25 December 2019

4 Release! Happy Xmas!

Happy Xmas! and here is a mass (somewhat) release for celebrating it! (No, actually have been working on it bit by bit these couple of months and just got the chance to upload it)

CC 22A
CC 22B

I've been busy traveling to many places lately to find a place that could heal my sickly condition. Well, my dad is the one really looking for a cure because he was diagnosed with a blood clot in one of the lower stomach veins which affect his kidneys and prostate. The doctor diagnosed him recommend him to have surgery immediately but as my dad is already 60, he is afraid that the complication from the surgery would be a bad thing for him. So he tried to find other alternative healing practices and I got caught along his journey as I am also sickly.

Long story short, we tried many things. Be it scientific one or the supernatural one. For the supernatural one, well, as someone whose mind is filled with fantasies, reincarnation, isekai, etc; I took the supernatural healing route with a grain of salt. I will try to do what the practitioner told me to and just hope for the best. But of course not really believing in them fully as I also have the usual emo guy distrust toward other people.

And finally, we found an eastern healing practice that uses acupuncture as the main healing course. The practitioner diagnosed me and my father and the complicated diagnosis on him before could be summed into one problem by that man: my father's blood is too thick because of a layer of fat covering the inside of his ulcer(stomach? what is the English word for that organ again?). While mine is a layer of phlegm covering my trachea which made me cough non-stop.

The practitioner treated us with a 10 minutes long acupuncture session, gives us herbal medicine, and a list of food that we should not eat while in the healing process. I am prohibited from eating innards, goat meat, spicy things, and fried food while my father... let say that my father got a lot of prohibition from the practitioner but because he does not get banned from smoking, he is all happy with it lol.

Well, TL;DR I am considered healed for now so I might release faster in the future. I hope. I'll try my best. After all, I want to stop my parents from nagging me on finding a job lol.

Happy holidays again! Write you guys soon!

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