20 August 2015

And My Adventure... Start!

I would like to apologize to YGDA reader for unable to update YGDA for a while. Because I'm busy IRL... Because I am going to go to Japan!

At last... after a long wait... I will fly to Japan tomorrow to work there as a trainee for 3 years. Thanks to the long wait that I decided to start translating YGDA. And I have done 16 chapters in my wait to get to Japan.

Looking back... it really was one thorny road. As a former hikkikomori, my mental strength isn't that strong to keep my spirit up all the time when waiting.I get depressed, worried, and all other negative feeling all attacks at the same time. Thanks to translating YGDA, I can forgot other things for a while. Hell, I even feel happy when my blog viewer reaches 100K and I got my 1st donation. I start to think 'maybe I should just make my translation a SRSBSNS and forgot going to Japan'. But I don't... I want to have a Japanese girls harem after all *bricked

Haha well joking aside, what I really want is to make myself... stronger, mentally and physically. If you watch last season (spring) most famous waifu anime (Hestia), there's a line from there: "If an adventurer wants to get stronger, he/she must go on an adventure." that's what I'm gonna do.

Well... yeah my weak heart is already feel worries and other negative feeling already before my flight... just like a phrase from the opening song from Barakamon "Rashisa": "変化が怖くて、変わらぬ日々も嫌いで" in latin it will be: "henka ga kowakute, kawaranu hibi mo kiraide" and the meaning in English is: "afraid of changes, but is also bored/hate with the unchanging everyday". It really depicts the me now. I am worried about the changes I'm about to face but I don't want to keep living like this too. So argh... let just bulldoze it all!

It will all be perfect if I have a goddess like Floria on my side haha.

ah well my sensei told me that Japanese people don't like people that make excuse when they are at fault but let me just make some excuse for my late update: "I can't concentrate translating with my unstable mental condition dammit!"


Will as soon as I can, continues. Japanese people when says soon, it mostly meant in 2 or 3 days... but mine might meant 1 month or two...



  1. Thanks for the chapter! Oh!? It is not chapter!!! Congratulation for your trip to Japan. I wanna go Japan too.