will apologize for the volley match…… So can you hold back a little…… pwease?”

The glossy tentacles have already reached places like the opening in the swimsuit, breast, and legs. Being touched all over her body like that made Floria loses all her strength. Looking from the pacing of her partner so far, it would be impossible for her to take the lead like usual so all Floria could count on right now is pleading for mercy but.

“Rejected! Now show me your alluring figure that you usually hide. Let me enjoy it to the fullest! Oou! The sensation of having many hands like this is such a novelty. Yosh, Onii-san will now grope you all over okay~?”

“Aa~hn, I knew it!”

In the private time between the two today, Renya managed to grab a perfect victory for the first time. Today will be remembered.

Author notes:

Imagining a half-naked man spasming in pain (Oi!)

And then after today’s battle, Floria getting smeared all over.

I wonder how many people played the actual game machine that also shows that same sentence……!

The author is actually a gamer from ancient times, pardon me (laugh)

Also, I need to add that Renya and Floria naturally have resistance against instant death attacks.

They won’t get mutilated by chainsaw.

The latter half is like challenging the limits (in many ways)



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