25 June 2015

Young God Divine Armaments ch 9

Chapter 9 – A Stupid God

The barrier that surrounds Renya and the other team party breaks as the giant golem ceased functioning from Renya’s hell fire attack, returning them to where they were before.
The place with debris is just the way it was before as they first set their sight on it. There’s not even a single trace left from the battle that was just happened before. Grais and his team was dumbfounded by that fact but they come to understanding quick after Brenda told them that was the work from a kind of magic that teleported them to some kind of different plane.

Renya then use a portion of his power as a god to search the surrounding area. He uses ability to see the surrounding from the sky, uses his divine power to investigate whether there are living humans nearby, such detection ability that is far superior than the detection technique that is available to this world. But even with his amazing detection ability, he doesn’t caught any sign from anything that might be the perpetrator.

(Is the trap just now something that is automatically triggered or something?)

For Renya who still new to this world technology and magic, reaching to an answer from the things that just happened is quite impossible.
But he can still apply counter measures without other people aware of it. This area will be put into a barrier that is made of divine power for a while. He can’t keep watch on this place for long and that barrier will keep holding on by itself for a while so this area will be safe as long as the barrier hold. That would be enough as an aftercare.
This kind of granting divine protection is not a problem even for a hatchling god like himself.
But Renya himself still wonders why war god have such kind of protection ability.

“…… This is…… just as I though”
“Miss Brenda? Is there anything wrong?”

 While checking the surrounding, Renya happens to see Brenda crouching down on the debris area. From her movement it was like she is searching for something.
Even Grais who was celebrating their well being with his team members got curious by that sight and quickly ask her. Renya also come near them, curious of what Brenda found. What he sees in the debris where Brenda was searching is a crest that was damaged at some parts.

“It’s the banner of Ordough sect. This case seems to be orchestrated by those heretics just as I though”
“Those fanatics that squirm in every corner of the world eh? Then there’s a high possibility that they were hired by Rugartis’ radical faction”
“It is too hasty to accuse Rugartis side as the one behind this case but yeah the possibility is high”

Brenda stands up from where she was while adding her opinion to the case. Her movements when dusting her long skirt edge look soo graceful that Renya heaves a sigh reflexively. But he realizes that not a thing that he should focus on now.

“What is this Ordough sect Brenda?”
“That was unexpected, I thought someone like you who’ve work various kinds of request would have caught wind of it”
“I admit that I’m still unfamiliar with the ways of the world. What kind of things does that group do?”
“If it means that it will yield money then anything. Limited in doing evil deeds that is”
“While saying they will do anything for money, why did they limit it only in doing crimes? Is the payment a lot better in that category?”
“I can’t really answer questions regarding the payment but it was one of their policy [If the world to be devastated by the hand of humanity, Our ‘evil’ god will descent and purify this rotten world with his blessing]. That is their absolute just cause for their action”
“A combination of terrorist group and heretic pagan eh? That’s just the worst”

Renya replies to the topic uninterestedly with a face full of composure but he is a bit agitated by that fact deep inside.
Renya already knows that this world certainly doesn’t have any existence that is on par with them when they checked it before they descent here. But just like what they did before, there won’t be any guarantee that other gods won’t do the same too.
He had heard before from Floria while chatting randomly that it was possible to ‘summon’ a god so they would descent on a certain world from doing a ritual when all the practitioner have their intention unified into one. He can’t assert what Ordough sect do as something futile. He then decides to put a special note on this deep in his heart.

“But thinking of it now, sir Renya finisher magic was definitely brilliant”
“That’s right! I was once teamed with peoples from the magician guild and nobody could brandish such marvelous firepower alone! Were you a magician boy?”
“Nope, I don’t have any relation to the magician guild. It was just something I stumbled upon by chance and manages to learn”

It was in fact not something related to magic whatsoever but Renya didn’t see any point in correcting the misunderstanding so he just replies with anything that might fit. He doesn’t lie to them anyway so all is well.
Not all that well though… with a blazing glare full of suspicion he felt from a girl that stands behind him that is.

(Well then what should I do with this… I don’t particularly mind disclosing my secret anyway)

Renya was already reached a point where he doesn’t fuss much with how he should behave in this world. Being a tyrant while oppressing others with his inhuman power is not that bad either but such way of life doesn’t match with Renya’s own personality so if he can he wants to avoid that path.
In the other hand, a lifestyle where he conceals his power in absolute secrecy seems to be too much of a trouble too.

(I have the power anyway so it should be normal wanting to try using it…)

He doesn’t want to look too flashy but he doesn’t want to become too plain either. This god sure is selfish.
He is holding himself back up to some level but he doesn’t want to put too much shackles on himself.
Even with his considerations, judgment strength, and reasoning matures a lot from living over 100 years, his impulses toward desires is still on a level that suit his outer appearances age.
There’s a high possibility that it was caused by the backlash from his long stoic life in god realm though.
In a way, getting to be an acquaintance of a local beautiful girl this soon is a lucky windfall. ‘What should I do to get close to her?’ is things that he was thinking now. That kind of train of thought is mostly the same as other normal adult male.

(Hmm… this might be a good chance for me)

Renya still haven’t grasp fully of Brenda’s disposition but with this situation of her being suspicious of Renya, she should be trying to approach him actively to ascertain the truth to dispel her doubt. Well it was just a scenario that he thinks inside his head for now.
Being the one on the defensive while she’s out on offensive will simplify things for Renya a lot. He will just wait for that time leisurely. The difficulty level is far lower than starting the topic up himself. With that thought, he decides to lay back and wait for her to bit the bait.
If you see it from common relationship between man and women perspective, there is a girl that you are interested in and that girl also has her interest in you. The usual strategy to build a relationship with her is simply by waiting her to move first.
If you see it from other perspective then it was definitely a loser way of thinking. Being all negative, chasing a girl without any tenacity, it was not clear whether that was because his experience on this matter is still shallow or that because he had too much confidence from his inhuman level power.

In the end after retrieving all trace that might be useful, the party then start heading back home. On their way home they still keep their wariness level high but they managed to return without receiving any kinds of attacks. The party then breaks up after they receive their payment.
And a few days after… Brenda’s suspicion still hasn’t been cleared up.

“Then can you please explain it?”
“Whoa, without any greeting straight to the point?”

One day, Brenda suddenly comes to the inn where Renya and Floria stay brazenly. She don’t even try to hide how ill humored she was.
Unknown identity, unknown relation, unknown max potential.
Against such people shrouded in mystery, eventhough the place is a normal inn’s room, Brenda’s action for diving in into those people own turf by her own will can’t be called bravery anymore, it was just pure recklessness. Does this girl didn’t know the word fear?

“In the first place you have already shown a bit piece of your power to me. Even that bit piece was already too much powerful that it was futile to even try to resist. So going directly to your place and solve it immediately is the best way”
“What about your own safety?”
“I already left that thought. But I can somewhat guess that you have your own reason from the way you challenge that kind of dangerous mission. In a way you two are quite simple”
“Simple eh? Well I take that as a praise then, thank you. But in a way you made me worried about you”
“Well for once, even if it was for a short while I have observed you two so I much less to some point can guess your personality. And seeing how innocently Floria act is I can’t picture her as an evil person at all”
“Well we don’t feel the need to hide it anyway. Believing it or just ignore it I let you decide the rest though……”
“That was unexpected, I don’t think it would be this easy to hear from you”
“In a way I was the one at fault for letting you witness my power too anyway, the feeling of wanting to make it up for you are my main reason here. I am willing to do anything to achieve my goal, is what I want to say but saying is easier than doing and the feeling of fear against the unknown is something hard to conquer”

While saying that, Renya suddenly pokes Brenda lightly in her face with his finger. They were sitting face to face to each other when talking a moment ago. Although their position is not that far, it isn’t that close either for Brenda to not realize Renya movement. Renya just moves faster than what Brenda can perceive.

“It is fine to put your guard down a bit you know? It’s kinda hard to talk with your tension all flared up and magic all ready tobufp”
“W-What are you doing so suddenly!”

Brenda reflexly sends her right fist that cleanly hit Renya’s left cheek. That speed that even a war god can’t even react is born from the fearsome woman self defense instinct.
It might not enough to be called a sexual harassment but in this case, Renya is at fault.
It might be because that attack doesn’t contain any ill will within so Renya’s fighting sense can’t catch it or simply because receiving a girl attacks is what common sense is.
The answer might be the combination of both but the truth has fallen to the darkness.

“I was trying to make you relax a bit from a bit skinship you know”
“Maybe you pokes a bad place? Oh and also put more love while poking! Girls have feeling you know?”
“Hurm…… If I can’t poke the cheek then where other place-”
“If you pokes other place than that then I’d surely to blast you off by my offensive magic I have on standby earlier with full power you know!”

Renya meekly lower his head and apologizes hearing Brenda voice that is filled with anger. He was thoughtless, and his levels at dealing with women are especially low. He admits that while laughing at himself.
While rubbing his cheek that doesn’t even feel at all, Renya starts explaining his circumstances.

“Well… easily said, I was being reborn as a god”
“I’m not as great as Renya is… maybe a fledging god?”
“………… Ha?”

Brenda who has been keeping up her alertness up until now was taken aback. Her facial expression crumbles in an instant.
Well, it was inevitable. She had already braced her heart hoping so she can listen to any kind of unimaginable explanation calmly but the 1st thing that she heard was that coming out that they were gods. ‘Are they stupid?’ is most probably how people reacts with that coming out and there’s a high chance that people will laugh at them too.

“In addition, I’m not a being from this world so there are no myths or legends about me here. I just happen to found that this world doesn’t have any god residing within. If there are no previous god around I can live the way I like and because of that reason I descent here. And I don’t have any clear objective either”
“If you had to say an objective then that would be to create a harem with me as the 1st lady”
“That’s not it right!? Don’t give a half assed explanation please people will doubt my personality!”
“I don’t think so. You should clearly explain this kind of things to women you now? And Brenda is beautiful enough, aren’t you interested Renya?”
“I don’t deny that but there’s an order for doing thing right!?”
“Why? Just declare it straightly ‘I’m a god, would you be my lover?’ with just hearing that most human women would just flocking in you know?”
“Damn! I forgot that her standard is from that god realm! Listen okay? Those kinds of story have a high chance where those gods uses their authority to terrorize those who are weaker than them and forcefully do things as they please. It was a common way for god and human to win an advantage at a dispute. And those girls you said will flock in were treated as a sacrifice to avoid those gods’s wrath. It was just an exaggerated story to beautify the truth”
“Nnn~ I don’t understand~~ For the price of miracles offering a girl or two is fine right? Everyone was happy that way so it is fine right?”
“That was because you are not the related people right? But how about the feeling of those girls who were sacrificed? They don’t even know the god personality. Will a girl accepts if someone suddenly says ‘hey you become my girl’ out of nowhere?”
“Ah that’s right, Renya don’t like doing things forcibly. I personally don’t mind Renya treat me roughly though…”
“You are still a virgin but your knowledge on that category is already too much matured isn’t it?”
“That was because Renya doesn’t chase me greedily despite of being a virgin DT*! It was all your fault!”
“No that was… I know that Floria already put a welcoming air for long time… but you know? Guys have to think many things you know?”
“……… Did you guys really have any intention to explain?”

From a serious talk the tides suddenly changes into a pink colored topics. Brenda somehow able to stop the pink colored talk from going further and pulled it back. She somehow regains her sense enough to be able to point it out.
But even so, no matter how much one say, Renya knows that it’s impossible make other people believe his story. As a former human, he too would think someone who believes that other people that still looks like a normal human as god is stupid.
When he worried about what he should do to explain things, Brenda then open up her mouth timidly.

“If you are a god then what can you do?”
“Unfortunately I only have the disposition of war god. My authority reign over strife and I also had the power for it too. And I also only studied on how to use my disposition as war god so my knowledge in other category is not that high. Other thing that I can do is maybe doing a bit of what people calls ‘miracle’?”
“Unexpectedly, you are not an almighty being. Is that it?”
“Well you might say that. I still don’t have any chances to learn this world myths and legends but gods in common have their own unique disposition and it comes in many variations. If there is an omniscience and omnipotence god then story about plural other god won’t come to exist right?”

Brenda turned her sight straight ahead. It was obviously looking directly into Renya’s eyes.
He was aware of Brenda sight. And because of that Renya don’t avert his gaze somewhere else. With calm and composed mind, he shows with his eyes that he don’t have any intention on lying Brenda.
The silence doesn’t last long.
Brenda then soon heaves a sigh. In addition she doesn’t even try to hide her disgusted expression.

“To be honest, if it was not because the battle with those golem the other day, I don’t think that I will even listen to this kind of nonsense”
“It actually might just be a nonsense though”
“The people from the warrior guild don’t realize it but, that one golem that you erase without a trace behind, that one golem that you erase by using fire, I don’t think that even a guildmaster-class fire specialist magician can even imitate that”
“Ouch…… Destroying it without really checking the material is a bad move eh”
“You don’t even have any intention of hiding it don’t you? Even that sword that appears in your hand feels soo unnatural. Well, there are, even if it was rare, a magic bag that might do the same trick so I might still doubt it if it was just that”
“Ah well my act is bad as expected to be easily see through like this”
“What I don’t understand is that the fact that you don’t brag your power around but you also doesn’t bother hiding it. It was that contradiction that bothers me. Is there any reason behind?”
“Haven’t I said that before? I just want to do things as I please while holding back a bit. And if possible, to be popular with the ladies”
“…… I seriously ask, you know? Be serious please”

Renya feels that the surrounding temperature falls suddenly. He flusteredly check whether Brenda invokes her magic or not but she doesn’t.

“In this case I was serious you know? I don’t really want to be referred and worshipped as a god, but I don’t want to live a secluded live where I have to hide my power either. And I’ve get through a lot to reach this level you know? I kinda want to make up for all the suffering I experienced by living the way I like and having fun to the most. I just want you to understand that”
“I understand what you say…… it just that our values differ too much my head is aching”
“There’s no other way than consenting for that one. Not that I have the right to say it though”
“Okay then last question, why don’t you just spread word about your power around? If someone with your level of power do that then…… making a harem will be a piece of cake doesn’t it? Isn’t the best way for a god to grasp people heart is from fear? Why don’t you do that? Why did you choose to live a steady honest life like a normal human?”

Renya thinks that what Brenda wonders about is natural.
He even thinks of himself as a stupid person constantly. But at the same time it was also his pride.
Because he aware of himself, without any doubt Renya declares it in front of Brenda.

“Because it was boring that is. Seeing the world from the same point of view, even with inhuman power having the need to learn things from trial and error, those kinds of things unexpectedly fun you know?”

He was, and will always be a god that was born while still keeping on his stupid point of view as a human.

*DT: doutei. Virgin boy

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