25 March 2016

Update CC 10.5 part 4 side A

At last after a long time... UPDATE!!

Here it is!

CC Ch 10.5 part 4 side A                                           Adfly 10.5-4A

Okay now let's go to the reason why the late update.

1. A friend ask me for joining him in his side business. Buying things from Japan then selling it in my own country. it was quite an interesting idea so I've been wasting last week making the fans page in facebook "the Chocobo Courier" and adding adds and whatnot to attract buyers. All of you readers from Indonesia please take a look okay?

2. Got another new novel to read and get quite addicted to it... well old story old story...

3. When I'm translating... I keep getting power black out orz... and by the time the power black out restored, the auto save for Ms word fails and I have to redo almost a 1000 word all over again... this really is suck. and it was not happened only once orz. thank god the one happening where almost 1000 word unsaved is gone only happen once... if not I might just flip some table out of rage.

4. That bastard sender who send me to Japan is trying to sue me back. So I've been quite busy collecting evidence and what not my lawyer told me too. Pray that I can win the trial and even get some money from it (We sue him back for making me disappointed)

5. Comunicationally Challenged chapters is VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRY long. this side A that I translated is already contained 3768 word! almost the same like the average chapters of YGDA! and it was not even a quarter of the damn chapter yet lol! So yeah. I just upload like I usually does. 3500 to 4000 word each update. CC chapters will have sooooo many sides hahaha... Why is this enter the reason why I late? because just by looking at the humongous chapter made me feel tired already hahaha

well thanks for reading my explanation why I update late. Indonesia fellow countrymen, visit my shop please~~ or rather give me money~~ *smacked

*my own business is more important then thinking about that greedy baldy bastard haha.

*and oh. next update is YGDA Ch 37 *thumbs



  1. Good luck on court,and be careful of anymore fraud

  2. Had a brief look at that facebook page even though I live in the states

    "Yay for cute and trendy coat~ check it out!"
    10/10 I don't know why that made me lol but kudos to you. +1

  3. Hahaha.... Fighto my friend! May fortunes of war be unto thee, and Renya-kami is always on your back. Btw tnx for the update ;)

  4. Hoo... pesen barang dari jepang.... itungannya gimana?
    10% dari total harga beli barang seluruhnya atau?

    1. itu ada di fanspagenya. rate harga yen total x175*

      *kalau barang terlalu berat atau terlalu besar volumenya ada biaya tambahan.

  5. Good luck. Hope you win the trial.

  6. Thanks for the chapter, yo!

  7. Our breastfeeding God/demon is back! Thank you kind sir and may God bless your endeavors and fuck the bastard sender in the ass for screwing with you.

  8. I don't know how trademarks work in your country, but Square Enix owns the trademark for Chocobo, so there may be some problems there(though you probably know this, just a somewhat worried reader).

    1. Let's just say my country is like the 2nd China. but yeah I also do worry about that. I will change the name soon.

  9. I want to what happened to mahilda hehehe