CC Ch 21 Part E


Chapter 21 – Mountain Bandits Subjugation / Young Noblewoman’s Agony

Part E

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“Then would you recognize me if I say this: Aea (Pamela)”
(Eros: in baby accent)

That’s right ---- the woman’s name is Pamela Brannel. Back when I was still staying in my cradle as a baby, she was the woman burglar who takes advantage of the confusion caused by the fire accident that happened nearby to sneak inside my house. But unfortunately, I managed to catch her off guard so I can suckle her to dry literally and make her faint from MP exhaustion.

When the guild said about a woman burglar, I should have thought about her. And that way of thinking where the bandits sold out slaves because they don’t have enough money, if it was this woman then I can easily imagine her doing it. After all, she is also the same person who tried to kidnap me when I was a baby to raise money.


Pamela’s reaction is really over the top. After having her body spasmed for a while, her legs seem to give way and she falls flat on the floor but still tried to run away in panic by dragging her body with her hand...... She is totally looking at me like looking at the king of terror himself.

“P-please...... please stop already...... W-what did I do to deserve this?...... After I finally create this new group and about to get on the right track, why did you appear again......!”

Pamela said it while trembling from fear. Well, that might be a normal reaction alright...... She should see me as a suckling devil after that event. Even though it was for a self-defense purpose, that was the first time I tried to use my suckling ability to harm other people. I have suckled her for 84 times in a short period of time literally suckle her dry. When she was about to faint from the exhaustion of MP, her eyes seem to no longer see me as a human.

(I don’t like the feeling of having someone fear me but...... it can’t be helped)

“Pamela Brannel-san...... is your name right? I’m sure that I have never directly asked your name before”

“H-how did you know my name...... You even called my name at that time when you were still a baby...... Do you know how scared I was at that time?!”

She protested with tears ruining her face...... She is a beauty alright but there are parts of her that are pitiable. She has the personality of a true brute after all.

But according to her, I should be a far more dangerous existence than herself. I myself never imagine that this bandit subjugation mission to end like this...... Well, if I can end things without fighting then it would be best.

“I know that you are afraid of me. But I see that the burglar that day still hasn’t repent.....”

“I-I am someone from the thief guild...... Stealing and robbery is a proper way of life for me!”

“Yeah, I understand that logic even if I don’t want to. I realize that what makes a thief, thief...... But that doesn’t mean I would let you do as you wish, especially not at this moment”

Even I think that I sound overly arrogant in the way I talk just now but it is actually effective to Pamela. She can’t ignore what I say now. While still trembling in fear, she keeps her ears up to listen to me. Well, fortunately for me, by the time you feel scared of me, I would get a big advantage in negotiating.

“Soon, my friend will join the caravan that goes from Mizell to Genev. If Pamela-san lackeys happen to found that caravan, what will happen?”

“O-of course...... we would snatch all the goods, horses, and if there were kids like you on the ride then we will sell them all out together. And if they resist, we will kill......”

“...... even my friend?”


Pamela tried to get away further from me but the wall is already behind her. I only ask for a question in a normal way I think...... but am I really that scary? It is not good to push her over the edge but I think this person should repent a bit more for everyone’s good. I can’t let any danger befall Ash and the other people in the caravan after all.

“Is the name Poison Rose your idea Pamela-san?”

“Th-that’s right...... B-beautiful flower has poison. I-isn’t that what people always say? ......”

It should be thorns instead of poison but well, the basic idea doesn’t change much anyway so I won’t bother. I approach her slowly step by step. Pamela who is still trembling from fear finally noticed that the wall is behind her and in that gap, I do a kabe-don on her. With my childish body, the picture of me doing kabe-don on Pamela sure looks weird.

“I think it is a good name...... But it will be troublesome if there is actually poison in it. Should I help you remove that poison?”

“Wha-what did you mean with remove the poison...... Y-you are just a little brat...... I-I am still a virgin you know......!?”

She seems to misunderstand me in a grand way but it can’t be helped isn’t it? ...... Hey, why did I start feeling that she is too pitiable? But Pamela is only afraid of me. She has already robbed a few caravans and sell all the captured victims as slaves many times before. She had harmed a lot of merchants and travelers already.

No one asked to be captured to be sold as slaves or killed. All above that, the things stolen would never return ---- if that the case.

“If you are willing to listen to my wish then I will let you continue your job. Of course, not as a mountain brigand that you have been doing all this time but as an escort to protect those caravan passing so no other bandits would be able to rob them. Also, you need to return all the sold people back”

“Th-there’s no way I can do that okay...... Be-because I have sold all those people to the neighboring kingdom that is at war with this kingdom!”

“If you know the route taken by the buyer then you can just tell me that. My main point is to wipe your hand clean from robbing others and live a proper life. If you want to continue living as mountain brigand, the knight brigade would subjugate you before long. Before being exterminated without mercy, you better listen to me”

“Guh...... I-if things go well as planned then I would not suffer like this...... Once you used to the riches gained from robbing who would be satisfied by the meager salary gained from being an escort......!”

Actually, there are many other ways to earn money that are more efficient than from doing trade and commerce. Well, it can only be done by someone as multi-talented as myself though.

“I understand. Then I will give the contract money to you. How many people there are in Poison Rose?”

“O-one hundred and three people...... including myself”

“Well, then I will pay you all a total of 103 gold coins. 1 gold coin for everyone. But remember, I will be not lenient to those who broke the contract. Be sure to emphasize this point to your lackeys. I actually don’t like doing things like this but I will if I have to”

“L-lies! You are lying! ...... You are really a demon! ...... You are really the demon’s offspring that lives by sucking people’s breast milk......!”

Pamela is courageously disparaging me. She could still act though even now...... I kinda feel admired by this side of her.

“---- But I’m sure that Pamela-san doesn’t really hate me”

“...... The-there’s no way...... I... about you......”

The thing that I have sealed for a long time ---- the thing that is just too powerful from my own good. But today, for the sake of rehabilitating a mountain bandit, I will gladly release the seal.


- You have activated the skill [Charm]
- [Charm] activates! <Pamela> failed to resist and fallen into Charmed status.

“...... D-don’t you know..... just how cruel your treatment at that time? ...... How can I forgot you after that, Baka......!”
(Eros: Baka: Idiot, stupid, dunce, etc. But in this case, a tsundere kind of baka)

When one is not on a clear mind like being scared or when there is a big level difference, [Charm] could affect the target easier. Pamela’s level does not increase much from 6 years ago so the level difference between us is around almost 50 levels.

“I’m sorry for not paying attention for so long. I will apologize so can you listen to my request?”


- You activate [Commisioning] towards <Pamela>.

“...... I understand. All I need to do is to bring back all the sold slaves right? ...... And also, protecting all the caravan passing the mountain main road from other bandits. Is that enough?”

“Aa. In time, my party and the knight brigade would exterminate the other mountain bandits around. When the area is clear from bandits, you can then disband Poison Rose. What you do after that would not be of my concern but...... If Pamela-san gone and do more evil, at that time......”

“N-no! I won’t...... I will definitely not. If I managed to complete the contract I would never make another group again. I won’t ever again so forgive me...... I beg you please…….!”

It seems like getting defeated by baby me in the past gives her some kind of trauma…… But then again well, even if Pamela disbands the group and never creates another, she is still a [Thief]. There is a high probability of her going back to stealing.

“…… Let me add another one. After you complete the contract, I will have you join my party. Becoming an adventurer is not a bad choice for you right?”

“Do you tell me to change my job as a treasure hunter? …… Fuu. I understand. I will listen to your request…… that’s why…...”

“……That’s why?”

When I asked back about what she meant with those words, Pamela sends her sight behind me. Following her gaze, I see a set of clothing that seems to be Pamela’s and unlike what I would expect from her rough mannerisms, the clothes are meticulously folded.

“L-let me at least wear my clothes…… I don’t feel comfortable being looked at by you. It reminds me of that time when you just look at me with those deep eyes of yours while touching me all over…… Did you know? That was my first time being touched like that by a man!”

“I-I’m sorry…… When I look back at what I did, it did seems excessive. I will reflect upon that”

I pass Pamela her clothes then turn my back on her. Even when I show this kind of opening, Pamela does not use the chance to attack me but instead meekly wear her clothes.

“…… J-just for you information but…… I don’t know how much you know but I do use honey trap tactics to gather lackeys but I never slept with them at all okay. It was all your fault. Because of you, I become scared of men”

“Well, you once tried to break into my house, attempt an arson, and even tried to kidnap me so I need to make you repent from it”

“Kuh…… I-I get it okay. I only need to reflect on my past action right? …… Haa. Why did I do to get a man like you focus on me”

Her way of calling me suddenly changed from a [brat] into a [man]…… Is it the effect of [Charm]? Just as I thought, no matter what topic we talked about, her affection points just rise up quickly.

If I were to put charm on all the higher-ups of Poison Rose after this, the group might become harmless for the most part. I asked Monica-san and the others to act as a diversion but it seems to be unnecessary now.


We succeeded in ‘subjugating’ the Poison Rose bandit group. We then report back to the adventurer guild about their job change into the one who will protect the caravan passing by their area instead. When we report about that, the guild side, of course, does not believe us at first. But after I show them the jeweled piercing that Pamela wore, and the memorandum that is signed by Pamela and the higher up of the group, the face of the guild side seems even more doubtful. Of course, in the reverse meaning from the first one.

Even when I feel that Poison Rose won’t break their promise to me, I still want to make sure Ash’s safety so I decided to join his caravan group as bodyguard to help escort them to Genev. I also have another business in the capital. I want to report to Filianess-san and her knight brigade about subjugating the mountain bandit groups around the area besides Poison rose.

“I never thought that it would become such a large group……”

“Don’t mind it Ash-nii. I have also become a little bit stronger than before so one mountain bandit or two won’t be a problem!”

Ash who is grumbling and Deen who is full of energy. It is just the usual with these two.

“It is dangerous so just leave that to the professional okay? Hiroto is also coming after all”

“Fwaa…… Hiro-chan, You are very good at riding a horsie. That’s cool”

Stella who is calm and composed chided Deen lightly while Riona is still at her own pace and praising me.

For horse riding, there was once a time when Filianes-san and her group give me a ride back to Mizell so I take the chance to learn it from them. I want to check the situation outside while moving so I ask to become the coachman of the cart where my friends are riding. Wendi, Nameless-san, and Monica-san are riding another cart.

If you ask why my friends are also joining the ride then that is because one of the princesses of the Junegan Kingdom is reaching the age of ten and about to receive the rite of [baptism]. In order to celebrate that, the capital city will hold a grand festival so when my friends heard the news of me and Ash are going to go there, they wanted to come along to see the festival.

“How much longer would it take to reach Genev? We have already reached quite a distance right?”

Hearing Deen's question, I look at the sun to calculate how far we have traveled.

“About in half a day, I think. We are about to reach the midpoint”

“I see. Then I hope we stay safe…...”

It then happened when Deen is about to finish his word. The cart in front suddenly gives the signal to stop.

“Barden-san, what’s happened!?”

Ash quickly get off the cart and ask the coachman of the cart right in front of ours about the situation.

“Young master, there seems to be a group of mountain bandits attacking the cart that seems to be coming from Genev……!”


(There are other bandits…… coming from outside Poison Rose’s sphere of influence…… that dares to attack carriage coming from capital……!?)

“Everyone, please stand by! I will go and have a look!”

“Hiro-chan, I will come with you!”

“Stay here Riona. It will be alright to leave it to Hiroto……!”

Stella-nee is stopping Riona from going. Deen keeps his silence while swiftly get off the cart and follow behind me.

“Deen, you also stay! We are not playing around here okay!”

“Even I have been training to fight battle together with Hiroto! I don’t want to be the one doing nothing!”

“Deen, be careful! There is no guarantee that the enemy won’t use projectile weapons! You should not go further forward than me!”


Deen is not being reckless because I know that he will definitely listen to my command. That is because it was the condition that I have asked from him when he asked me to train him in combat as he yearns to be as strong as me.

Bringing along Nameless-san and Wendy with me, we move toward the direction where Barden-san pointed and managed to reach the carriage that is under attack from a group of black-clothed bandits.

“That carriage…… has the crest of the dukedom in its hood. A noble is riding it……!”


Just as Nameless-san pointed while still having a rough breath, the hood of the attacked carriage has a four sword symbol which is the crest of Junegan Duchy’s royalty painted on it.

The current situation around the carriage seems to be after the escorting knight engaging with the bandits which is resulting in the knight’s side loss. The knights are thrown off from their horses. It seems that some of them are still alive as they bend down in the ground while groaning in pain.

The bandits still have 3 fighters left. One of them is wielding his sword high in the air while saying this:

“We are from [Poison Rose]! Hand us the woman from royalties or we will kill you all!”

(---- He is lying. The bandits from Poison Rose don’t wear that kind of clothing…… And before that, I didn’t see any of them back at the hideout……!)

“Poison Rose should have received persuasion from Hiroto to stop attacking caravans…… Are they other bandits groups who tried to make Poison Rose take the blame for their crime? Or are they betraying the Poison Rose……!?”

“Whichever it is, the carriage is in a desperate situation de arimasu…… What should we do Oshishou-sama……!?”
(Eros: Oshishou-sama -> shishou means master/teacher, O in front to add politeness)

I have many ways to uncover the enemy’s lies. And one of the most direct ways to do so is by using the skill [Detect]. This skill could not only break enemies [Sneaking] skill effect but also seeing through all kinds of deceit.

(Woman of royalties…… The enemy is targeting the royalty. The enemy knows that a princess from Junegan Duchy would go through this route beforehand and planning to kidnap her!)

When I reach that conclusion, I suddenly remembered a quest that I did inside the game back on earth. I could still remember clearly about it even now as that quest was a part of the main quest that becomes the checkpoint in the opening of the game’s story.

The princess of the Junegan Duchy <Liseensis Luche Junegan>. The game’s story is the series of event that is started by the abduction of that princess before she finished her baptism ceremony.

(Liseensis…… [The missing princess]. Am I starting the story before the princess is [missing]……!?)

In the game, she was only described as [Beautiful]. She remains missing until the end so no one ever sees her figure back then.

“Nooo…… Let go of me……!”

“Shut up! If I could just take you away…...”

One of the bandits is pulling a little girl from inside the carriage. She has a strawberry blonde colored hair tinged with a pale pink. This is the first time I see that kind of hair color since I born in this world.

“---- LET HER GOOooo!”

There’s no time to delay! When I realize that, I charge forward while using everything that I have to save the princess that is about to be kidnapped.

Eros Note:

- Liseensis (Katakana: RI SE E N SHI SU) is that name good or you reader have other suggestion?

- And that part on the title about the young noblewoman’s agony finally appears in the chapter. Only a tiny part of the chapter tho.



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