19 July 2019

Another Update At Last!

- edit: I forgot, let's pray for a bit for the people at KyoAni. Hope the company can survive the disaster.

It's up! Enjoy!


I noticed that there was someone taking Commushou and I commented in their site that they can take the novel if they want as I am still semi-crippled here but well, and its gone. I already finish YGDA a few days back but still waiting for the other translator reply but as seeing the other translator goes MIA, I start translating Commushou again. Until someone else wants to take it. But well, let's see how I goes for now.

And then well, going back in working translation is really hard. especially when translating things to English. That long holidays thanks to my lower back made my English rusty. As I am also read translated Chinese novel, I can't help comparing to them (The simplicity of the grammar, flowery words, using words that is 'rare' to use in everyday life) so I tried making my translation... to be better in quality? So well, if there's any mistake I really appreciate if you guys reader point that out for me and or maybe even explain it.

I read many new vocabulary from those translated novels but the problem for multi-language speaker like me is sometimes I forget the word translated to in other language but still knows the meaning. And especially in this case, I know the Japanese meaning as I am just reading but transforming it into English really jogs my brain out. And my brain is just like my breath, would get stressed out after a short jog. So yeah, it really took soo long for just one chapter.

Still trying to shape myself out here so hope you guys understand :)

and also, is there others that still asking that I should translate the LN instead of the WN? well, first, I only translate the WN because the WN material is easy to get and the not much legality problem with if any. And second, I am afraid of getting DMC-ed losing my paypal made me feel traumatic setting up a new one much less getting my site DMC-ed. I might be gone forever at that time.

Anyway thank you for reading this non-sense. just enjoy the chapter!



  1. Hey I just caught up on the light novel that is about the guy who was reborn into a video game. I appreciate the work you put into it! It's really good and I hope I can continue to enjoy the novel in the future. I hope you are doing well and that you are in great health.

    1. Which one? There are like, a ton.

      If you mean literally in an MMORPG that players play and log in and out of and whatnot, that'd be The Legendary Mechanic, and if you haven't read that, you should. Almost 400 chapters TLed so far, but it's worth the time.