YGDA Ch 84


Chapter 84 – Refreshing Stroll?

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Vacation day 2.

After playing with full strength on the first day, they scheduled the second day as a day for everyone to enjoy the day in elegance just as each of them pleases.

But Floria is still deep in her dream even when it is about past noon.

Other girls in the party could roughly guess the reason why she is still sleeping but then again they also become curious. Floria could be said as the strongest in that area so they are wondering what kind of crazy play that made even Floria unable to recover after sleeping so long.

“Mmm~. The fishes around here could be boiled, grilled, or even eaten raw and it would still taste good~”

The girls are currently trembling in fear while looking at the War God who is nonchalantly eating.

They are afraid because they could not imagine what would happen to them if the War God demands the same thing to them.

After getting distressed by the unknown for some while, Therese finally unable to hold her curiosity back, as it is her nature as a scientist, and start asking Renya about Floria’s situation, of course with an indirect approach. And then Renya just spills out all the detail about what happened last night to them.

“No matter how I see it...... you are overdoing it”

“T-that is really terrifying, Renya-sama. As expected of a concept coming from the divine world...... I am a bit interested in it though”

“Even just listening to it for a bit made me feel regretful desu”

“......... Even Floria-oneechan could not handle it...... Amazing”

The girls’ reaction when hearing the context is like that. They already have quite a bit immunity to Renya’s reckless action or they might have already been used to his absurdity.

And they are afraid that they might fit in the latter category.

After finishing his lunch, Renya had some plans to go to the forest close by.

Even if it is called a forest, the place is not a deep forest where the sunlight is completely blocked by trees. There is also a river running in the middle so it is perfect for having a relaxing stroll. In a way, it is a place where one could relax.

Renya thinks that the forest might be a good place to have a picnic.

“Ah, Oniisan, if you are going there then I also want to go along desu!”

“...... N, me two”

“That sounds like a good idea. Would it be bad if I also join in?”

“Then let’s also pack some simple snack to enjoy on the way”

Brenda is busy reading a book so she will stay behind. And while at it, she could also look after for Floria when needed.

They prepare some grilled snacks and drinks and before going out, Renya put some words on Brenda.

“I’m sorry for troubling you”

“Don’t mind it. I also want to rest for a bit and looking after Floria is something I could do subsequently”

“...... I once again realize that Brenda is really a good woman to have”

“Is that so? Most men in this world would instead think that women should not mind their business too much though. Did you know that?”

“It is because they are narrow-minded. A woman with a bright mind, intelligent, considerate, and could be assertive when the time comes. Those who think bad of such capable woman is only being jealous”

“I am happy that you think of me like that but, why did you suddenly praise me like that?”

“Because when I praise you directly like this, I could enjoy Brenda’s cute expression where you tried to maintain your cool but failed miserably”

“......~~~~!! If you know about it then stop doing it okay”

Brenda finally unable to keep facing Renya directly and unconsciously turns her face away.

Even after knowing each other for quite some time, Brenda still shows various interesting reactions for Renya to enjoy when he teases her so it becomes a daily routine for him to do so.

“It is all coming from my true feeling so I can’t help saying it. Or do you think that I am just lying to you?”

“I don’t doubt you. I don’t doubt you at all which exactly made me react like this......”

“You don’t have to force yourself to act tough then. After all, if a girl shows her embarrassed side to a guy, then she would get a high love point right?”

“...... Really, you and your sweet lips......”

“But of course. Still, yours are sweeter”


He steals Brenda’s lips with a surprise attack. It needs to be mentioned that Renya does this kind of ambush kiss the most to Brenda compared to the other girls in the harem. When the other harem member asked him about his reason for doing that, Renya said that because he finds the gap between the usually cool and guarded Brenda and the Brenda who becomes defenseless in front of him to be very endearing. Everyone in the harem could understand his reasoning very well.

This is unrelated information but, the one who steals Renya’s kiss the most in the harem is Floria. And the number two in this rank, to everyone surprise, is Rebecca. After they started having a more intimate relationship, Renya finally realizes that Rebecca is a kiss junkie.

As he is about to go out, Renya can not do a deep kiss to her so he finished quickly. Brenda also seems to be quite satisfied with the short tryst.

With a slight feverish color in her eyes, Brenda looks up to Renya while separates herself from Renya’s embrace.

“Be careful when going out. Have fun”

“Aa, I’m going. For souvenir...... don’t expect too much. I will bring something back if I found anything good”

After having a short chat, Renya disembarks from Hlidskjalf. Looking at Renya’s departing back, Brenda decides to check Floria’s condition first before doing anything else. She turns back and surprised to find Anrietta standing there.

Brenda is perplexed with the sudden encounter and stays still.

“A-Anri? What are you doing standing in that place?”

“Nothing. I just found the dialogue between Master and Brenda-sama to be interesting so I try to observe directly”

“O-observe? What are you observing......”

“As Floria-sama is Master’s first wife, Brenda-sama’s position would be a concubine. From the male point of view, such a woman is like a friend with benefits while they could still hold the right to lead. Master also seems to not be able to take a strong attitude against Brenda-sama. Master had said that Brenda-sama is a good woman and I finally understand it completely”

“Yo-you don’t have to bother understanding such kind of things you know”

She is trying to lie to herself who can’t deny Anri’s point so Brenda just rushes up to the stairs.

“When Brenda-sama is abruptly teased, she will show a cute reaction. It is just like how Master said it. I have learned something new”

And now, the manager of Hlidskjalf has learned yet another unimportant knowledge.

In the river bank where sunlight is partly blocked by the tree leaves, Renya and his companion walk leisurely.

As they are near the water source, also added with the sunlight could only partially shine trough, the surrounding area temperature is not that hot.

“I don’t expect that the river is rich with fish too. Fishing in the sea is good but river fishing doesn’t seem so bad either”

“Renya-sama, the river is not that deep so we might even be able to catch those fishes with only our bare hand”

She could say this easily because they are after all a group with superior physical ability. Even without using divine power or magic, catching a fish with their bare hand is just a trivial thing.

“It seems fun to play in the water like that. Anri would definitely enjoy that”

“That’s good. While we stay here, besides playing on the beach, we could also play in the river”

Imagining Anri, she would be lost herself in chasing the fish all around. The two show a soft smile just from imagining it in their mind. Her personality growth is steadily getting similar to her parent. The manager of Hlidskjalf grown in a way that no normal human child would.

“Oniisan! There’s an unusual medicinal herb growing here desu yo!”

“......... Never see in the continent...... can be made into many medicines......”

“That’s good. Then we should gather a bit of those. But don’t overdo and destroy the ecosystem okay?”


Rebecca collects the medicinal herb carefully as to not harm the root in a trained way while Rebecca also gives her a hand. It is such a heartwarming spectacle. Gathering medicinal herb is also a common job for an adventurer but as today’s gathering isn’t related to work, Rebecca only takes the herb that interests her and in an adequate amount for research purposes. This kind of fieldwork used to be her hobby back when she was still studying at the academy.

She is a genius girl inside but her hobby is unexpectedly related to outdoor activity.

According to Therese, new discoveries and ideas are strongly related to seeing directly with your own eyes, touch directly with your own skin, and interact directly with it. So she is currently executing her own word.

The way Renya sees it though is like seeing a small animal getting excited and running around all over the place and he feels that it is very cute.

Time passes in a gentle atmosphere.

He feels that his tired heart is getting healed as time passes away.

Looking back, Renya could only feel that he always been living in a rush even when he has turned into a god. Renya thinks about the past while looking at Elvira who is walking by his side.

Feeling his gaze, Elvira tilts her head and asked.

“Renya-sama? Is there anything the matter?”

“No, I just reflected on the things we have done in the past and even though I never focused on one thing particulary, we have been doing things in a very high profile manner right?”

“It seems like it’s too late to mention it now. After all, Renya-sama has been playing an active role since we are in Eribeiris continent”

“I’m not talking about that. I am talking about my relationship with women. Especially for you Elvira. Looking at you make me unintentionally think back of how you accepted all of my ridiculous demand without any shred of negative feeling”

“S-so it is about that”

“Especially when I teamed up with Floria to tease you. Your disheveled figure at that time really”

“P-please stop! I beg you please don’t say anything about the things that happened at that time”

“Elvira was downed at that time so you might not know but...... taking down Floria after she fully excited after that was really a disaster......”

“Floria-san is also amazing in a slightly different way from Renya-sama...... I once again realize that the two of you are really godly beings”

“Hmm, if I have to say it, her greed toward [the thing] is mostly coming from her nature. She is someone who would move only for things that are fun and things that feel good. But well, thankfully it is only limited to the people who have a reciprocal feeling with her”

“Ah..... So that is maybe why even when Floria-san has the deepest feeling with Renya-sama, she still allows you to have a harem”

“So to sum it up, as long as she herself and I are having fun, she doesn’t have any problem with it...... It is close to Hedonism but not quite…… And that high level of tolerance, in a way, that might be a different aspect of [Love] which is her sovereignty”

If his ability in love affair had not improved greatly or been unable to give new interesting ideas, then he is afraid that Floria would steal and control his harem instead. The feeling just recently sprouts inside Renya’s mind.

Especially since seeing how close she is to the rest of the harem member, his inclination to support the idea is getting stronger. As she does not have a common sense a mortal has, her decisiveness and momentum when taking an action is far above Renya. Her level is so high that she can be a good match to Renya when his brake is broken.

“When I said it like this, it sounds like she is just a convenient woman to a man but so you know, she also has her own kind of greed to monopolize”

“Is that so?”

“That’s right. After all, it was her who push me down the night we become acquainted with Brenda”

“Oh my!”

Renya wonders why her reaction at that part sounds weird but he just continues what he wants to say first.

“According to her, she did that because she wants to become my first woman and she also doesn’t want to give that position to anyone else”

“It really sounds like what Floria-san would do”

“But after that, I never again see that side of her coming back...... Rather, she would joyfully follow me when I am doing mischief. I don’t know whether that is a good thing or not though”

“But from our point of view, we feel a bit jealous because she seems to have perfect sync with Renya-sama when it comes to that”

“Hohou, I hear something good. Then Elvira, would you like to try synchronizing with me next time?”

“Eh? Eh?”

“Well, it seems that Floria would need a longer time resting so I am talking about choosing a partner for tonight. Do you understand?”


“I want to train you so I can use you as a secret weapon against Floria. And I am also thinking of asking Brenda to help with our training today...... What do you think about it?”

“E, err. Can I ask why you choose me?”

“Because you like to be teased. So I imagine that you, on the opposite, would also know how to tease people the best. Well, it is just my presumption though”

Renya let out an evil smile.

This man has reached the next stage of a harem. He is going to start exploring the entanglement between the members of the harem. Just how far would he go until he satisfied?

“From a woman’s point of view, you will be assisting Brenda in receiving my affection...... Do you want to do it?”

“............ I will do it”

“Yoshi, that is a great answer! But let’s keep the night topic for when the night comes. We come to a good spot so how about having some tea here?”

“Renya-sama, that speed of changing the mood...... No, forget what I said”

He just brings out a pink colored topic just before but now he suddenly changes into something totally unrelated. Like he is purely just enjoying the stroll.

It just that, Elvira is already head over heels for Renya so she doesn’t feel like saying her objection out.

At the moment where he is having the pink-colored chat with Elvira, it seems that Therese and Rebecca are already taking off their shoes and playing around in the river. Renya quickly returns back to his usual way of thinking, that bare naked feet of two little girls are great as he watches them playing.

After playing for a bit, Renya picks an open spot that is located a bit far from the river. He uses his divine power to clean the pebbles and twigs littering the place then put on a sheet on the ground.

They open the basket they bough. Elvira then pours the tea they prepared into cups and give it to all the members present.

The tea is stored inside a thermos...... in Japanese, the kanji for thermos is written with the literal meaning of magic bottle and the one they have now is indeed a magic bottle. Although well, it fundamentally uses the concept derived from magic tools creation. The thermos is just a tube-shaped water container that has the magic rune [Insulation] written on it. As the production cost is considerably low, it could be mass-produced easily.

Ultimately, Renya also wants to add the function for sterilization and preservation. He is currently still brainstorming ideas with Therese.

“By the way Oniisan”

“What is it, Therese?”

“We don’t like being left out behind desu yo?”


“...... With Oniichan...... that is......”

“W-we also want to be involved with the night activity desu! Well...... our body is still rather small but we don’t want Oniisan to hold back because of that desu”

“A, ah. So it is about that”

It seems that they overheard what he just discussed with Elvira before.

He does not have any intention to leave them out but as he himself is already aware that when he when it is about that topic, he has a tendency to forget his logic and hustle away so he holds himself back from demanding the impossible from the two. But Therese and Rebecca do not seem to like being treated with reservation like that.

(...... Being able to as for anything abnormal from two little girls. Just how much of a winner I am in life?)

“As you ask for it, then it will be given to you. I am a god after all!”

Hearing Renya’s answer that sounds just like him, the three can only give a wry smile while rolling their eyes.

It is just another thing that happens during their summer holiday.

Author note:

Really? Having a stroll while flirting?

And the young ones are also steadily tainted with Renya’s color.



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