16 July 2015

Just a Notice

This is just a bit rambling from translator. You can just ignore it
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So the rambling start...

It’s been quite a long road I must say (What did you say? Did you drunk? You’ve only done 12 chapters yet) well I in fact want to praise myself for getting this far.

I am (soon going to be graduated though) a NEET, and was a hikkikomori. As someone who has been on the abyss of sloth’s hell I really am changed a bit for achieving this far in translating Divine Armaments. It was indeed fun when seeing the number of visitor and people saying thanks for my crude work but it is… still a hard work in the end.

I kinda amazed with the sensei(s) that created most of the novel I read. I mean, even I, who was just translating an existing works from Japanese to English need atleast 2 days to finish a chapter if I really into it. But some author like golden wordmaster author update their novels, which are something that needs a lot of brain power to make it an interesting stories, almost daily! (even when in holidays he was able to update multiple chapter!) Just FYI golden wordmaster author, besides updating this novel daily, he also made Souen Historia (Fire something Historia? Forgot the English title) that he says he had done at his spare times! The hell dude did you have a time machine or something?

Check here for Golden Wordmaster update timetables http://ncode.syosetu.com/n7031bs/

And yeah I did say I can finish a chapter 2 days at the fastest. To be exact 3 chapters in 2 days but well it was stressful. I can’t keep on translating all day long every day. I need relaxation too. Well… it might only me being lazy but I was once a hikkikomori… I don’t have such high perseverance.

Well what I want to say is that I got a job. To become a trainee worker… at JAPAN. So I’m now kinda busy doing my training and other stuff which will hinders me from doing translation. Yeah sure I can do translation in the night after the training but… my willpower at that time is already empty hahaha *laugh weakly.

So yeah… this is just me making up excuses for the late updates. Well I try to atleast update 4 times a month… If I can hahaha. Ah and I being an ex hikkikomori so you should know too my heart is… delicate… alright it is weak so give me your support instead if you want a (very slightly) faster updates.

Alright let’s do this until the end! Slowly... but surely haha

Thanks for reading this self deprecating post!



  1. Don't know what to said....... thank for your work and courage (in french we say this for "encourager" someone to keep going, without abandon).

    1. again, thanks for the support man. for once in my life I did something that I feel "has meaning" so I will keep on going. eventhough it was on crawling pace :3

  2. Good for you, you got a job. Lucky you, it's in Japan. It's possible that soon your Japanese will be better than English, though it's easy to improve English. Slower translations is sad for us readers, since we're hungry beasts, but at least we get something. Thanks so far. Try not to disappear off the face of the internet.

    1. I am a hungry beast too so I understand that feeling. I still want to see this project through until the end so well... no worries about this project getting hiatus for long. I hope haha

  3. Arigatou for your hard work~!
    congrats on everything~!
    be happy~!

  4. Thank you for the chapters up till now and keep up the good work! People really should not complain about free things.

  5. Japan? I always want to go there. Mozart said go on a journey. Now go, Go to Japan in my stead *cry*