03 January 2017

After a long time Hibernating. UPDATE! CC 14B. No longer talking about Dragons

Hello folks. Happy newyear! I hope I can be more productive in the coming year so I can make a living with this translation lol.

I... was depressed lately. Well, it has been a year since I was fired from my work in Japan so dunno I get the blues. and then I run away by playing games and maraton-ing novel all day long with no motivation. But I can't mop up all the time like this I though. So I just continue what I can do best. translating novel.

the pledge for 3 chapters a week will still in effects so all the weeks I disappear will all be added up. well, only one way for me to whip myself up to shape.

anyway here is the chapter:

CC 14BAdfly

ah, forgot to say that when I'm still hibernating, someone still gives me a donation! this makes the donation a full 20$ so there will be another bonus sponsored chapter (with all the other target ofc)

so... ganbare me.

anyway thank you for donors, readers, adfly clickers, and my editors too for always be there supporting me. Happy new year all!


#PS: this chapter is a good one *drolls



  1. I'm glad that after 1 year, you are out of your depression zone. Now, do start by acquiring a goal for yourself.

    I would recommend doing freelancing since you are a translator~ Just a tip from your savior.

  2. Well, if you need motivation...
    When you catch up, I'll donate $100 dollars, at least.
    The world needs more toddlers with harems. :p