CC Ch 14 Part B

Chapter 14 - The Dragon Girl at the Lake
Part B

Translator: Erothur

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“Hiroto, don’t cause trouble to Sarasa-san alright?”
O-of course…… then Mom, I’ll be going
“Yes, have fun in Sarasa-san’s house”    

Since I start taking a bath again with my mother again, I’ve been trying to get her to spoil me more lately so I thought she would stop me from going but she just let me go this easily.

“Let’s go back home after I have some more talk with your mother okay?”
“Yes! Hiro-chan, Riona hasn’t been having a bath together with you forever!”

(No, wait a minute…… I-is it alright? To have a bath together with a little girl like this…… isn’t this a crime?)

I who has the soul age of a 16 years old (18 if added to this life’s age) am getting puzzled on how I should treat this little lolita. Well, I have seen the nudes of little lolita like her once in my past life but it was when I was still a child when we have a bath together on my school trip or when I take a bath in the bath house with my mom but I don’t really remember that kind of thing clearly as I was still a child.

“Hiro-chan, take bath together?”

(…… W-well, oppositely, it might be not that bad… maybe? But it will definitely become a trouble once she grows up a bit more)

If she was about Stella’s age then, I would be able to see various parts of her body which would show the subtle sign of her growth which would definitely made me feel guilty witnessing. She is just barely passable now. Okay, let’s make it that way.

Mother then admonish Riona gently “Riona-chan, Hiroto should feel embarrassed to take a bath together you know? Really this boy, he is getting more precocious”
“It’s alright, because I will also take a bath together with Riona”

I definitely don’t think it’s alright in the slightest though. But I just can’t object that. To get washed by my friend’s mother, well, in Japan, such culture, although not common, might also exist.

(But that would be the case if my mind’s age is just the same as my body’s age……)

“Yay~! Bath with Hiro-chan~, Bath~ ♪ ”
“Uhuhu…… Oh really this little girl of mine to get this happy. Seeing her like that made me feel happy too”

Sarasa-san elegantly laughs seeing her daughter. My mother used to be jealous at Sarasa-san in the past but that feeling seems to be gone now.

Ever since the charm effect on Sarasa-san expires, she doesn’t excessively dote on me anymore. Well this is how things should be…… is what I want to belief but, her affection points towards me keep stayed at the highest point.

- 《Sarasa》 will devote her entire mind and body for you.
- 《Riona》 is emotionally attached to you.
- 《Remilia》 is your mother.

Seems like the description of relationship state will correspond according to the target’s age as Sarasa-san and Riona’s affection points are almost the same. Back in the game, it was shown by numbers and it was also said that once you maxed an NPC affection to 100, you can even ask that NPC to marry you. But until the day I died, it hasn’t been implemented yet. Well, marriages between players exist though.

I, who tried to act as the aloof guildmaster (?) back then, tried to act unconcerned with the marriage system. But if asked whether I am interested with it then I would lie if I say I didn’t. Well… maybe? Because every time I got asked about love affairs problem like this, my brain just suddenly got filled with lead and unable to work well. It might be because my previous live was such a disaster that it bring me trauma. Well, it was already can’t be helped anyway. I can only do my best in this world.

“…… Actually, today, my husband is having a gathering with his friends so he won’t come back home”
“E,err…… even if you said that to me, I can only reply [Hainz really like his alcohol so it can’t be helped]” says my mom looking troubled hearing Sarasa-san confession.

Hainz will not be present tonight? If that's the case then, the lack of man presence in the house is indeed somewhat making me worried…… wait, I am also counted as that ‘man presence’ aren’t I?

Mizell is also a peaceful village anyway so crime rarely happens. Mother Remilia also gives her consent so let’s just enjoy my sleepover with an innocent mind just like a child.


The bathroom equipment in Sarasa-san’s house isn’t as complete as the one in my house but because we use the firewood that I had split before, there are no troubles in the aspect of fuel to heat up the water.

“The bath had been heated up Ma’am.  That Hainz guy, I have told him many times to be temperate more in alcohol consumption but alas”
“I’m sorry for always troubling you Ricardo-san”

Even father Ricardo comes to Sarasa-san’s house to help heat up the water. I can do it too but because everyone worries about my safety, they didn’t let me go near the fire.

“Hiroto my boy, Daddy will head back home now but, if you had any trouble just call me okay?”
“Okay daddy, thank you”
“Ou! Your way of talks seems to be get better lately, atta my boy”

Father then pats my head while praising me. But because Riona and Sarasa-san are watching me with gentle smile, I can’t help but feel embarrassed.

“Please give my regards to Remilia-san too"
“Yes, I will. And please take care of my boy here”

In time like this, father always shows his utmost polite manner. Seeing his figure which is doing a big bow made me wonder whether he was like that when he was still belonged to the knight brigade.

After father head back home, I start my preparation to enter the bathroom. Riona got her clothes taken off by Sarasa-san and in no time at all, her pumpkin printed panties also got taken off.

“Hiro-chan, Riona is faster! Riona is great right?”
“A, aa…… yes yes, you are great”

(It is alright for now but…… I worried whether this would become her dark past in the future…… I mean, she is showing herself off with her birthday suit and all)

And then my turn to get naked comes and I suddenly realize that Sarasa-san had never seen my ‘plain’ looks before which is already too late to forfeit. Because of that, I suddenly feel embarrassed.

“Hiroto-chan, did you always have your mother to undress you when taking a bath? Huhuhu…… Then, for today, let me do the honor in her stead……”

The innocent me got his clothes striped by Sarasa-san. Please ma’am, I’m not the boy from the rice shop, I am the son of a lumberjack. What the heck am I thinking anyway?  (Eros: this is supposed to be a joke but I don’t understand)

And then after I got stripped naked, Sarasa-san ‘plain’ looks is shown in front of me. Seeing her looks like that, I feel like I just got hit by ice elemental magic as I feel my entire body turns rigid.

“Our bath isn’t as large as the one in Hiroto-chan’s house so let’s take turns entering it okay?”

(This woman, really is dangerous as usual…… from all that I know, she is indeed the owner of the biggest mountain that I ever see)

When she enters the bath, Sarasa-san doesn’t hide her ears.
Her pair of long ears that is in the middle range between humans and elves……
Riona doesn’t look any different from a normal human but, she is actually a succubus. As expected, the two of them didn’t share the same blood……

“Hiro-chan, let’s wash each other okay?”
“…… Ri-Riona!? Where is your pendant!?”
“? Hiro-chan said that I could take it off when I took a bath right?”

---- Indeed it was! Indeed I did say that before but……!

- 《Riona》 has automatically cast [Charm]! You have failed resisting it! You are being charmed!

(Not good……!)

I-is this what being charmed feels like?...... This is bad, Riona suddenly becomes very beautiful in my eyes.
I want to take her my little sister and spoil her rotten! Give her anything she wants. I want to rub my cheek on her too. Anyway, I want to do many things with her.
And then it dawned upon me. The way to express this maddening feeling while still within the range of what a normal kid would do……

“Ri-Riona…… let’s wash each other okay?”
“Yeah ♪”
“Hiroto-chan, why did your face all flushed red like that even before entering the bath?...... are you alright?”

Sarasa-san said it with her hand on her cheek giving a worried look. Even when she doesn’t bother covering her front which shows her rare kind of dangerous body style completely in the open, she still couldn’t steal my attention as my head now is only filled with Riona.

(Eros: fun facts: such situation is called oyakodon in Japanese. Oya = parent, ko= child, don = from donburi, a kind of Japanese dishes. Oyakodon is a dish created from chicken meat and eggs on top of hot steaming rice. And such H situation consisting of mother and daughter is called as such)


“Hiro-chan, Thank you~♪”

While I wash Riona’s small back, Sarasa-san is also washing my back in the same time. But because of the charm, all my head can think of is only about Riona so I just can’t think of anything else right now.

---- Why did I treat such a cute angel like this cruelly all of this time? Such things are unforgivable right? Just look at Riona, this cute little creature. She is now still a kid so she is only heartbreakingly cute but when she grows up, thing would definitely get messy! I have to act fast from now on. No, rather from now on, I will devote all of myself completely for Riona-sama! She deserves to be worshipped. That’s right! Let’s turn this feeling into a sacred hymn for her!

“Hun huhu~n♪”
“Riona, really this girl is getting too happy…… I made me also wish Hiroto-chan to wash me too”
“N-no I can’t, I am washing Riona now”

I’m sorry Sarasa-san, but all I can see in my eyes now is only Riona. I have to be very careful when washing her delicate creamy skin. For some sacred parts I can only ask her to wash it herself while I have to do my best until the very last area that I am permitted to……

“…… then after that, would you wash me too? Hiroto-chan……”

……E, eh? What was it just now? Why did Sarasa-san voice ambience suddenly changed…… am I just imagining it?

As I think about that, I then turn back to look at her. And what I see there is Sarasa-san face that is filled with a heartrending expression and she is looking back at me with her sad gazes.

“It was such a precious chance for you to come here yet you only care about Riona……”
“…… N-no…… that……”

T-to think that she feels jealous for a kid like me…… Sarasa-san, just how much have you anticipated this situation?
But I am being charmed now. Even when I want to do something for her, my heart scale is just keep getting tilted towards Riona’s direction.

“Mommy~, Riona got washed by Hiro-chan!”
“Yes…… you get washed up clean. Riona, mommy will get you into the tub first okay?”

Sarasa-san gently reply Riona’s bragging and then checks the water temperature before rinsing her and soak her inside the bathtub.

“YA~Y ♪”

Looking at Riona who dive and flutter around in the tub, made me also want to enter the tub quick…… but when I’m going to follow her, suddenly,

- You charmed status has been cured.

(…… A-Ah, I see…… against me, the effectiveness can’t last long……)

And that was because I also have the [Charm] skill so against other people [Charm], of course I had built up enough resistance. I can normalize my status faster than other people after afflicted by it. But that was only because she is still a kid. When she finally grows up, I don’t know when will the charm wears off…… or maybe will it ever wears off?

“Hiroto-chan, you can’t get in the tub just yet you know……? You have to wash me first okay?”

In front of me who just restored my cool, is it maybe because she has been neglected for quite a while I don’t know clearly, but a very amorous Sarasa-san figure appeared.

(…… Doing neglect play with her is a forbidden fruit alright. No, what am I thinking about!? The heck with neglect play)
(Eros: Neglect play or in Japanese term Jirashi play, neglecting and ignoring your partner until they begs you. Mostly like what Kazuma does to Darkness in konosuba. Well, most of it was scorn play anyway)

While I was under [Charm], All I can think of is only Riona but when the [Charm] broken, my heart's all aflutter with Sarasa-san sexual appeal. I really am like a dandelion flower that goes wherever the wind blows.

“Now that you have done washing my back…… then next is……”

(T-The front is…… NOOOOoooees!)

Sarasa-san starts to lather more soap in her bare hand. While looking at her doing that, I started to feel regret from raising many women affinity points toward me like crazy with only half hearted resolution.


After finished the bath, Riona became very energetic but it was just short lived as she quickly falls asleep faster than me. She is now sleeping soundly in the bed while breathing peacefully.

Well, there’s a saying that kids that sleep well grow well, I also start to feel drowsy…… I should go to sleep now. When I just thinking about that, Sarasa-san put out the light from the lantern and get inside her bed.

Riona, Sarasa-san, and then me, that is the order of us sleeping in the bed like the kanji of the river (川). Hainz seems to be always sleeping on another bed because Sarasa-san needs to sleep together with Riona. My mother and father was at first always sleep together in one bed but since I got born, they start to sleep separately…… when I thought about that, I suddenly start imagining about what happen to my parent right now and get embarrassed because of it.

(Mother and father is still young after all…… if I made more chance like this, I definitely will get a little brother or sister soon)

“Hiroto-chan, I’m sorry. Our bed must be uncomfortable compared to yours right?......”
“N-no that’s not a problem…… it is comfortable enough”
“That’s good to hear…… Riona, don’t show up your shoulder when sleeping”
“Mmmnn…… I can’t eat anymore……”

Sarasa-san corrects the blanked to neatly covers Riona’s shoulder too while she seems to be sleep talking. After Sarasa-san does so, she then turns her gaze to me.
Maybe it was because tonight is comparatively warmer that Sarasa-san is wearing a sleep wear with thin fabric. And from her v-shaped collar is a ravine to deep that I can’t help but staring at it.

(…… W-well, I can’t just casually take a peek at  it. No matter how I’m still a kid is not an excuse to do so)

But no matter what I think, I just can’t peel off my eyes off it. I can’t let Sarasa-san realize what I’m seeing. As I think that, I finally able to turn my gaze and look up to her face.

“……Hiroto-chan, today, when you are going out with Riona…… did something happen?”
“!!…… H-how……”

I have told Riona to make our meeting with the dragon a secret. And because we are always together today, she must not have any time to tell other people to about that. So just how?

“When you and Riona got back home, I noticed that Hiroto-chan was shivering in fear for a bit”
“…… That was……”

I have resolute myself to tame that dragon sometime in the future and with that, I tried to lie my own feeling of fear against it…… but……
The fear that I experienced when seeing its status window couldn’t be easily removed. That is also applies to the feeling of despair that I felt when gazed under those cold, indifferent eyes.

“…… Did something scary happened?”
“…… Nothing……”

Nothing really. Before I finished saying that, Sarasa-san suddenly hug me and bury my head in her bosom.

“It’s alright you know…… I might not seem dependable but I, for once, am also an adult. You don’t have to tough it out in front of me you know?......”

A nice smell of soap and Sarasa-san’s unique sweet smell is enveloping me. My heart suddenly gets full with deep relief…… the feeling is a bit different from when mother hugs me but it still one peerless gentle hug.

“Calm yourself down and sleep peacefully okay…… Me, and also Riona, is here by your side”
“…… Okay. Thank you, Sarasa-san”

Just when I finished calling her name, I suddenly realize. This might be my first time calling her name.

“…… If Hiroto-chan touches me, I will also feel at peace. And so…… for just a little bit……”

Sarasa-san takes my hand. And then, with a slight tremble from being nervous, my hand finally lands on top of her bountiful mountain under her guidance.
Even from on top of the clothes, I can feel her overwhelming volume and elasticity. Touching it again after some while made me realize again about just how great her assets are ---- This mother [Maternity] point really is too high.
My hand then just slipped under her nightwear and takes out one side of her bountiful white breast then start sucking it.

- You have started [breastfeeding] on 《Sarasa》.
- [Pharmacy] Skill rose!

“It feel warm...... I knew it, having Hiroto-chan suck my breast made me feel relieved...... I also felt this in the past but the feeling now is even...... stronger......”

I’m just get close and breastfeed her like this but my simple action had already make Sarasa-san feel this much relieved.
If that’s the case then I also won’t think much about skill and whatnot and just continue keeping this position and sleep. Well, it is what I think about but......

Sarasa-san seems to realize something. She then sit up then roll up her clothes in the front side. When she does so, her pair of licentious fruit spills out dangling before my eyes. With my hand, I hold up those pair of fruit and start sucking it gently again ---- I don’t even need to suck actually as the sweet nectar is already leaking out from her pink tip and that nectar just taste exceptionally sweet.

(...... What am I doing? Riona is sleeping right next to me and here I am...... W-well, even if i resolute myself to get independent from these breast, if it appears again in front of me on its own then I can’t do anything right?)

“I’m sorry, it start to leaking like this...... Hiroto-chan, if you like it, could you please drink them all......”

Sarasa-san’s milk just keep on leaking out without any sign of stopping. This is just the very scenery of skill dew that gush forth from a mysterious spring.

The dew that spill out is all scooped up by my hand and I drink them all without wasting a drop while I also alternate between her breast. Seeing me so eager in drinking her feast, Sarasa-san is looking at me with an affectionate gaze matches up with her high [Maternity] skill.

(Eros: ah, my droll)


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