29 August 2015

At Last I Can Use My Laptop

After I arrived in Japan, I realize 1 thing late: I don't bring a plug changer to the electrical outlet that match the one that Japanese use so I can't turn on my laptop for all weeks since I got to Japan. Today I got a break from the training in the foreigner training center so I go find electric related shop. BTW the place I am now is a rural area in Japan. Just google map Miho mura on Ibaraki ken (美浦村 -茨城県) that place is really out in the boonies that I need to walk a long way to the bus stop and after so much adventure in the city(?) (it was not as crowded as tokyo if you see it in anime or dorama) I finally got the plug changer!

so long story short. I will continue updating! wait for it readers!