29 June 2015

Young God Divine Armaments ch 10 ♥

Chapter 10 – 1st step to harem 

“Are you stupid?”
“This is important so I have to say it twice, you are stupid aren’t you?”
“From question form into affirmation……”
Renya can only curl himself up while enduring Brenda’s subzero icy cold stare. After the previous coming out, Renya explain the process of him becoming a god but Brenda expression grows even colder as he explains.

“Solving an impossible task by spending innumerable amount of time on it, I praise you for that great exploit. As ordinary person mostly would become crazy before achieving it”
“W-Well… thanks?”
“The problem is WHY did you use that POWER! That you got as COMPENSATION! For such ORDINARY LEVEL purposes!?!?”

That below zero cold expression suddenly turns fiery hot from anger. People can say as expected from a magician, turning minus to plus within seconds is their strong point.

“Well, my natural disposition are after all from human. Commoners can’t be suddenly turned into a saint doesn’t it?”
“I particularly don’t meant it that way. Be it acting all high and mighty or becoming a saint I don’t care. But can you just think of a better purpose than THAT!?”
“Did you mean that those with power have to act befittingly to the power they have?”

Renya voice tone got a bit lower. In truth, getting sermon about becoming an ideal model type of person sour his mood a bit.
Understanding what Renya thinks about, Brenda with astounded looks says to him.

“It’s not that kind of thing. I was just lamenting on how void your ambition is. Even what you call as a goal is such a small thing…”
“Complete rejection eh? This girl really don’t have any mercy”
“Well, having too much ambition is a problem though. You got too much power to easily achieve anything a man can dream. It might make a new point of view where superpowers are better to be hold by the hand of a peasant”
“Even when she tries to improves her way of saying this girl still don’t show any mercy”

Getting such scolding Renya can only drop his shoulder dejected. He who is invincible in the aspect of battles and physical abilities is surprisingly vulnerable in the mental aspect. Limited to daily life situation like this that is.

“And then again you seems to value normal human live highly so I think it’s alright for you to live your life as you like. What’s more, you are not the kind who is conceited with their own power and wield that power to oppress and look down upon others which is very much desirable in my eyes. Though the fact that you are just a helpless idiot doesn’t change”
“Please I beg you, if you’re going to praise me then please just only do so”
“I don’t wanna! If you want praises then ask your partner for it then. Even if I’m like this, I am aware that I have quite a sharp tongue”
“If you aware of it then why don’t you put an effort to fix it?”
“Why did I have to? Man doesn’t grow from praises alone doesn’t it?”

So strict! This girl is too strict to everyone even to herself. Renya think so while scratching his head. But her tsuntsun appearance is quite acceptable in his eyes, he can’t say any complain.

“And by the way~ in the end for what purposes did Brenda come here?”
“I’m also curious by that. Suddenly coming to someone place then starts digging that person past leaving no stone unturned just to chastise that person. Is such reason valid?”

Did Floria see that staying on a defensive will keep them at disadvantages so she speaks up the question she hold at her mind? Well doesn’t matter, thanks to that Renya was able to forcibly change the topic. He was merely running away from arguing with Brenda.

“Honestly, I got too much shock from the start and the plan I had got spoiled because of it but, to simply say, I want a negotiation”
“Yes, I for once have the citizenship right of this country just in case, but I don’t belong to any other organization”
“Not even the magician guild?”
“I have connections there personally but I don’t officially put my name there”

For a quite competent magician to be free not belonging to any organizations. And requesting a negotiation on top of it, Renya then easily reads her intent.

“So what you want to negotiate is our god power isn’t it?”
“It’s good that you’re quick to understand, is what I want to say but that’s for future negotiation. What I want to ask now is an equal cooperation relationship that is”
“Hee… despite knowing our true nature, seeking an equal relationship rather than a master servant relationship is kinda bold don’t you think?”
“Yes. For you who is seems to be kind hearted by nature, and clearly declares that you don’t like ruling over people, rather than a master servant relationship, this equal relationship is more fit don’t you think?”

Chuckling, Brenda declares it with a smile, responding to that, Renya can only groan.
In short, while he was acknowledged as a being with superpowers, he is also acknowledged as a being that can understand human reasoning too. With that, Brenda calculates that she can demand an equal relationship.
Well if the other party is someone who Renya doesn’t like then he can just break up that agreement one-sidedly but Brenda doesn’t seems to be that kind of stupid people so Renya don’t find any reason to exercise violence to her.
Thinking that far, Renya kinda understand that Brenda didn’t make light of him at all since the start.
Brenda seems to be able to understand Renya a bit from the talk just now so she was able to ask a demand that would normally be an insult for a god in the negotiation. On the back side of that, it could also mean that Brenda recognize Renya’s nature as a human.
Renya was amazed by how fast she can somehow understand him despite the little time they have been together. But well, for now let’s continue with the negotiation.

“If you guys doesn’t have any aim in your journey then I wish you can help me with one of my job. If you manage to finish that then I will surely join you in your journey. There is no time limit. The contracts valid until we each becomes unable to compromise with the other party, in this case I got fed up with you for example. How does that sound?”
“It seems like the merit is too big for our part. If it was a job that needs raw power to accomplish then I don’t mind ending our contract as soon as we finish the job you know?”
“Is that so? There are no guarantees of what bizarre happenings will occur on the place where bizarre beings like you guys come to. I was curious to the kind of things that would unfold if I was following you on your journey. Isn’t that enough reason for me?”

Brenda says that while looking straight at Renya eyes. In her face, a challenging smile floats boldly.
Even without using his divine power, her word is filled with soo much power that Renya can easily feel that all she says is her true honest feeling. He could sense her anticipation toward his being as a god even stronger now. He could only admire at how bold she is.
What if Renya only acts stupid on the outside but he was actually a coldhearted tyrant at the inside? The being known as Brenda would probably have been long gone from this world. Her bold action towards him despite the possibility of that kind of bad thing could happen to her shows that she doesn’t feel any fear from Renya’s power.
Well of course she might have ulterior motives regarding Renya and Floria power as a god but he doesn’t mind much about that.

(Doing this because it was interesting seems to be her main motives, and even more the chances to borrow our power increases the more time we have together so she thinks it would still be profitable for her to keep joining us on our journey)

But still he doesn’t want to make cheap promise. Renya then carefully continues the negotiation so he won’t get overawed by Brenda too much.

“But we still don’t know the most important factor yet. What kind of job did you want to ask?”
“Annihilation of Ordough sect branch division”
“Uoi! Challenging that secret lunatic sect that we just know the other day is it? Isn’t the difficulty level too high?”
“What kind of stupid thing you say? For the all powerful you who can simply just destroy the building if they hide inside one”
“No it was Brenda who said such things first. What is it? Infiltrating into an enemy branch division? And on top of it doing that alone?”
“I don’t say anything about starting a war directly with them you know. There are other ways to annihilate them right? Well the danger is definitely high, that’s why I choose this city as my base to gather intelligence about them to reduce those risks”
“You mean the job we had earlier too has connection for that?”
“Yes. And while I was gathering information for that sect, suddenly a pair of traveler appears out of nowhere and got praised by the mass as people with high capability in no time. I need to ascertain whether those individuals are Ordough sect spies or not. But the result is even stranger than my wildest imagination”
“Ah… so that’s the truth behind those dubious glares that we were bathed with for days……”
“I thought that if there are people who constantly put up their guard close by, those suspicious people will show their tail easier”

Hearing the talk this far, Not only Renya, Floria also understands what Brenda actually wants from them. It was battle potential. With their extraordinary battle potential added, any kind of jobs successful rate will increase drastically.

“Well I don’t have any reason to refuse but…… how about you Floria?”
“Me? I think I can accept it, but I got something to ask to Brenda here, do you mind?”
“I don’t mind, what did you want to ask?”
“With this, no matter how I think of it, is Brenda 1st step to enter the harem as number one candidate. Don’t you think so?”

Renya and Brenda together stumbled upon the sudden question from Floria.
In this, well, quite serious negotiation what is this girl saying?

“I-I-I beg your pardon! It was just simply compensation from the demand that I request of. That is to accompany you guys who seem to lack this world common sense. Why does it goes to that direction!?“
“A girl who puts up a though front while actually level headed person at heart. That kind of girl would sooner or later falls for Renya I think”
“Your standard is pretty erratic I have to admit…… Renya was a former human so reasoning with him is more comfortable”
“Well in a way just consider it as Floria being lack in common sense and in knowing the way of the world. And also, if you interested in becoming number one candidate then I absolutely don’t mind at all!!”
“Why did you turn deviant also!? And I won’t easily fall for someone stupid like you anyway!”

Brenda was desperate in responding this two stupid god stupid remarks that she doesn’t realize that by saying such thing before, she implicitly acknowledge it herself that the possibility for that is not 0.

In the end, those three agreed to cooperate and will do the raid mission to Ordough sect branch division that Brenda manages to track.

While seeing off Brenda, who is living at different inn, in front of the inn where Renya stays, He suddenly asks Brenda.

“Brenda, did you have any sort of relation with this Ordough sect?“
“…… If I had to say then yes I did have. But it doesn’t directly related to me privately though… I think I will tell you the details in the near future”
“Is that so? Then I won’t persist on asking. Because you know, I feel that our relationship will become a long one that is”
“Fufu, Honestly I also feel the same. In that part, can I ask you to please do your best so that I won’t think of giving up our contract?”
“Well then I will show you my seriousness when the time comes for me to do so”

The exchange that they had as they part left a warm feeling, even if it was just a small budding, inside each of their heart.
Renya things that with this done finally he can get some sleep. But what he found when he got back to his room are something he don’t expect.
On the dark room where all the lights are off, the beauty of Floria’s limbs is exposed under the light of the moon.
In contrast with her child-like looks, firm breast with enough volume, a slender waist that would draw many women envy, a perfect line that can be drawn from her hips curve. Her appearance now that is only hidden by flimsy underwear made Renya speechless for an instant. In front of him now is literally a perfectly molded goddess body had descent.

“Ah Renya welcome back”

He wants to ask ‘what’s the matter with that looks’ but he can’t say it. What appear in front of him now is not the usual cherubic and innocent Floria but a goddess with a gentle smile radiating a sensational aura around her. This Floria wouldn’t forgive him if he made any careless remark.

“Make love with me”
“…… now that was too sudden”
“It’s not that sudden I think. You must realize it right? That something going to start soon”
“And what is that something?”
“It was about Renya and those who surround him and various things that will happen. It was the legend of a god that comes from another world. The legend that will be the talk of people for ages to come”

Certainly in this few days he had met many kinds of people and he had also completed many kinds of jobs. He also felt that his meeting with Brenda was the 1st biggest turning point that will lead him to an even bigger stage.
But, how did that have any relation to the sight that is unfolding right in front of him?
Floria acts crazy on daily basis. Because of that, Renya can’t read Floria real intention right now. He just stands there speechless.

“Well there are a lot of trigger around but in the end I am daddy’s daughter as expected”
“And what did you mean by it?”
“I have said that didn’t I? That Renya’s number one lady will be me. That’s the only thing that I won’t yield no matter what. Even if there would be numerous other women who will come to love you, I with my own will won’t give up that position ever. That’s why ―― steal before you got stolen, the 1st to move have the advantages, the one who prove those things strong points are after all daddy you know”

That was something that usually can’t be felt from her, that word of her with such earnestness.
From the fact alone, the one who spend the most time with Renya can only be Floria. That fact alone already made her position unshaken. What is it that made her become serious like this?

“Hey I’m trying to be serious here you know. Even I have those so called normal girl obstinacy. In short I hereby declare that your first will be mine!”
“And you just suddenly spoil all the good atmosphere that you have build now don’t you? In a lot of meaning that is”
“I’ve been with you for more than a 100 years and I can’t stand it if some random girls that just suddenly pops out from nowhere steal your 1st!”
“Why did I have to do such unrefined things? Did you read something weird again that made your delusion went berserk oi!!”
“Renya in a weird way have a lot vulnerable places and it makes me worried! Increasing the harem is fine with me but I won’t give up your virginity to other girls you hear me!”

Flinched by Floria menacing aura, Renya got dragged easily into the bed. To make things worse she manages to mount him. If you see an opening then attack it with all your might and use the momentum you got to go full offensive, that must be the principle of war that Floria possess was a hand down from her father. With that in his mind, Renya felt double crisis reaching upon him. The crisis for his body and the crisis for his mind that is.

 “Ah I forgot to mention that mommy was the goddess who rules over love and passion”
“How should I know!? And why did you reveal that kind of info at this kind of situation!?”

Floria extends her hand to Renya clothes, and Renya don’t do anything to obstruct that. On the contrary, both of his hand unconsciously starts creeping over Floria soft and slender body.
What he had in his mind now is only one thing.

(Oi Oi is this all right?! This will be the 1st for both of us and there’s not even a single speck of romantic atmosphere at all!!)

Such kind of thought that in a way worrying about Floria well beings.
This is the last chance to stop. With that in mind, Renya peeks Floria face trying to understand her true intention. And the emotion that is shown from that expression is.

“…… You won’t go to someplace far away right? Even if you made a lot of friends, even if you got a lot of lovers, you won’t go…… and leave me behind alone right?”

Floria with an expression that mix smiling and crying at the same time, heartrendingly says so.
Ah… at that time Renya understands all.
The ever-changing everyday life and human relationship.
The gradually growing number of acquaintances and the knowledge about the world.
The change felt day by day like being washed away by the flowing water made Floria worry for the 1st time.
Even if the change are small, for her who live her entire life in that constant like world god realm, adapting to the change that happen every day like a normal human is bewildering.
That kind of worry was successfully hidden by her erratic antics and bright nature.

(I really am useless at handling women)

How could he be if he doesn’t even aware of the girl that have been with him for that long time and recognize her as a woman.
Then let’s try to find out, let’s try to learn, let’s try to put it into practice.
In a way, exchange between man and women is also a [war].
Then he as the war god should put his best in it.

“I’m sorry to made you worry Floria. It’s all okay now. I definitely won’t leave you all alone I promise”

Slowly, but also roughly, war god hugs the goddess body who is trembling from worry.

“As of now, I will make all of you as mine. Even with whatever things that will comes after this, I will show it to you that nothing can ever divide us apart”
“Uhuhuhu…… The Renya just now is kinda like the Renya before facing a battle, all serious”
“Because IT IS in a way a battle thinking about the thing that we will do after this. And we are both beginner in this but thinking about the effects to our relationship after this ―― I will go on top!”
“Kyaa! Being held down forcefully by a beast like Renya seems wonderful also ―― but I won’t lose you know?”

The two looks at each other for a while, they put a wry smile at the same time.

“Really, thinking about what we going to do after this, what kind of thing did we talked about anyway”
“Well it soo much like us so isn’t it fine?”
“Yeah that’s true, completely very much like us”

And then the bells that signing the start of their [war] rings.
Under the moonlight, they start their [war] by exchanging furious exchanges of kisses. And so their night passes while they each try their best to give the best happy memories as they can for the beloved person in front of them now.

TL notes: I put heart mark as a sign that there will be... a heart scene inside this chapter. Well just following a certain ero novel that is haha.
*01-07 done some fixing.

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