14 August 2015

Young God Divine Armaments ch 16

Chapter 16 - 2nd Passage of the Legend: The Duel with the Dragon Princess (last part)

“As strong as a tempest as fast as a gale, bring your divinity and turn it into a strong gust of wind! Howl! My Divine Dragon Slaying Hailstorm Sword「Ame no Habakiri」!”

Shouting his divine armament name, Renya held the sword high in the air and his divine power starts to swell more and more.

His surging up divine power condenses and envelops his entire body. The divine power than envelops him is making his defense even firmer, his arms even stronger, and his legs even faster than before.

That physical enhancement ability is actually a special effect that came from holding 「Ame no Habakiri」.

It was a technique to get the holder physical strength as close to the rumored storm god who once owns the sword that has the same name.

The buff that the sword gave to its holder is a physical enhancement spell that synchronize with the holder own physical enhancement ability and make the holder physical power increases by fold from the piled up buff.

For Renya who used to curse his predecessor as musclehead all the time to wish for the same kind of raw strength, and to achieve it he used this kind of throughout physical enhancement until at last he comes to his condition now. Floria can only smile bitterly from knowing that ironic fact.

From the first bout, he understands that his speed means nothing to Elvira. With that fact he plans to get his speed a rank higher so even Elvira can’t keep up with him.

He is now already in a level where it is impossible for normal human to arrive at. With his godly swift dash, he closes the gap between him and the dragon princess in an instant.

“My breath is the incarnation of a tyrant! Those who stand before it will only meet destruction! Prostrate yourself before my breath!”

In response to Renya advances, Elvira focuses her dragon aura in her halberd blades and thrust forward in a single stroke.

That aura is something that only a dragon has. The one that is widely known to make a dragon, dragon.

That thing is the one which can erases every existence in this world. The exhales from a dragon --

The Dragon Breath.

Elvira wraps up her halberd with her condensed dragon breath. Her dragon breath that is condensed to her halberd blades looks just as glamorous as a glowing jet black gem. With that jet black breath engulfing her halberd, she thrusts it forward with all her might.

Even when she uses her human form, Elvira shows that she can still use her power as a dragon. And that is the true form of the dragon tribe secret skill that she said before. With her tribe’s secret skill, she aims her halberd directly to Renya direction to face his advances.

After that, the exchanges between the two carried out in milliseconds denomination. They moves too fast for normal human eyes to follow, changing that place into a sanctuary for just only the two that have surpass those of mere mortals.

In a way, it can also be said that it was a world where only the two of them can understand.

If someone points that out to Elvira, her maiden circuit would definitely short from the unbelievable shock it gives but she can’t think such thing when she is hard pressed in this millisecond unit battle where a millisecond of distraction can means fatal.

Inside that milliseconds battle, Renya shout aloud.


Exhaling his breath, he faces Elvira’s attack up front! When the two weapons clash a shockwave created from the 2 clashed weapons that made the surrounding air trembles. Even with a disadvantage in mass and lengths, Renya’s 「Ame no Habakiri」 doesn’t lose in terms of power when their weapon clash to each other. And Renya also manages to stop Elvira gleaming black bullet like thrust.

But to stop that one thrust, Renya need to hit it several time with his sword. That attack was a series of slashes that happen in a moment to stop the halberd. It was an excellent skill but at the same time it also proves that a dragon breath power have great destruction power that even with a god full power with extra buff added from the divine armament Renya still can’t block it well. Renya is now fully aware that the dragon tribe power knows no limit. Facing such existence head on, a cold sweat runs on Renya’s back.

Renya tries to give pressure to Elvira with his strength and speed. His sword track dance beautifully in the air, all of them aimed straight to Elvira. But that kind of brute force tactic won’t work for Elvira. She even increases the strength of her attacks trying to give pressure to Renya instead.

The light flashing from each of their weapon movement track increases gaudily. Renya felt that the weight he feels from Elvira attack keep getting heavier. He was surprised when he notices that his leg was stopped on its track. Elvira’s blow is too heavy that he can’t block the impact perfectly if he moves around.

“Y-You can even reinforce your weapon with your breath while you exhales it!?”
“I can’t…… hold it for long, but it was simple trick so yes I can do that!”

No matter how big a creature is, they can’t keep exhaling their breath for long. But there is indeed a technique to strengthen yourself when you exhales your breath like those of martial art practitioner on earth.

On the two surroundings, tracks of white and black light interpose between each of it. But the strange thing is, none of those two tracks even once collides with each other. That was because when the weapons are about to clash, the thick aura that those two weapon wraps up with will collide first, making the physical body of the weapon unable to touch each other.

If things continue to unfold this way then maybe there is a hope in winning? Is something Elvira thinking on her head when suddenly…

“Well then let’s proceed to my next move shall we?”

Renya who were at disadvantages smile fearlessly. Seeing such confidence in Renya’s expression, the thought Elvira just had is crushed without mercy.

“Those that strain you are my commandment! Be wrapped up in the twilight and prostrate yourself! The inescapable strangling darkness 「Night Crucifixion」!”

As soon as Renya finish shouting that ‘incantation’, a large number of black colored ‘something’ sprung out from the ground where Elvira stands.

That ‘something’ moves around like a snake that hunts its prey, coiling and strangling anything that it catches.

This black rope like thing is one of the divine armaments that Renya created that doesn’t have any ability to kill or even less, harm the opponent. This divine armament is used to immobilize his enemy, and not stopping with only that, this divine armament can also suck enemy power to weaken them so they will be unable to break free from it. Even more terrifying, this divine armament can be remote controlled too from far away to neutralize its target. It is literally a godlike tool to capture his enemies.

It was a divine armament for support purpose that Renya creates when he got the authority to control all the tools and weapons that he kept in his ‘world inventory’ without having to touch it directly. With his new attained authority, 「Night Crucifixion」becomes a godlike tool to immobilize his enemies.

By the way, when 「Night Crucifixion」 was used to bind the predecessor war god, he was just simply torn it apart with his bare hand. Even when the energy suction works perfectly fine, he doesn’t show any sign of being weaken at all. Renya’s divine armaments really are a repeating of failures and even more failures when facing with the predecessor war god. That’s why he chooses the thorny road to train and upgrade his divine armaments through a severe and rigorous path. But let’s not talk about that for now.

With the authority for remote controlling his divine armaments, Renya can fool his enemies easily by distracting them with the divine armament that he held in his hand while his real killer moves comes from the remote controlled divine armaments that he kept inside his ‘world inventory’ where thousands or even more divine armaments slept.

Even for a martial artist that has reached the pinnacle of his art still can’t handle divine power well as it was something outside human logic. Rather than trying to master using it, one should just use it the way fit them best.

In the fight with the predecessor war god, Renya trains hard about battle tactics and other similar subjects so he can fight in styles that suit him the best and surpass the previous war god fast. Because if he keeps fighting him from head on he won’t be able to beat him even if he spent 1000 years training.

The way Renya uses his new authority enables him to ‘cast’ ‘special abilities’ without any preparation movement and with only a simple command. With it, he can pull surprise attack to his enemies anytime anywhere. That is the reason why Renya was able to beat his predecessor. That is the true terror that this war god has.

And so Renya, who in the future will be known as 「The War God Who Reigns over Creation and Trickery」, is showing a little part from his true power to the world.

“Guh…… My power is getting sapped… Gh… I can’t keep up my breath enhancing technique…!”

Because she was too focused to Renya’s attacks that come from up front, Elvira got easily caught in that surprise attack that comes from her below. And the fact that this kind of attacks is a unusual one even dumbfound Elvira for a second. The black rope that binds her over her black one piece doesn’t seem to stand out much because of the color similarity but, The binds emphasizes Elvira rich volume breast into an even larger volume, tangles her lower body and makes her skirt upturned then from there her white long legs stretches out… If he should say it, Elvira’s appearance now is truly sensational.

Her figure that tries to struggle in that tied up position, even more when she let her breath of anguish out, makes even Renya thinks of something that he should not think inside a battle


As to blow off the pink atmosphere that flows out in the air, He blow off Elvira’s halberd that still covered up with a weakened dragon breath, getting close to Elvira who are still tangled by 「Night Crucifixion」 and points his sword towards her neck.

And with this, the duel between a god and a dragon is coming to an end.

The battle was already over in an instant. It can’t be helped because each and every attack is strong enough to end the duel if it connects. If it was a battle to death then it will become a different matter but this is only like a ritual to make it clear who is stronger between the two.

If normal people hear this then they must think this two as a dangerous person for doing such dangerous ritual but because both of them are somewhat familiar with battles then one might say that it can’t be helped.

“I believe that the match has reach its conclusion”
“…… Yes, it has. But I felt a bit sad for ending such an amazing time too soon”

With her word, Elvira makes her halberd disappear from her hand showing that she admits her defeat.

Seeing that, Renya also put back 「Ame no Habakiri」and「Night Crucifixion」to his ‘world inventory’. Eventhough deep in his heart, he still want to saw Elvira tangled in a rope… let’s just not talk about it.

“Niisama, the result is just as you see. With this result, there should be no problem right?”
“Yeah it’s alright. Eventhough they are gods that comes from another world, people who hold divine power within them are people with bottomless power after all”

Along with that voice, a guy suddenly appears beside Elvira. He is a guy that from his looks compared to human is in his late 20th and has this calm and graceful looks.

He has the same flaxen colored hair and a black robe just like Elvira. Their look are kinda unbalanced as a sibling but because of that similar hair color, the impression of them being sibling is undeniable.

“War God Renya Eastle-sama, for my little sister ill mannered conduct against a god such as yourself, first, I would like to ask for your forgiveness”
“I don’t mind it. In truth I was reborn again as a god from being a normal human. So my age might probably be younger than you guys are. And anyway, I also feel weird being treated with such respectful way like this”
“Hoo…… So even you who are revered as a god still have their own circumstances it seems. If you don’t mind can you please share your story with us?”
“I don’t particularly have any problem with that. And it also seems that my companions are bored having nothing to do. So let’s us talk a bit about my circumstances and also while being at it we can also talk about how things gonna be from now on”

Saying that while seeing his two companion who run up to him, Renya invites the dragon siblings to a better place to have a chat.


The view then changes suddenly from a coliseum into a grassland plain as far as one eye can see.

In one corner of the plains a set of wooden made table and chairs that give an out of place feeling are placed. The situation makes one think of being invited into a weird tea party.

“I am sorry for the late introduction, My name is Dean Blackford, the older brother of this inexperienced little sister Elvira. It was a pleasure to meet you”

After Dean introduces himself, Renya and his companion start to introduce themselves too in one by one. Finished with the greetings, Renya then starts to talk about his story about how he can became a god.

And when Renya finish his story, the dragon siblings are dumbfounded by how farfetched his story is. Brenda, who had already felt the same feeling the dragon siblings felt now shows her sympathy toward them with her eyes.

“How amazing…… to not using that omnipotent power to tyrannize other weaker being and instead restraining that power… and not only that to even try to enjoy living an ordinary human life… that kind of way of live are something rarely chosen by those being that is superior from the others……”

Don’t know why but Elvira reacts in an unexpected way to Renya story and it made Brenda bewildered and reflexively looks back at her with dubious eyes.

And when Brenda looks at Elvira, she can tell that Elvira has already completely fallen for Renya.

In a comical expression, it can be said that there are heart marks in Elvira eyes when she looks at Renya.

“I beg your pardon Brenda-jou, but we the dragon tribe, according to the folklore among human, are said to be a powerful being. And with that superiority, the dragon tribe folks do many selfish things to satisfy their own greed. That folklore for the most part is… you know… true. And because of that… such humble way of life like the one Renya-sama does must seems to be something amazing especially for my sister here”

‘Humble?’  is what Brenda wants to say but she just swallow it. This difference in perception might be influenced by the race difference. Even if she push up her opinion it will changes nothing so she just stay silent.

“It might be weird coming from me but Elvira, I too, also the same, in regard of prioritize myself first you know? And to top it off, the purpose are somewhat… if I forced to say it… cheap. In which part did you find it charming I wonder?”

Floria and Brenda are shocked to see how honest Renya reacts to Elvira reaction. And they also curious about Elvira answer to Renya question so they just stay silent.

“The desire to leave behind proofs of their live in the world by using woman to leave their descendant as much as they can for an exceptional strong man is natural isn’t it? And to achieve that he doesn’t practice force, instead he wants to be loved because who he is just like a normal human… such modesty…… it was something impossible to follow for a dragon tribe male that is drowned by his own power”
“Err, does Elvira think it is normal for a male to have relationship with multiple woman at once?”
“Hm? Didn’t human male such as the king of a country or someone that have high enough position in society acting all high and mighty while having multiple women served them don’t they? I think I heard that from somewhere…”
“I’m not a king though… and I’m also not a human either”
“What did you refer to? You, who are the top of every living thing in this world, a god, are there any rules that can bind such a being as you? And Renya-sama ideals and conceptions are much better that those tyrannical god who once resides in this land. There is no need for such self depreciation”

A-ah, I suspect that this kind of race that has long life span would be acquainted with the gods that once resides in this world and they really did know. Those gods must be similar to the one in his world, a good for nothing, from seeing how Elvira reacts Renya made that conclusion.

Renya thinks that he should check this world myth and legends just to be safe later if he has the time. Knowing more won’t put him in a disadvantage.

“Nii-sama, see it right? My intuition is right on the mark right? It is decided that I’m going to be Renya’s wife!”
“Calm down a bit Elvira. I know that Renya-sama is not a god that is haughty with his power and I also see him as a calm natured person that make him looks closer to that of a normal human. And above all else, there might not be any other being as strong as Renya-sama in the future that can hold you down Elvira. In those aspect I couldn’t possibly objects that but still…”

Clearing his throat, Dean straightens his gaze directly toward Renya. He can’t think of any other unnecessary things such as the one he directs his gaze to is a being known as god. He stands there purely because of his feeling as an elder brother toward his little sister.
Feeling his strong mettle, Renya also responded by seeing Dean straight in his eyes.

“I beg you Renya-sama! You can think of it as a way to help us but please take my little sister to your side! If we let this chance slide, I don’t think there will be no other chance would come to my sister! If such things were to happen… I… I!”

Saying such thing, Dean bows his head deeply pleading for his sister happiness to Renya. He bows his head soo deep that it becomes somewhat scary.

It seems that from Elvira activity of going around challenging strong people and beating them made no one from the small in number dragon tribe male to be qualified in becoming Elvira’s husband.

Normally, the girl father or male siblings would be overprotective when their daughter or sister got involved with some unknown man. But Renya doesn’t feel that kind of vibe from Dean and as a result, he is bewildered by it.

He feels that he can’t just answer Dean plead instantly like that. Renya then turns his gaze to Elvira. The Elvira who was just until a while ago keeps on making advance toward him had suddenly gone. She is now worried about whether Renya would accept her or not.

Well, in a way, having another companion who is considered to be an equal existence with him beside Floria is indeed seems helpful in their future journey. Elvira herself is also, in a different meaning from Brenda, is frank about things. And also with her vast experience and knowledge of this world, it would prove to be useful for him later. Renya calculates a lot of things according to his self interest. But those are all might seem to be just an excuse for his real motive.

(Breast size that is even larger than that of Floria’s!! What a deadly weapon those are!)

That sight when Renya binds Elvira with his black ropes is returning back to his mind. Because of the ropes binding her that time, the breast emphasizes soo much that Renya can clearly tell how magnificent the mass kept there.

Even now, the way Elvira fold her arm makes her twin mountain get overly emphasizes.

Maybe because she trains her body in martial arts, her body proportion and curves are perfect. Her breast is also a magnificent one but her soo smooth looking thighs is also to Renya liking.

And then the conference held inside Renya brain declares a decision.

“I understand, then I accept Elvira to my side. I will take full responsibility for her so don’t you worry. This might be also what you call fate”
“I-Is that true?! Ohh thank you soo much! Our Blackford clan will all be crying tears of happiness for such happy occasion. I sincerely thank you for your kindness!”

Renya put his hand on Dean’s shoulder who was moved to tears from happiness. Renya shows a gesture that is like saying ‘leave the rest to me’. Elvira who is also deeply moved by it grabs Renya hand and not letting it go.

In a way, it was such a tear jerking scene. But that didn’t hold true to two person there.

“…… it was because the breast isn’t it?”
“Yes, the breast. I think it was most probably 80% of the reasons why Renya accepts Elvira”

Those two with a sub zero gaze watch over that farce silently.

TL Notes:
*Jou = suffix like san or chan. Used for an unmarried woman. Like miss

Sorry I’m late updating this. Well if I can make an excuse, man can make plans but god will have the last say in it. If you are atheist then just believe in god Renya hahaha.

And one more thing… TENTACLE GRAPE!



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