16 July 2015

Traffic Monsoon - A Good Paying PTC Websites

Traffic Monsoon is a PTC sites which will give payments to view other sites affiliated under it.

In here you only need to click the box with some dollars written on it, wait for a bit until the chapta come out, then fill it simple. And what more you can get money from it too! check it out!


other good things from this site is that it will give you 100% from what you referrals earn so please use my referrals if you interested *bows

another note for this site is that when registering, the site will check your IP and will reject any referrals that is added (a system so 1 person won't make many account to quickly get money) so when that happens you can use proxy so my referrals will still intact. haha I can only beg for this.

For other details I can't give much explanation. There's a video on the site that will give tutorials for user there. This is the link

Video Tutorial

So what you do inside the site?

What you need to do is click the claim button like in bellow who will pops up once every few hours. I don't know how many will pops up every hours so just wait patiently. Also you can see it that every buttons don't give the same amount of money.

after you click claim, you will be 'forced' to view a page for a few seconds, fills the chapta, and the money is yours. How long you will be forced to view the page is based on how much it pays.

So I think that's all about trafficmonsoon I guess. Hope it can be useful.



  1. Tried to use this, don't understand how to do it. Hmmm....

    1. Have updated it. You need to wait a bit to be able to get those claim button.. just let it sit for a day maybe? lol.