16 July 2020

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I could only do 1000 words max a day for now. after reaching 1000 I started to feel lazy and at 1500, well, my mind would just wander everywhere and my work efficiency falls down hard.

I could get 1000 words done in about 2 or 3 hours if the translation is not that complicated and as each chapter has the averages of 2500 words, I should be able to do 1 chapter a day if I could work like an office worker... But yeah, that would be for the future when I finally managed to discipline myself.

BTW, there were some interesting comments from the previous 4 chapters...


You know, thinking about it, I wonder if his Milking skill will one day evolve into a straight up "Drain skill" ability...It seems he's on route for it at the very least

And then, in the future, Hiroto will grow into... a SkillTaker.


Whenever you get parts like "Your highness the princess" or "Your majesty the king", you can just drop 1 of the halves to make the speech smoother.
"Your Highness the princess does not need to ask for any forgiveness."
would be
"Your Highness does not need to ask for any forgiveness."
You could also edit that line to be
"You do not need to ask for forgiveness, Your Highness."

Thank you for the correction! Yea I have difficulties with making a formal speech. But then again, as it is already readable somewhat, I won't change it as I would focus on just update for now.



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