23 July 2015

Young God Divine Armaments ch 13

Chapter 13 – Arriving at Capital City Beriand and the 2nd Flag

Capital City Beriand
Located at the heart of Sirkaberia Kingdom, The home of Sirkaberia royal castle, Capital City Beriand is the center of government of the country.
With the royal castle as the center, the capital is divided neatly into residential district, shopping district, and even with amusement district included. All of it is enclosed with a solid white wall that completely protects the whole capital. The capital also put their focus to the transportation department proven by providing mass transportation service using horse cart that runs on regular basis so citizens can easily move around on this vast capital. Looking at the well arranged stone paving road and rows of firm looking building that oozes high level architectural value, all the people that comes from the countryside will have the same opinion: ‘as expected of the capital’. Of course, while expressing their astonishment that is.
Nonetheless, this one group of three people doesn’t show much sign of interest or even any spec of curiosity in their expression. Well, two of them are a god and one of them used to live in the capital before so it wasn’t that spectacular for them. Without giving off too much of a country bumpkin aura, they walk directly to the crowded area.
Because they have extra in their fund, they choose a fine quality inn for their lodging while they stay in the capital. They took one single room and one double room in that inn. It goes without saying who stays in which room.
The room can be locked safely, has bed and closet furnished in which has good enough quality, and they even have a wash room. Renya was amazed by such well arranged water and sewer services. He was even more amazed when he heard that this inn has a bath house which has big bath tub in their basement.
When in Minseia, He uses his divine power for maintaining his hygiene level but it seems that he won’t need to do the same here in the capital. He can just do it the normal way by taking a bath in the bath house. Well, as a guy, he doesn’t really care that much for the bath but in Floria case, she must be quite delighted with it.
The cost for a night in this inn in total is 400 En. In short, he must earn at least 12000 En if he wants to stays there for the whole month. But he doesn’t really worry much even with that much sum of moneys.

(I’ve taken a peek at the request board a little before coming here and I must say, as expected of the capital, the numbers of job listed are on a different level from Minseia. With that many jobs, earning 12000 En is not an impossible thing)

Renya first visited the public office job bulletin board as he will be under its care while he stays here to check things out. And the result is that the quantity and the diversity of jobs in the capital is soo great that it will make Minseia's looks pitiful if being compared with it. And maybe because this city also has every guild branch or even main office established within too, the public office was crowded everyday with people coming to request or to apply for jobs. And that sight is just the same as how Renya imagines the atmosphere of a flourished adventurer guild back when he reads those kinds of fantasy novels.
In fact there are no real special occupations as an adventurer for those people who like to wander around here in this world. If one doesn’t stays in one place then that person is just considered as a traveler, a wanderer. Those kinds of people were not treated as troublemakers that they got prohibited from entering the town but they don’t get any special treatment also. Even if town and cities let almost anyone pass their gates easily, the gate guards seem to be doing their screening job reliably to manage visitors. For cities that accept visitors with open arm like Minseia it was probably easier to get in but in the capital, the screening process becomes strict. Travelers must pass a proper examination first to get in.
Even if people can enter without much problem, if they made troubles inside the city then the government would already have information of their name and features on their hand. With that in hand, government can easily lock out those troublemakers without taking too much time. In regard to classified information and technology secrets, with the high demand for protecting them the development of magical tools and other related techniques is progressing rapidly. Such kind of convenient tools was certainly something that only possible in this kind of fantasy world.
Because of such wonderful capital, Renya became a little troubled with his purposes coming here.

(There are too many things that I can do here… and the problem is… from where should I start……)

Well, Renya doesn’t have any clear goal in mind from the start anyway.
One of his goals, to ‘enjoying life in this other world’ can already be said as fulfilled eventhough he can still improve the level of comfort that he can get. And he doesn’t really plan to sightsee all and every kingdom in this world so that if he finds a comfortable enough city to live he might buy a house and stays there permanently, but Renya still don’t feel quite right to do that yet.

(For the time being let’s just discuss this with the other two fellow traveler)

Feeling that he might get a clear answer for this, Renya steps out from his room.


To get a good answer, he must know the surrounding situation first to help him construct his answer so while it was still noon, he sightsee around the capital with the other two fellow traveler. Even if it was said as sightsee, they avoid places like the residential area that would seems to be unrelated to them. In the end, they choose the safe choice of doing sightsee in the shopping area that is centered on the main street.
Well, one of the reasons of choosing that place is that because it was close to their inn.
Street stall, two story shop building (in which the 2nd story is for dwelling purposes), and even a standard one story shop. This shopping area has a rich variety of shops lining up within it. And Renya, who walk around with Floria at the left side and Brenda at the right side, which both girls are inside the category of very beautiful girl, inevitably stands out too much.
Thought the person himself doesn’t really aware about it. It was because the gazes directed toward him are not the one filled with envy, jealousy, or other kind of negative feeling.  Of course there’s a reason for that. That reason is because Renya is not a charming handsome man. His face is just in the standard level of handsomeness. At least in his previous world, his face is not that handsome enough to gather other people attention.
And with him becoming a god, his own presence has grown bigger than before. Frankly speaking, he got buffed from his god status.
In short even if his looks are not that special -- well black haired black eyed people is a rarity here though -- that buff made people thinks and feel that it was not weird for Renya to bring such beautiful girls with him.
It was the difference from a god to a mere mortal in the base of their existence, the feeling that the surrounding can sense from their presence itself is already differed.
Other people can sense the aura of some special being oozed out from Renya. Because of that reason also people can’t gaze him with such negative emotion running wild.
The presence also makes other people see illusion so they can’t see Renya expression in such way that would make them feel annoyed. Well he already masters the art of poker face so it doesn’t have much meaning anyway.
Floria is easily distracted by the new things she sees in the capital and will be gone unnoticed if no one pays attention to her so Renya firmly holds her hand to avoid it.
It was when Renya notices a group of girls wearing the same clothes walking around the street. Those similar looking clothes makes Renya feels something weird.

“Hmm? Is there anything unusual with uniform?”
“Ah no, I don’t mean it that way”

It was a red blouse type with skirt reaching the knee.
He don’t know from what kind of cloth it was made off but the design resemble too much with the school uniform from Japan that he spontaneously mutter uniform out of the blue. And that was in fact a real school uniform. It seems that it was also a common thing in this world too.

“Red blouse is the uniform used by the student of the school that is located in the east side of the capital I think”
“The way you say it make it sounds like there are other school in the capital”
“There is. It was the school made for the upper class citizens. That school is focused on educating the sons and daughter of nobles and the likes. That one located on the upper class citizens district”

Brenda says it while having a tinge of disgust in her voice. Renya guess that in term of practical education then the 1st mentioned school should be the better one from hearing that.
Floria who was restless and busy from checking out the surrounding shops seems to hear what the two was discussing about and suddenly joins the conversation too.

“So there’s only commoner in that red blouse school?”
“Not really. With the school principle based on competency, they accept everyone that they deem to be worthy be it a commoner or a noble. That kind of thing won’t happen to the upper class citizen school because it was sponsored by the kingdom you know? There are some nobles that choose that school because they agree with their education policy but most of the nobles, even the famous one, want to educate their children so they won’t be spoiled too much with their parents’ power and money”

Hearing that much, Renya did think that that school is an excellent one. But finding fault in that kind of perfect gem is human nature. Renya expresses his doubt openly to Brenda.

“But their superior grades in the end will just be for show doesn’t it?”
“No they don’t. There are graduates from that school that become the top brass at all sort kind of guild, highly valued civil worker, and other kind job that is considered by the masses as successful you know? Of course most don’t climb up their ranks by using connection or such but by their own competences that is”
“Wow… that was unexpectedly decent…”
“Well, knowing you then you must think of some sort of unnecessary things I bet. But that school is, well yes that school is very strict but at the same time that school also has great policy in the terms of nurturing their students. Those who work hard will got their maximum available support, those who neglect their study will soon be dropped out. That’s how that school ideal is”
“Presenting two extremes eh? Well can’t say that their policy is wrong anyway”

Renya admits that the school is a good one and their policy for nurturing their student is also proper but then Brenda suddenly snaps backs at him.

“So? In the end are you going to enroll to that school and pick up the school girl that you like?”
“With what you say just now, I feel like I fully understand how you see me as normally……”
“Am I wrong?”
“Even if I don’t enroll to that school I can still pick up school girl you know? Who do you think I am?”
“Look! You are going to pick them up in the end after all”

That’s weird. He already denied the possibility of him enrolling to the school why did it become like this? That’s what Renya think as he tilts his head in confusion.

“A-Anyway, I don’t have any intention on enrolling to school. I will only study about things that caught my interest, okay?”

He just can’t stand being accused that he would enroll to a school for such unhealthy reason as to skirt chasing the schoolgirls there. He denies it flusteredly.

“Yeah yeah, don’t just go and create troubles then roll me up into your mess okay”
“That’s cruel! You really don’t have any faith in me…… Well not like that matters anyway”

Renya who was really troubled by how Brenda thinks of him suddenly went calm after he sees Brenda putting up an impish smile. So she was half joking with what she said before it seems. He is glad that he can really feel that Brenda starts opening her heart towards them.
He then gets curious of the suddenly got quiet Floria. When he looks at her, her gaze was nailed at a street stall close to them.
From that stall drifts a delicious sweet smell of fruits and cream mixed together.
It was a snack that resembles a lot like crepes on the before world.
This kind of sweet smell really tickles people appetite. Resisting it will be hard. And above all the price isn’t that expensive too.

“Floria, do you want some of that?”
“Of course you can, how can I reject you when you show me those puppy eyes. How about you Brenda? Of course it will be on me”
“Well then if you insist then I’ll take one, thank you”
“Okay here’s the money. Brenda, would you be so kind to give Floria recommendation for what taste best?”
“Okay, I don’t mind”
“Yippy~ then Renya, wait for a bit okay?”

Those two walks happily together towards the stall. With the two of them gone, Renya who left with nothing to do, starts observing the two. Brenda seems to be used to eating that snack as he notices how Brenda she explains vehemently about fruits affinity when mixed and about how many types of cream that is available.

(She…… is totally a veteran at this!)

He thinks that it was totally worth every penny that he pays because he can see another face of Brenda that he doesn’t know yet. Thinking such thing, he nods to himself like he has unravels another mystery of the world.
Feeling enough observing the two, Renya then starts observing his surroundings. This place is the main street, the center of the city where people and horse cart pass through continuously. Then his attention is nailed at one of the cart that passes through. It was not a cart installed with a canopy so he guesses it must be a cart to haul goods.
What attracts Renya attention was that cart hauled goods quantity. The wooden box that is hauled in that cart was stacked too high that it made Renya feel worried. Even though the stacked up wooden box is tied by a single rope, that bizarre looks is enough to cast fear on the people who walk beside it. Maybe that cart destination is one of the shop around here is what Renya think about when it happens. The cart wheel seems to run over something that it made loud noises. And together with that sound, the cart starts to slant toward the opposite direction.
The cart then quickly losing balance, one of the wooden box falls out from the gap created between the rope that ties it together.
And even worse, the wooden box that falls is coming from the top stack which height easily surpasses that of a normal humans head.
Everyone thinks that it was dangerous.
But at the same time no one can even react to it.
A little girl that still has strong childish impression features on her and wears the red blouse that he saw not too long time ago was under the falling wooden box.
The little girl also notices that, but she just stand there dumbstruck unable to do anything else except gazing at the falling box.
The falling box has both weight and height.
Opposing that box is a petite little girl. Some that see that spectacle hold their breath, and some other try to avoid seeing the disastrous scene that is about to happen.
People start screaming and shouting. A disaster that was caused by an accident was about to fall down upon the peaceful shopping area. But at that exact moment…

A strong gust of wind flew by.
The wooden box falls while causing a loud sound. The little girl that was under it, the little girl that was supposedly to be crushed under that wooden box is not there any longer. She was already moved a bit from where the wooden box falls.

“Fuh, that was close, are you okay?”
“Fue? Y-yes I’m okay… eh?”

Renya held the girl in his arm. In the famous way to carry a princess in your typical romance story the *ohimesama-dakko*.
The voice that replies Renya was unexpectedly sounds very young that he felt something awoken deep inside him.
Renya was like usual activate his divine power, moves at an ultra speed that make the surrounding world time seems to be stopped, grab the girl, then move away from the impact zone. He forgot to consider other people well being but it seems that no one else was caught in that accident. He heaves a sigh and decides to just shut up about it.
He then takes a good look at the girl. Her looks are still very immature. Her age must be below Floria’s (outside appearance) age judging from her looks. And looking closely, it seems that the smallest available uniform is still too big for her that her hand is completely hidden under her sleeve. In a way, her appearance brings about such cuteness that agitates the feeling of immorality inside him.
In her semi-long chestnut colored hair, an alice band that has matching color with her blouse. That accessory suits her nicely.
And above that all, she is totally a beauty. With such cute little beauty with moist eyes looking up at him, something inside Renya screams.


This god probably better off being dead.


And then, there are two shadows looking down at that spectacle from above.

“Look at that nii-sama, just like I said right? That there also interesting people on the human habitat”

The guy who were called nii-sama can only heaves a sigh. The girl who called him brother, while letting her long flaxen colored hair swayed by the wind, send a hot gaze below like a girl who just met her destined soul mate.
She would look like a normal beautiful girl that is fallen in love at the 1st sight with her destined one… if she is not floating up in the sky.

“Never in my wildest imagination that I would meet with someone who have the aura of a deity in this kind of place. I wonder whether my wish will at last be fulfilled”

Inside that gaze, the ignition of flames of ambition can be seen.

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