17 October 2015

YGDA ch 19

Chapter 19 - The God's Wrath And Thus The God's Privilege

Renya with quick step approach the two girls then he scatter some kind of shining powder from his right hand to the both of them. The two girls’ body got plastered all over by that shining powder shines dimly in the dark night.

In that instant, they felt that the abnormality that they felt before, the pain that assault their entire body had disappeared without a trace.

“Eh? The pain… its gone desu”
“Seems like it is magic after all. That shining powder is a magic item used to forcefully dispel any magic that affects the body. Useful isn’t it?”

And that was one big lie from Renya. That shining powder is actually his own divine power condensed into powder and with that, Renya forcefully dispel any abnormalities that affects the body of the two girls.

He don’t have much time to examine what is it that make Therese and Doris writhe in pain like that or rather, he can’t stand looking the two girls suffer like that for even another second so he used the fastest, forceful way to deal with it.

Then he stands in front of the two girl, posing like he gonna protect them no matter what.

The man clad in black with dubious expression on his face starts asking Renya.

“Who are you? To make a mess the offering ritual that I had prepared with much trouble completely like this and not to mention with soo much ease”
“I don’t want to tell my name to heretics like you and anyway there’s no need to do that too because you are soon gonna die anyway. There’s no need to greet a deadman isn’t it?”

Renya replies to that clad in black man’s question with an indifferent tone and expression. Hearing that, the slight eerie smile that floats on that man’s face disappear.

“Curious, truly curious… It should haven’t been that long since our assault yet how can he find out our location in this short span of time? And he is also alone yet he looks very confidence in facing us who outnumber him by a lot… The mystery that you create is almost endless. The arrows from before seems like not from you, probably those was from your friend, but that doesn’t mean much in front of us. We still outnumber you by a lot! Well then, what you gonna do next?”
“Are you blind? Your soo called henchmen are already dead you know?”

With Renya voice as the signal, the clad in black henchmen who surround them fall almost in the same time in where they stand without letting out any voice.

At that time, that leader like man, at last, open his eyes soo wide it almost jump out from its sockets.

His henchmen are just as Renya says, already dead. And looking at their wound, how each of them died was different.
There are some who had their head pierced by arrow.
There are some who had big laceration on their body making them died in their own pool of blood.
There are some who had their chest pierced with an icicle arrow.
All the people that gathered here except the leader are already dead. And their cause of death is varied.

From the darkness, three beautiful girls appeared. They walk leisurely toward the man that is now protecting the two prisoner girl. And they walk in such a way so that they won’t touch the dead body of those black robed people.

“It was easier than I expect right? But it still takes some time to finish though”
“Well, what do you expect from a group that only feel strong when they pack together? They should be weak individually”
“They are not an opponent worthy for me to display my power”

Theresa had her eyesight stolen by the appearance of those three beautiful girls figure.

That was because those three beautiful girls should be someone that she knows to quite some extent, but their figure now are totally like a stranger to her.

It was because that unfamiliar figure is not something they wore when they pass their everyday life, it is their figure when standing inside a battlefield.

The one with the most drastic change is Floria. She who usually wears her cute travelling clothes is now holding a shining silver bow in her hand and she even wear a chest protector. That fully armed Floria will definitely made people think of her as a goddess of war if they saw her now.

“Renya, ‘that’ worked well, praise me~”
“Aa, that’s wonderful Floria. With this in our sleeve, our battle tactics can be more versatile”

The ‘That’ that Floria says is her new authority as a goddess.
That authority will give Floria the most appropriate ‘class job’ when she ‘uses’ Renya’s divine armaments to maximize her battle prowess. That ‘class job’ is taken directly from Renya’s war god authority. That power is something unique only to Floria to help her in combat.

That power is an awakened goddess authority that sleeps deep within Floria inner self because of her wish to be able to stand in line with the war god she loved.

And that authority name is “Love and Passion ♥ Art of War Replication” (Love Evolution)

Floria’s job is now a hunter to match the bow she uses, but at the same time she is also peerless snipers who can snipe accurately even in the darkest of the night. For Floria now, there isn’t anything in this world that she can’t snipe. That means, even if the target wearing black clothes all over their body in the dead dark of the night, her eyes still can pierce thorough her prey accurately.

When the three girls reach Renya, He took one steps up forward.

And the leader, that at last felt the raging anger inside Renya, reflexively take a back step only to get his leg caught in the stairs and falls down wretchedly.

“Huhu, huhuhuhuhu…… I see, so you are, basically, someone powerful and also able to conceal that power so other people won’t easily recognize your power… B-But I am the Ordough Sect bishop! If you think you can defe”
“You are noisy, die”

A standard rule for the unwilling to accept defeat from a small fry, a standard rule for the doing the killing blow to the small fry that tries to use their last resort. The judgment blade cut him down in an instant.

In Renya’s hand, the sword that he grow accustomed with, the Divine Sword Vansurb.

The man seems like he’s gonna say something but with Renya’s angry glare, he become unable to let his voice out.

“I know that your heart is not ‘normal’. But I’m not that kind enough to let you leisurely use your trump card when you are in front of me. You have made me mad so now just die there like a dog”
“Agh…… guh…… why…… Why didn’t it worked?...... the…… blessing that I… receive from my… great lord… why it didn’t work……”
“Haah? Did you expect something to happen when you die? Too bad it won’t. In front of me, such kind of petty little tricks won’t work. What you call as ritual, your vain struggle, all of them are meaningless, just like your life which is about to disappear now. The thing which you refer as god is also meaningless, and even your life which used to refer to that god is even more worthless. Let me spell it to you once again. You won’t even left your name and die like a worthless bug. Now just quickly go die”

That is a statement that comes from an absolute being.

That man’s death is an example to one end when they anger the god.

The god wrath is not something that symbolizes by a bolt of lightning, nor a cruel great flood that submerge the entire continent.

It was not too over exaggerated like those written in bible or other holy books. In fact it was just a simple single stroke of a sword.

The god decreed.

‘Your life is worthless’

With the divine power contained in that word, the one who hear it will ‘believe firmly’ to that suggestion and will despair greatly from it.

With that decree from Renya, that man can’t retort anything any longer.

He is already on the brink of death. It’s already too late for him to try correcting his wrongs. There are no word can describe that man expression in his face with despair gnawing deep at his hearts.

The man dies with that extremely grieving emotion on his face.

To not let that man even scream his agony from that terror, to not let that man’s name to remains in Renya’s mind, Renya put that man who have walked the wrong path to the depth of hell.

The assault on the Academy of Sirkaberia by the Ordough sect.

That incident has incurred the god wrath. And because of that, in a matter of a half a day, the ring leader and all that participate in it all of them got end up death. That is how the case ended.


3 days later after the attack.

Renya and co at last finished with the aftercare of the case after pulling all-nighters every day including the day when the attack happened. Now they are enjoying a late lunch on a certain restaurant with Therese accompanying them.

Today lunch is a light one for them containing a sandwich that made of a butter roll with many kind of ingredients sandwiched inside with a basket filled with fried food and salad as a side dish. And there is also a bunch of varied food and snacks they got from some street stall that they found on the way to the restaurant.

That incident in the end settled as a secret maneuver from the Ordough sect to terrorize the citizens. The authorities cleverly use this chance to make the citizens more aware of the danger that Ordough sect might bring. In the side of the academy also put more effort so the same mistake won’t happen again like adding more guard to outdoor class, re-examine the teacher curriculum in combat proficiency, etc.

On the other side, Brenda, again, didn’t get the info that she’s been looking for. The only thing that she learn this time was only that about the ritual of sacrifices of the sect, that the sect still haven’t achieved their goal yet, that they possess a yet to be known technology, and that their terrorist activity in every corner of the world is likely to be related with each other.

The students who received the attack is somewhat shocked mentally by the events but it doesn’t enough to give them scar deep enough in their heart. After 2 day of rest, they start going to academy again to resume their study. Doris is also included within that group. And especially for Doris who experienced how painful it is to be powerless during time of crisis, because of that experience, she who should already be exempted from all class because she already about to graduate, starts an extreme training regime for herself.

And that is how the case should be ended happily… but there are still some little problem lingering.

“Renya-oniisan, actually today, I have a question for you”
“N? What is it? You can ask me anything. If it is for Theresa then oniichan here will answer anything that you want to know”
“Is that true?! Then then, without any reserve I’m gonna ask you, Renya-oniisan. Renya-oniisan is not a normal human right?”

Everyone stops their hands at that moment.

The pleasant chat that decorates them also stops.

With Therese innocent question, the time seems to freeze at that instant.

“E-Eh? D-Did I ask something which I shouldn’t have asked?”
“N-No I’m sorry. It’s just that it was really out of the blue making me feel a little bewildered with it. Can I ask you first, Therese? How did you realize that?”
“Umm err…… that is, by the light particle that was used when Renya-oniisan rescue us. The light particle that comes out from Renya-oniisan hand is not magic from how I see it, neither it was a light that can be produced by a normal human. And then and then, I see the same light coming out faintly from Floria-oneesan also. When I realize that those lights are similar, I was like, eh? Then it suddenly comes to me”

Brenda who is sitting next to her gives off a solid, familiar magic power wavelength that Therese can detect. But she can’t feel that magic power wavelength from Renya and Floria so Therese doubt gets deeper as the result.

The party who were frozen by the sudden question start to recover their cool and then think why did Therese able to see through Renya and Floria’s abnormalities.

“Therese, can you see anything strange from Elvira?”
“Fue? From Elvira-oneesan? Uuu, I don’t know. But I can feel a tremendous power hidden”
“So, she can’t really able to see (Power) as is isn’t it…?”
“I think that’s true. But she in the least can detect magic power wavelenght”

If that the case then there’s only one answer.

Therese can somehow see or detect divine power and differentiate it from other kind of power.

But what is the reason? If it was those abnormal people who have the eyes that can (channel) the alternate world then the reason can be explained right away but Therese doesn’t possess such eyes and what she can (see) seems to be limited to only Renya and Floria’s divine power.

Renya who ponders about the answer from this mystery was surprised by Floria sudden statement.

“A! That’s it! Therese should have the aptitude on becoming a (miko), a priestess who serve the gods!”
“What the hell is that Floria?”
“Well Therese already somewhat feels it so I’ll just go straight to the point, in short, Therese own self is synchronize with Renya’s divine power so she have the aptitude to easily receive Renya’s godly grace. Well, it can also be said that she has the aptitude to serve a god as their medium”
“Nthen why did she is also able to (see) Floria’s”
“Renya…… do you forget the source of your divine power? If we tract back our origins it was the same right?”

The two of them is indeed the ‘offspring’ from the late war god in some way whereas Floria is a direct descendant and Renya is a successor. Thinking that way, their divine power should have enough similarity that Therese can still perceive it. Renya seems to be convinced with that theory.

“I see. Then that how things is Therese”
“E, Eee!? What kind of things desuka?” *just read ‘is it?’
“In short, Therese is a human that can receive the most from the blessing given by me, a god! That’s the conclusion”
“G-G-G-GOD!? Renya-oniisan is a god!?”

Renya just nod. He was satisfied with how cute Therese surprised face is. This might be the first time he saw this flustered Therese.

By the way, so that the conversation doesn’t leak to the outside, Floria quickly place a barrier around the party to isolate themselves from the outside world. That fact is not a big deal for Renya and Floria, but just in case to prevent troublesome things to happen, this minimum protection is a must.

After teasing Therese for a while after, Renya starts to tell Therese about his and Floria’s story

Of course he abbreviates the part about harem on so forth. Renya still have that such wretched humanly male feeling of wanting to look cool in front of Therese. He know that it will end up known but a man can only try right?

“Fuha~…… Renya-oniisan and Floria-oneesan really is a god”
“Yeah we are, but not that kind of omniscience omnipotence God for your information”
“Even so that is wonderful! Keep on battling a god for over a hundred years is not something normal people could do”

Therese gaze toward Renya has turned into something full of awe. But rather than a look that revere a higher being like a god, that gaze is like a gaze of awe toward a relative, an amazing older brother to be more precise. Renya can’t tell whether Therese is just a pure little girl or just someone with nerves of steel. Well, Renya knows that Therese just a pure little girl anyway.

“I am curious in one thing actually, Renya-oniisan, are you more skillful in creating things rather than doing war?”
“N? Well if I had to say then to make things and then use them in the most interesting way that is. Mostly the divine armaments that I made are related to battle but I do make handy non-combat divine armament too”
“Th-Then then! Do Renya-oniisan understand the concept of this world ancient technology?”
“I never see one so I can’t say much but…… at the very least, I maybe can give opinion and approach to those things in the way that is totally different from the way the people in this world could think of. I am, in a way, someone from the other world anyway”

He did posses interest toward ancient technology knowledge so he just answer Therese lightheartedly but it seems to be the answer that Therese wanted to hear.

With a smile that is even brighter than her usual one, Theresa clings tightly into Renya arms and says:

“Renya-oniisan! When I graduate from the academy I want to follow your journey! I want to learn more about magic technology with oniisan and oneesan here!”
“Haha, that was another sudden one. But if it’s about learning then even if you don’t join us you still can do it right?”
“But but, If I were to be together with a god that excels at making things then I might be able to understand more things that I previously unable to! And if I manage to understand the ancient technology I might be able to develop magic technology more and even further than ever!”
“Hold your horses. I said that before right? I still don’t know whether I could understand that kind of technology without seeing it”
“Then as long as Renya-oniisan stays in this city I will show you all I know about ancient technology and magic technology! Even if oniisan don’t understand it I will ask oniisan opinion as a god for it and let’s think about it together!”
“T-There’s no reason left for declining!”
“Of course I will give something to oniisan in return. Let me take care of you Renya-oniisan! To have someone to attend a god is a matter of course!”

Little girl.
Taking care.
With that three key word, The conference held inside Renya’s brain come into a conclusion in an instant.

“Alright I understand. I will officially entrust Therese the position of My, The War God Renya Eastle, own personal miko”
“Yes! I will humbly comply nanodesu!”

Renya then pats Therese head whose expression is brimming with happiness because she has been officially recognized as Renya’s personal attendant.

At a glimpse it was a pleasant spectacle. But Floria and Brenda only look at the two from the side with cold eyes.

“A~a, he got being led by the nose, such a shrewd girl. Really, Renya is stupid”
“Is it alright Floria? Even by only coming to the capital the follower had gotten increased by two person you know?”

Saying ‘follower’ is Brenda way to make it sounds gentler. She definitely can’t say ‘harem member’ has increased. And if she did says that, it feels like she is also a part of the harem too which she seems to be bothered with.

She was just worried whether Floria having anxiety because of how fast it increases so she asks that to Floria but Floria just replies lightly.

“Not really. In fact I’m happy with that. Elvira is not a bad person and Therese is cute what else matter?”
“So why did you sigh before?”
“NWell~ it just that.. You know the other day when Renya beat the enemy boss instantly?”
“Yes, even he who is usually so easygoing and aloof gets that scary when he got mad“
“True that… If it was the usual Renya then he would let the enemy trash talk a bit, let the enemy do his transformation scene, then beat that powered up version of the enemy in a flash. But by the way he don’t let his enemy do that, I think that he gotten really mad at that time”
“I-if you said it like that I feel sorrier for that guy. So what’s the deal? Does it have any relation with your sigh just now?”
“Yes it is”

Floria focuses her sight into Elvira and Therese.

The two that they met at the capital, the one is the princess of the dragon tribe and the other one is a genius little girl.

Seeing the sight of Renya being served upon by another two girls was really like passing two steps in one go. That is what Floria had in her mind.

“If Renya’s legend get written down, that story must be something that defy the standard theory in story-telling if it continues on like this. I worried that his legend will become something half assed you know?”

With that word from Floria, Brenda involuntary gave her consent.

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