YGDA Ch 79


Chapter 79 – Inevitable End

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Renya wakes up as dawn comes.

He then walks out quietly in order to not wake up the other members that is still sleeping.

They kept their alert up all night just in case Faskurn’s side goes desperate and tries to overturn the war advantage by doing night attack but in the end, they show no movement in the least.

Walking to the campsite entrance, in a position where people can look down on the capital city of Faskurn, Renya meets that man.

“...... Oh, it’s Renya-dono”

“Eugene-san, did you sleep?”

“Yes, I slept enough”

Eugene keeps gazing down the capital city without moving.

He should feel anxious about getting back the thing that is precious to him.

“...... I wonder from when did Faskurn starts going the wrong way”

Renya doesn’t have an answer to that question.

Those who don’t know Faskurn would not be able to answer. But Renya takes that as the monologue from the man who still stands tall even when he lost everything.

“...... I don’t know when it started but incompetent people start to put their hands on the high-level official position that could directly influence the kingdom’s politic. The nobles that hold on to their responsibility to the kingdom and her people were driven away gradually and at last, the kingdom’s policy turned into one which function is only to fatten themselves with even more riches”

The corruption of the government had made the kingdom turns ridiculous.

Thing like this isn’t particularly rare. If the one holding the helm is someone crazy then the ship would definitely stray away from its destination and lost in the wide sea after all.

“The word ‘It can’t be helped’ is something I never approve of. I want to speak up that this kind of kingdom governing is wrong but...... my resistance end up futile as they sent me to war and frame me up as a traitor”

Many people have end up as corpses in this meaningless war. In the end, he will point his sword at his own kingdom for the sake of his loved one.

“...... At least, let me exchange this life......”

“If you are going to exchange your life just for saving your loved one then I’m going to stop you here Eugene-san”

Renya definitely won’t accept such kind of resolution.

He definitely won’t recognize the man’s company if he has such intention.

“Take your lover in your hands and live until the end. Although you won’t be able to live here anymore, that should be enough to grant amnesty to your wrongs. So I won’t allow you to easily die. If you just want to fulfill your own ego of saving your lover and then dies a martyr death then those left behind would only feel regret”

“...... Renya-dono, you really”

“I don’t like the word self-sacrifice. You might feel glorious after fulfilling your mission but the one left behind will be burdened with eternal regret. You can’t simply ask reason to the dead right? Well, some might said the one left behind might be able to alter the dead’s intention in their convenience but still, the wound left behind would take a long time to heal”

Life and death.

The separated feeling will never return the right answer.

That person should never be thinking about such a thing, that person would never say that kind of thing.

And even more of they should, they would.

One can only predict and imagine but the conclusion would eternally stay in the darkness.

“If you save that person only to make them carry a lifetime agony, isn’t that just forcing them into a living hell? If you want to save someone then get out of there alive. Also if you still end up dying then please do so after you properly convey your feeling to your loved ones. Tell them that you are happy with your life”

“...... That is true. After all...... I am currently bearing myself living in shame in order to not let my loved one feel sad”

“Good. And for the sake of achieving your wish, please let go of your pride as a knight, let go of your pride as a man. Survive the ordeal and snatch your loved person back. That is the only supreme way of living”

“...... Understood”

The sun is rising.

The preparation should be done soon. The siege will start today. As the two men found anew their resolution, they move their gaze to the capital city which will become their stage in this final war. But as they move their gazes, in front of their eyes...

---- A giant black thing suddenly appears from the royal castle.

“Oo, it seems like we finally succeeded”

A group of people in black suddenly appeared on top of the roof of a building located close to the royal castle of Faskurn.

All the people in that group wear hoods. The loose robe they wear seems to be designed to hide the contour of their bodies. The only thing that can be known from a glance is only the difference in their heights.

The three people that seemed like the leader of the group looked up to the black mud giant that size is comparable to the royal castle in satisfaction while smiling eerily.

“it seems that ’Earth’ guy got done in......”

“Kukuku...... that guy was the weakest among the four bishops......”

“Getting killed by a mere wanderer is a disgrace to the four bishop’s name”

“But he still the one who completes the technique for creating the flesh of god”

“I never imagine that it could get this powerful by only sacrificing all the people in Faskurn’s royal castle”

“Now all we need to do is to watch as the giant lay destruction on this whole region right?”

The giant doesn’t have any will on its own. It only moves one step after another mindlessly.

But unfortunately, a mere mortal could only fear it’s gigantic frame. Even if there are few who dares to challenge it under righteous indignation, the giant’s is just a far superior existence compared to them.

The giant doesn’t make any sound.

It also doesn’t have any face.

That black giant’s existence is merely just a weapon that induces fear on humanity.

The Faskurn royalties were just puppets manipulated by the Ordough sect. Under their influence, even the capital city of the rich kingdom Faskurn that is named as the capital of wealth is literally on the brink of destruction.

Panic already fallen to the castle town. Most of the residents tried to escape but as they are being sieged, the Faskurn army blocked their escape path. In the end, the castle town become a melting pot of chaos where the commoner revolts and tried to press the influential nobles that still survive for responsibility.

Of course, among the influential noble pressed for responsibility, Luther, the one who framed Eugene, is also included.

He is now completely grown senile in front of this hard to accept reality. He can only clatter his teeth in fear from looking at the giant that is casually strolling outside the window.

(Wha, wha, what the hell happened......!? I heard they do some kind of ritual to summon more black knight but, but, but why did such a monster appear instead!?)

No matter how you look at the giant movement, one could tell that it is hardly under anyone's control.

Was there an accident in the process? Or did those guys in black that have been staying for long in the castle do something weird? Whichever it was, Faskurn no longer has any future.

Luther recovers his calm after using his head in desperation looking for a way to survive. He quickly calls for all the soldiers remaining in his mansion.

“We will leave this kingdom. Split the man and tell them to gather all the things in the mansion that can be turned into funds and pack them all. Also, take Trez from the dungeon and restrain her. We will also take her along”

“Are we really going to take that woman along? If we are escaping then the lesser we bring would be......”

“She has the looks you know? We can just sell her later to any slave trader for a good amount of money. Just shackle her so she can’t run away”

“Yes, sir!”

Luther had already thrown any thought about the kingdom away.

He could just bring all the wealth he had and easily make a comeback somewhere else.

Yes, he has the wealth and power to do so. With money, no matter what kingdom he goes, he could still recover his old status and power.

And he also thinks that the reason why the giant’s path of destruction doesn’t aim for his mansion is because he himself is a chosen one among his peer humans.

He never doubts his own noble status.

“...... Just what the hell did His Majesty is thinking......!?”

When Eugene caught the sight of the giant that gigantic frame could still be known from far away, the only emotion that surge in him is his anger toward the kingdom.

The giant heading their way slowly but the vibration and sound caused by the giant’s gait could be felt clearly because of that. Eugene’s heart is in panic thinking about the resident.

“Eugene-san, for the time being, please report this to Carlos-san and the other commander in charge. I will stay here to stand watch whether there any change in the situation”

“...... Then, please! Fortunately, that thing moves slowly. We can still think of a countermeasure!”

Eugene quickly runs toward the headquarter but after a while, he starts thinking.

Facing that thing is like facing a mountain. Is there really any way for them to face that kind of horror?

On the other hand, Renya who stays behind only shows a bothered expression.

“That muddy feel of using divine power...... The technique that was completed by Rebecca’s uncle right? That black guy from the time also said he already reported it......”

At that time, even by only using Radish (Rebecca’s late uncle) alone as a sacrifice, the black mud giant created was already huge enough.

From that size, it seems that those Ordough bastards scammed 1 royal castle amount of people to become the sacrifice.

Well, on the positive side, they didn’t manage to scam the whole kingdom for it. While Renya thought of such a nightmarish scenario, he quickly sends a telepathic message.

[Anri, do you hear me?]

[Yes, Master. I can also identify the mud giant from here]

[I can easily imagine the uproar created after if I were to defeat that giant by myself in which would bring many troubles after that so I won’t do it. I will give you permission to use ‘that’. Make sure you minimize the area of effect size so it would only hit that giant. And in order to protect the surrounding from collateral damage, deploy shield together to enclose the affected area. You can do it right?]

[As you wish Master]

[Good girl. Arm the Albrough Cannon! Blow it away!]

In Faskurn capital airspace, around where a diagonal line could be connected to it, Hlidskjalf was already standing by.

With the order from Renya, the brow of the ship started to transform and before long, a cannon-like main battery started to make an appearance.

A sound that does not belong to this world, a majestic aria of magic can be heard with its appearance.

It was the word of power that Anrietta speaks silently.

[Switching into Albrough Cannon Mode]

The word spoken by the digital girl in monologue is like a prayer to summon the absurd power of the gods that existence itself is absolutely not permitted to exist.

[Direct link to God Energy]

This is the iron hammer of justice granted to those who arrogantly named themselves ‘God’, to those who tried to create ‘God’.

Let it be the salvation for the sorrowful people who grief upon the world’s demise.

[Opening the safety barrier. Target, lock]

The target is only the giant that stains the God’s name. It would be erased completely without any trace left while the shield surrounding it would not let that power harm the castle town and humans that live inside. Even the soil under the giant won’t be affected.

That degree of precision merely a matter of course. After all, it is a divine armament created by a genuine god.

[Energy is charging normally]

And now all of you heathen fanatics, please watch this closely. This is the thing that is born from a god that only pursuit self-entertainment. This is literally the god‘s mischief.

It is a height that is impossible to reach by mortals.

[Commencing the Aim Support System]

This cannon is the reproduction of the myth of a certain Thunder God that is worshiped as the strongest if he could hit his target accurately.

[Firing the cannon]

---- Experience this with your whole black mud giant body.

Be it the soldier standing by outside the capital city that was fallen in fear under the enormous size of the giant

Or the common folks inside the capital that fallen into despair from thinking that the world would end by this abnormality.

Or even the fanatics gathered at a safe spot that smiling madly from expecting the destruction show from the Flesh of God that they created.

All the humans caught sight of ‘that’.

A pillar of light that appearance is accompanied by a loud roaring sound.

A blinding light that seems to swallow the black mud giant whole.

A flash of light that could burn the people’s eyes shots the giant before they could even blink.

The only one who completely saw the whole process is none other than the War God himself.

A moment after, everything is silence just like when the time stop.

When everyone regains their sight back, the giant figure is nowhere to be found.

The marks created from the rampaging giant can still be found. The destroyed royal castle still stays destroyed.

But there is nothing in the place where the giant last seen. The pillar of light that they saw just now seems to be able to create a big crater from its power but that also not found anywhere.

Did that pillar of light really just vaporize the mud giant and disappear after that?

Inside the serenity like when one shoots a body of water, only the War God let out a murmur in satisfaction.

“A boss that is only big in size is unpopular nowadays. If you want to name yourself as a god then you should pick quality over quantity”

After that, Renya goes back to his own tent where he calculates that his companions would soon wake up.

(Well, all that’s left are just dealing with the post-war things)

While thinking about the little part left that he could do in this war that is close to the conclusion, he casually walks down from the hill.

Author’s Note: Even I have to say that this chapter is filled with overly-used common material......

Like the big four material and vector cannon material.

Those materials were rejected once before but having them returns make me feel happy.



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