06 September 2015

Young God Divine Armaments ch 17

Chapter 17 – Mascot Girl

Two weeks has passed since the duel with Elvira.

Renya and his companion have already got used to the live in capital that was hard and filled with troubles at first. And their lives there are now sailing smoothly. Too smooth if one had to say.

Firstly, after His duel with Elvira, Renya ask Elvira about the dragon tribes and their story in this world. And it was in fact, close to what Renya imagine at his mind. Be it how the dragon tribes are a minority species and they avoid having too much contact with the human race. Because of that they choose to live in the place that are rarely visited by humans such as steep mountains, vast jungles, or even in the floor of the deepest oceans. They prefer to live a secluded live that they even avoid contact with their own tribes. If they already avoid their own tribes like that then their own same race are already out of the question.

It seems like the dragons live in seclusion for all their live except for only one occasion: when they want to find their partner. And Elvira’s case is a rare one. She was unable to find partner for centuries thanks to her godlike strength and technique causing her to keep wandering endlessly in a search without any clue or destination. Her power was a blessing and also a curse at the same time.

Even the dragon tribes’ male mostly doesn’t prefer being the one weaker than his pair.

And to makes things worse is Elvira’s bold personality which doesn’t approve a male to be her pair if he doesn’t have enough mettle to make her theirs. But if that is the case why did Elvira insist on becoming Renya’s women even if she won the duel before if she doesn’t like someone weaker than her? It was a big mystery for Renya.

When Renya ask that, Elvira gently dodges answering it. Renya instinct tells him that he had to know that reason sometimes in the future or it might stab him in the back later. He quietly carves those deep in his heart.

All things related to jobs also sails too smoothly.

And the fact that their position now, the Capital of Sirkaberia, Not even mentioning the royal family who resides in it, is a place where trade flourishes greatly. The flourishing trade is boosted even further by the existence of a port city nearby, several mines around the area, and there are even untouched forest close by. For the adventurer kind of work, the capital also surrounded by historical ruins and dungeons that are waiting to be explored. With all that fact, the capital never runs out of trouble to be sorted with and that can also means unlimited job for the wanderer like Renya and his companion.

With Brenda help, Renya manages to make himself well known in the magician guild and he becomes famous enough to take even personal request from people. With that, he can add the job he got from the government office to achieve an even better efficiency. His fame keeps on skyrocketing because Graiz from the golem mission in Minseia spreading his and Floria’s great role on that mission in the warrior guild.

Jobs that give large sum of reward keep on coming to them and yet they manage to finish each task that is given to them easily. Those facts again boost their name even higher in fact they are like a celebrity in the capital now. Even as a wanderer, a person with unclear origin, if people work earnestly, they will eventually reap the benefit from it. That kind of logic should be a normal common sense everywhere people go even in another world.

And in a flash, Renya and his companion succeeded in creating the foundation for their everyday life in the capital.

“So even Renya-oniisan never took a step out from this continent too right?”
“Yeah, I’m thinking of going out to see the world someday but I haven’t finished even half of this continent so maybe I will stay around here for the time being”

One day, Renya other 3 companion all have their own business or job to do so they leave Renya alone that day. And just at that time, Renya coincidentally meet Therese in town and invite her to walk around together in the nearby park. And after that, the two of them enjoyed a friendly chat on the park bench.

That park is placed in a place between the residential district, merchant district, and the school so a lot of people often use it as a place for relaxing from everyday fatigue. The inside of the park is neatly arranged with quite a luster of greenery with a fountain placed in the center make it looks graceful and it also gives a shooting feeling for those who walk in it. Supported with the snack and light meal stall in the vicinity of the park, that park earns a high point from Renya.

While forcing Therese to accept the drink that Renya bought eventhough she keeps rejecting politely, Renya enjoys a pleasant chat with this little hard worker girl and he feels that somewhere inside him got healed because of it.

Therese has quite an extensive knowledge, and above all she is also a good listener. Renya enjoys telling her about the job that he had completed. Of course what he talks about is only about the jobs that are okay to be told to other. Beside the jobs, Renya also tells Therese about all the things that he saw when he goes out doing his Job. Such kind of days continues for several times until Therese tells Renya that she usually goes to this park to take a break when there are long recesses in the school or after the school over.

Because of that information, when Renya don’t have any urgent business to attend he make it a habit to spend his free time inside that park. With that reason, Renya and Therese inevitably meet each other a lot there. Now, they even exchanged each other schedule and make promises to meet out. Their meeting out was already reaches the field of the so called ‘date’.

“Hee~ I’ve been wondering why you look so happy lately so this is the reason eh?”

Someone called to them from behind the bench they sat on in the park. The one who called has an unfamiliar voice to Renya so he turned his head to look at the one called them. When he does so, he saw a girl who wears the same uniform that Therese wears. She is a school girl just like Therese. In her back stands a boy that wears the same uniform with pants. That boy looks angry for some reason. Another boy with slit eye tries to calm that boy down.

“I don’t know that Therese has already matured this much to be having a rendezvous with an older boyfriend in the park! Onee-san is surprised!”
“R-r-r-rendezvous?! T-t-tht-t-that’s not true! Furthermore furthermore, Renya onii-san already have woman companion with fabulous body like Floria onee-san and Brenda onee-san. How can I be his girlfriend when I’m this small…”
“Calm down Therese, she just joking you know? You really get caught easily in your opponent pace don’t you?”

Renya tries to calm Therese down by stroking her head gently. But with that action, the schoolboy that stand behind the girl start screaming in anger.

“Oi you old man, don’t you just easily touch Therese like that!”
“Calm down Rudy. Therese doesn’t seem to be disturbed by his action… in fact she seems to enjoys it”

With the rebuke from his friend, the schoolboy that was called Rudy clicks his tongue and didn’t say any other thing after that.

“I’m sorry for that, we are Therese classmate in the academy. My name is Russel. It was a pleasure to meet you. The one who is kinda having a thirst for blood here is Rudy”
“Who the hell had a thirst for blood? What I was doing is…”
“Yeah yeah I understand it already. Rudy just don’t want Therese to be used as a tool by those stupid adult right? Ah, by the way my name is Doris. I’m also Therese friend. Can I have your name onii-san?”
“My name is Renya. Together with my companion, we are in the middle of wandering around the world without any clear destination”

The one with muscular figure and seems to be quite trained Rudy look at him full with suspicion, The slit eyed and always smiling Russel look at him with full interest, and orange haired ponytail schoolgirl Doris look at him while nodded several times.

Therese who are still bewildered with her friends sudden appearance can’t react at all with the situation and just keep on sitting in the bench, dumbfounded. She was unable to retort back her friends’ statement.

“Well~ it just that nowadays Therese seems to radiated even more aura of happiness than usual~ and she don’t tells us, her friend, of what the cause of her overflowing happiness at all you know~. Because we are caring friends, we become curious for the cause”
“Oh so that's how it was. I don’t mind you know, Therese, if you tell your friends about me. It was not something needed to be keep secret after all”
“From what I suspect, Therese must have went through her first spring in her love life! Like finding a special someone to easily bring her to cloud nine like that! And we can’t suppress our suspicion longer so we just decides to tail her tee hee”
“Uuuu, Doris-san is always over-reacts like that… that is exactly why I didn’t tell anything to you”

Doris is now grinning broadly while looking back and forth between Therese and Renya. After caught Therese red handed, her suspicion got changed into conviction. What Therese worried about seems to hit home already. But looking at it from a different view, there are Rudy who still wears an angry face, Russel who seems to be the more matured than his appearance, and the energetic Doris. Renya imagines that Therese, who is friends with them, must have been blessed with a happy school life at the academy.

“And then and then? How did Renya-san entice our Therese here? Our Therese who is spending all her time studying, having good manners, 3 years consecutively won the public poll inside the academy in the category of ‘the person I want to make my little sister the most’ from both the male and female side, and on top of it having a cute airheaded tendency. What kind of trickery will you use to fool our Therese here!?”
“For the time being I want you to calm down first Doris. And your face is too close, move back a little won’t you?”
“That’s right that’s right! And just to be clear Renya-oniisan didn’t deceive me or do any other malicious things!”

Doris who keeps on pushing him with her face close by is one thing but, the one standing behind her and listening to the talks, Rudy, get his expression more and more ghastlier by seconds might prove to be too much to handle so Renya just tell them about how he first met Therese to calm things down.

“Whoa that’s cool~ what kind of story is that, a fiction? Therese, since when did you became a heroine of a romance novel?”
“I didn’t become one! > < muu why Doris-san never hear other people saying”
“Ahahahaha~ It’s a joke okay a joke. Come on come on, don’t puff up your cheek like that. Your cute face become ruined didn’t it”
“Hyawawa, D-hon’t tickhle me haike hat” *don’t tickle me like that

They are really such a good friend. Renya thought so from the bottom of his heart. When Renya is having his fill of the heartwarming picture of two good friends frolicking around together, someone suddenly grabs his shoulder. When he turns his head over, there stands Rudy looking down at him with the expression of holding back his anger.

“Hey you, you don’t think of using Therese as a tool for your gains don’t you?”
“As I have introduced myself, I am a wanderer and still in the middle of my journey, can such people do something as fearsome as that?”
“That is just your story isn’t it? There is no way to prove whether that story is right or wrong. And moreover most people that tries to manipulate other will come as a good guy at first right? Anyway, what I want to say is, if you make Therese cry, I will personally make you regret. Remember that”

He only said that and then gets back to where he was before, Continuing his surveillances to Renya with his eyes glaring silently.
Renya don’t really know what he should do with that Rudy guy but Russel immediately lower his head to Renya.

“Please forgive him. Rudy has experiences many things that he lost his trust toward the adults. Also not everybody from the adults who try to approach Therese are people with virtuous mind. In fact there were a lot of adults that attracted by Therese ability and approach her in order to use her as a tool to their own profit without regarding Therese feeling”
“I can imagine that. Therese is a wise girl for her age and despite her young age, she already has the ability that not even an adult has. People that only thinks about their own self interest trying to approach her to use her is something that can be said natural even”
“He doesn’t act belligerent like that out of spite. According to him, if one shows his own weakness then others will use it for their advantages. It was his basic principle when interacting with people it seems”

Renya kinda understand Rudy’s stance now. In fact, people with half hearted resolution when approaching Therese will definitely get scared by Rudy’s threat and give up trying to get Therese. From what Renya heard from Brenda about the academy, the academy won’t yield to pressure from political power or people with high status easily. Different from the kingdom sponsored school one. So the only threat will come directly to Therese after all.  Rudy had been trying to protect Therese by the most he can do now nevertheless.

From the talk before he kinda feel that Rudy have fallen into a situation where he by himself can’t do anything against his adversary. Renya is adult enough to not rebuke back at Rudy for his bad manners having understand him this far.

“I don’t mind. Such thing like this, rather than piling up thousands of words, it was better to show my feeling with my action right? My feeling which doesn’t harbor any ill will towards Therese that is”
“If you put it that way then it already help us a lot. I can’t bear having my friend misunderstood because of this”

After Russel says that, he begins remonstrating Doris for her attitude toward Renya.

In charge of the group liveliness, Doris.

In charge of the group escort, Rudy.

And the one that seems to be the group leader, Russel.

He must come out naturally as a group leader of the four after eliminates other candidates especially Rudy who at first glance doesn’t fit at all inside this group.

From their talks Renya knows that Russel and the other guy in group enter the academy 1 year before Therese. They need to add a year because they grades aren’t satisfying enough to pass to 2nd grade. At that time they meet Therese.

Therese that didn’t even try to get accustomed to her new environment and keep only doing her study make Doris worry about her, she also drags the other 2 guys into it by force. Because of Therese influence the other 3 get more serious in their own study and without a hitch leave acceptable result. In the end they all manage to reach graduation at the same year together.

“But really, I’ve done it for Therese sake because I worry about her but because of her I can graduates safely like this and can even leave an impressive grades and achievement like this… never in my wildest dreams~”
“N-not like Doris-san has to overexert herself like that in studying you know? People have their own pace when studying”
“Hahaha, that might be it. But Therese, Sensei* had said it didn’t he? That it is important to show more effort if you have decided your goal”
“And Sensei also said that ‘if you keep putting effort towards your goal, you will reach it someday too even if it takes years’ didn’t he? Continuing it while procrastinating is different right? We are doing our study by our own way in this academy. And the academy side thinks that our way of study is favorable enough that they give us the right to graduate right?”

It was the way the 3 of them saying to Therese that her worry is baseless. Therese hangs down her head for a few but it seems that the feeling from her friend managed to get through, she said ‘Yes!’ while nodding vigorously.

“Therese seems to be blessed with good friends. I’m glad for you”
“Yes! They are the most precious things that I managed to get inside the academy!”
“U~nnn, such purity! A~ Therese~ Therese~ why are you soo cute~? Mmmm~”
“Hawawawa, Doris-san I han’t hreathe mugyu” *I can’t breathe

While watching Doris has her way again with Therese, Renya enjoys the gentle wind that blow inside the park. Renya heard that after the season changes, the academy will have their graduation ceremony.

(Hmm okay then, continuing our journey after seeing off Therese leaving her nest isn’t that much of a wait)

Renya decided to keep staying in the capital until the time of Therese graduation. And for that purpose, he should gather more money. And Renya stays in the capital continues.

TL Notes:
*Sensei : Japanese for teacher. (just in case)

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