30 July 2015

Young God Divine Armaments ch 15

Chapter 15 - 2nd Passage of the Legend: The Duel with the Dragon Princess (1st part)

“Wait wait… Even if you say dragon I can’t understand to anything you’ve said”
“That’s true right~, All I can see is a totally normal human woman anyway”

Renya’s and Floria’s high strung fighting spirit disperse at once hearing that line. Their doubtful voice echoes on the empty duel arena.

It was indeed that Elvira outward appearance is perfectly that of a human woman and she is a total beauty on top of it. From the dragon appearance that Renya and Floria knows, she totally lacks many things to identify herself as a dragon like a scaly skin, a tail, even she doesn’t have anything to tell that she is different from other human like a dragon-ish horn growing on her head or a pair of uncommon ear shape and so on.

Well, all of that knowledge came from fictional story so using those as a reference is not a really smart choice But even Floria who have known lots and lots of other different world reacts the same way as Renya who only have information from his previous live only.

“Pardon…? If you talk about my appearance then it is the effect of our human-shifting ability. We use this ability to turn us completely into a normal human in order not to make human suspicious of us. I am a bit surprised to hear that it is weird to not having any dragon like feature when transforming”

Elvira put her hand on her cheek pondering about what the two said feeling strange about it. In this case, what she says is this world common sense so it would be the correct answer here in this world. But yet, she feels like she can understand how the two is suspicious with her true identity.

“Then if I turn into one will you believe what I said as truth?”

While smiling gently, Elvira body starts to shine.

The light emitted by Elvira is soo bright that it blinds the three for a moment. And then when they open their eyes again, in front of them, a living legend stood proudly.

Even this world treated dragons under the similar kind of legend.

As the legend tells, dragons are the creatures that reign over in the summit of all creations. Not only that, dragons are also considered to be equal to a god and another celestial being. Their existence brings fear and awe to other being whatever it is.

The dragon that appeared before the three, Elvira in her dragon form, has jet black scales that shines dimly just like an obsidian and a few meters big frame.

A pair of grand wings to take control of the skies.

A black dragon that beauty even compares to that of the night sky has descent there.

For Renya, it was like an existence from fairy tale gets out to the real world, making his train of thought is a bit slow in accepting this condition.

「With this, I believe that I have proven my words as the truth am I right?」
“Yes my bad about it. It just that my head can’t catch up quite well with this situation and because of that I unintentionally treat you badly, for that I apologizes”

Because he can feel seriousness aura from Elvira, he stops acting like a jerk and starts putting a dignified front towards her. It was because the other party is not like Renya, it is a genuine existence that is above human.

After all he was just a fake that rises up to this position after struggling soo hard is what he thought in pessimistic way while seeing Elvira’s dragon form.

When he realizes it, Elvira has already turns back into her female human form.

“You don’t mind not being in your dragon form?”
"When I take that form my fighting style become very rough that it doesn’t have any aesthetic sense in it. In contrast to how a dragon fighting that is just using pure power to bulldoze through your opponent, Humans art of fighting is wonderful. To compensate their lack of strength, they have created various high leveled beautiful art of fighting. And even those who master their art until the upmost limit can fight on par with us or other ancient existence and they even have the possibility of driving us into extinction! And there is one other fact…”

Zoom! A sudden gust of wind hit Renya. When he realizes it Elvira had suddenly brings spears in her arm and entering her fighting stance.

Just the same as her clothes, her spear is also clad in black color. No, not a spear. The thing that she held in her arm was more like a halberd. In the axe part and in the tip part of the halberd, a golden dragon shaped ornament can be seen. That weapon sure looks like a weapon that is prepared specially for her.

“And that fact is that be it in human form or in dragon form ― ― my strength does not change in the slightest. It just change the way I use it only”

A-ah it’s already too late. As Renya sigh inside his head.

This girl is not the kind that doesn’t get haughty from her strength, and is the type that has great confidence in her own skill that she has polished herself. From how she acts, Renya feels that she was similar to a veteran martial artist. And facing someone like that would make it impossible to leave things hanging and not doing fighting.

And besides that, the way she holds her halberd and getting her fighting pose ready is a really beautiful sight that Renya can’t avert his eyes from her.

Renya thinks that it wouldn’t be impossible that she can fascinate all enemy soldiers with her halberd movement even until the last moment when death comes upon them.

Elvira resolution is the real deal. Understanding that, Renya turn his face to where Floria and Brenda were. With eye contact, he tells the two to fall back from the duel area. Sensing the ambience change in the surrounding, the two silently nod and retreat far enough from there. Renya believe that no matter how wild the duel will get, Floria can protect Brenda completely from any harm that might come. Without having to worry about the other two, Renya turns his face to Elvira again.

“I want to ask one thing. Why did you challenge me?”
“As I said before, I aim for surpassing a god with my martial arts skill. But that was just half of my reasons. The other half is”

At that point, she suddenly acts all bashful and while stealing a glance at Renya, she says:

“That is…… to make sure whether you are fit as a man to become my marriage partner”

She suddenly drops the bomb.

Renya in confusion thought ‘Eh? What is this soo mainstream~. Are you okay with such plot twist?’ and many other weird thought came across Renya’s head making him even more panic.

Suddenly proposing to someone you just meet for the first time.

What kind of manga or anime is this? Bring out the one in charge! I want to scream my complains directly in his ear! That is the things filled Renya head now. It was already impossible to think logically and orderly.

“S-Stop right there! After suddenly appears from nowhere then without regarding other step and skip straight into marriage proposal, I won’t accept that you now! For holy mother sake please explain yourself!?”
“Err, eventhough I look like this, I for once is also the princess of the black dragon tribe you know?”
“I don’t mean asking you to explain things about you when I say explain yourself!”
“I was err… became strong. Too strong you might say. And there is also problem with my preference that it makes me hard to find the right man for me even after I check through all other dragon tribe there is. Talking about this makes me feel miserable as a woman though”
“You don’t need to say the rest! Even I can guess what comes next. In order to find the right husband then you go out on a journey and that is when you sense Renya’s divinity aura and set your eyes on him right!”

Floria suddenly points her finger at Elvira while saying her conclusion like a certain famous detective while looks like having fun at it. Not that it was important but, she doesn’t look like she wants to know Elvira circumstances for real. She just asked Elvira that question in order to be able to imitate that famous detective! Being capricious like that is her one of her bad habit. Brenda who seems to read what Renya had at his mind says and she thinks that he doesn’t have the right to say that to Floria as he also does similar things from time to time. Anyway Elvira confession continues.

“Yes that is correct. The divinity elements that I haven’t felt in the recent years suddenly can be felt again. And what’s more, inside that divinity element that I felt I can feel a great fighting spirit that can only be felt from someone who always put himself in battles. I am ashamed to admit it but, thinking how much of a warrior the owner of this aura has is making my heart flutter in excitement”

In a sense, her confession is like that she fall in love with him in the 1st sight. Well, not much fall in love for such a dangerous reason such as hers.

But yeah, in the first place, there are only a handful-close-to-none people who can get up to her standard like that.

“Well if that’s the reason then I’m fine with it. But that would only happen if I win right? What will happen if I lose?”
“Well as you heard just now there already none from my race that is tough enough to be my husband for life so if I win then you will become my husband and if you win then I will become your wife!”

Whatever the outcome will be, with a joyful look, she already made up her mind to be Renya wife for good.

Her appearance is that of a very beautiful girl but she also somewhat faintly emits this aura of sadness that is similar to those other girl who had let her marriage chance slip away. Or it was just only him over reading the situation?

“Doesn’t that mean that whatever the outcome will be the result will just be the same doesn’t it? That’s just weird!”
“What are you saying? The result will be used to decide who will be on top and who will be on bottom. Isn’t that thing is also important?”
“T-that certainly is…… you have a point there”

Nevertheless, there are two people who listening to the talk between Renya and Elvira and felt a something strange. They are Floria and Brenda, the two who accompany Renya on his journey.

“Floria, is it just me or did the things that Elvira said and the things that Renya said has this subtle disconnection feeling in it?”
“I think your feeling is right. The base of Renya’s eyes slightly trembles a bit for a moment. That is his habit when reacting to something ecchi. Because he don't mind which sides he is at be it being the one holding down and being the one held down, he likes them both”
“I-Is that so……? Honestly I didn’t mean to ask that much but…… you know, in reality how does it really feel like?”
“Are?* Did Brenda have interest in that kind of talk? How about we talk about this later when it was more comfortable for your future references?”
“……… Please do so”

Renya wants to warn them ‘What are you guys talking about?’ (in monotone) but he doesn’t want to disturb a sleeping dog so he let it lie.

But he really don’t expect that this kind of situations like those in game where the player is pushed to make a choices but whichever the player chooses, the result will be the same in the end. But pushing the troublesome result aside, she is indeed someone who tries to usurp his authority as a war god.

His heart is not that weak to step back from that kind of strife filled challenge.

“Well for the time being let’s just think about what will happen next after I win. To make my challenger wait is rude right?”
“Ara*, so it’s not ‘let’s worry it later after I lost’?”

Elvira provokes him with her bewitching smile. Without being disturbed by her bewitching smile which is definitely impossible to do if her age is the same as her outside appearances, Renya declares boldly.

“I am a newcomer in this field and I don’t even have any legends or achievements. I am still inexperienced as a god but ― ― as the one who inherit the name of god of war, I have decided to not easily say those kind of weak things such as defeat!”

After he declares that, without sparing any moment, his worry free expression disappears.

In it places, is the expression of a warrior that will soon fight in a war.

What oozes out and wrap his body up is not mana, but his power as a god, as a divinity, his divine powers.

He draws his power that he inherited from the previous war god in full throttle and with that his battle preparation has completed. At that moment…

“…… That is very dreadful indeed. Such things like legends and achievement don’t really affect much in this kind of situation right? The only thing that matter is how you show off your value as a warrior! That’s the only way!”

Elvira who confronts Renya serious mode directly from the front get a tinge of fear planted inside her heart.

“So this is how Renya is when he is serious… right? This feeling I have inside, it was not either fear or longing towards it. I can’t even feel anything because his pressure is just too intense”

Even Brenda who decided to go together with him as a party found Renya real pressure to be too intense. She had to preserve under the intense pressure assaulting her entire body in order to keep her consciousness.

“Well then, this will be the first time Renya use his divine power after he becomes a war god. I just can’t wait hehe ♪”

That overpowering aura too, that oppression aura too, that too dense self presence too, for Floria, all of them is nothing but just a spice, a stimulus to make her inquisitiveness heart runs wilder.

“Come! Dragon princess Elvira Blackford! War god Renya Eastle will accept your challenge!”
“You have my thanks, Renya-sama. Then I request you to be my partner in this duel”

In that moment, Elvira dashes forward, turning herself into a black colored bullet, then swings her halberd from the front.

It was a downswing fully packed with all her strength. Normally, facing that kind of attack up close from the front would be a bad move. Doing a side step will give more chance in avoiding that attacks but what Renya do is face that attack from up front and… use his bare hand to block that halberd.

And then a loud sound like when two metals hit each other with great force erupts.

The one with surprised expression is… are Renya and Elvira. Both of the fighters are surprised at each other ability.

“…… Such power! If I don’t charge my divine power until its max I might not be able to block your halberd! …… As expected from a dragon! The amount of ki that she releases isn’t something to laught of…!”
“To stop my halberd…… with just bare hand!? As expected from an existence that is revered as a god! ……Trying to logically measure your strength is impossible from the start…!”

With his hand that he used to block which still felling a stinging sensation from the exchange, Renya ward off the halberd back to its owner and take a back step to make some space between them.

He blocks Elvira attacks with his bare hand not because he wants to show off or because of his moodswings.

He just wants to know how much his present body strength can hold out against an enemy that is in the same level or even stronger than him.

It was because when he was training in god realm, his body is just that of a spiritual body. Not a physical body which consisting flesh, bone, and blood. When he was in spiritual body, he still attains all his five senses and even can feel pain too. So he wants to know how much this new body that is created from components of this world will affects his senses. After all in a war, knowing yourself is the first step towards victory.

(My senses aren’t that much changed from when I was in god realm but my body strength isn’t as overwhelming as my predecessor was)

To face a dragon up front, His body which was created in this world is more than enough. But yet at the same time he can’t overpower them with just his body alone. Again, Renya realizes that he is a different type of war god from his predecessor.

(Well I too don’t think of bulldozing anything and everything with my raw strength also like my predecessor. All I can do is just to choose the right divine armaments for the right situation. That is my forte. That is my authority!)

Anyway when he thinks calmly about it, that girl real form is that of a giant dragon. Where did the excess mass go to? Well it seems that nowhere is the answer. She compressed her excess mass and with that her body strength should still be the same from when she is in her dragon form. And again, Renya never heard of any legend or myth about killing a dragon by strangling it to death with one own bare hand.

Because of that, he chooses the divine armament that has the power to kill a dragon. A dragon slayer divine armament!

“After a long time at last your turn has come! Let’s go Divine Dragon Slaying Hailstorm Sword「Ame no Habakiri」!”

With Renya war cry, a straight sword appears in his hand. This sword doesn’t have curves like those of Japanese katana.

Let’s explain first about how Renya creates a divine armament. When Renya was about to create a divine armaments, a grading for it will be conducted. No matter how much he pours his power and concentration to create the divine armament image, even if it was created in the end, the divine armament that is created won’t become a powerful one.

The one that will make divine armaments powerful is the legend and myth that come along with that armament. Or if not, whether if that armament is something that is recognized as a hero’s equipment. The higher both points graded, the more powerful a divine armament will become.

Such as a weapon that is used by a hero to bring down his enemy troops by himself.
Such as a weapon that is used by the prince to save the princess from the dragon.
Such as a weapon that is given by god to defeat any incoming threat from outside.

It was because of the various results an armament left that it captives people heart and plants its seeds of legend in there. And by the passing of time, that seeds grow bigger and bigger and make people easily imagine about its overwhelming power. In a way, it was a great imagination material for a chuunibyou*.

And so Renya, in order to gave legends to the divine armaments that he made, will ask for Floria’s help to find an appropriate battlefield for him where that divine armament can finally receives its own legend. They can easily reproduce any scenario that they want by searching around the infinity number of parallel worlds.

By doing this, he was able to prepare a place to train his mind and his art of fighting and at the same time, a place for his divine armaments to take its shape. Even if it was called training, it was in truth very severe that the word asceticism isn’t enough to describe it. And Renya, for the sake of making his divine armaments, have treaded upon this road many times.

Because of that, even the newly made divine armaments can become a very powerful one in such a short time. To implement even just one of his ideas in creating a divine armaments, he has to bear a tremendous pain and suffering for it. Literally, wrings out his own blood, sweat, and tears dry. 

And this 「Ame no Habakiri」is also one of the divine armaments that needs an insanely arduous effort to make.

Even if Renya mostly use fiction and fantasy story as reference when he create his divine armaments, He had also learn quite a lot of legends and myth about the divine armaments in his own world.

 Inside them, he especially curious about a pair of a certain divine armaments that is owned by the same owner but have different level of popularity. It was the sword of 「Ame no Habakiri」* and the sword of 「Ame no Murakumo」*

In Renya opinion, the sword that slays Yamata no Orochi*, 「Ame no Habakiri」, should become more popular from the other but in fact, the one that he heard more often is the other one, 「Ame no Murakumo」.

Even in the games that he used to play long time ago, 「Ame no Murakumo」 would often appear inside those games instead of the other divine armament「Ame no Habakiri」. And inside those games too, 「Ame no Murakumo」 is usually treated as one of the highest tier weapon in the game.

Because of that, if he is to create an armament that has the property ‘Strong against dragon’, he had decided its name to be 「Ame no Habakiri」 from a long time ago. It was just his selfishness to make the things he likes more popular.

Just a note, it wasn’t used that often in the fight against the previous war god. He feels that 「Ame no Habakiri」 is stronger than the sword that he use create at first, the divine sword「Vansurb」, thanks to his experiment of adding special enchantments inside the divine armaments and the experiment of giving that sword many achievements and legends that are appropriate for it, 「Ame no Habakiri」 manages to grows even stronger. But even with all of that, he still can’t defeat the previous war god. This divine armament is also one bitter past for him too.

Now let’s return to our current situations.

The 70 centimeters long 「Ame no Habakiri」 would obviously have troubles against Elvira’s halberd. The Halberd that she uses is almost around 2 meters. While it length is a standard one for a halberd, the user is an expert one that can use slashing, piercing, swings, any kind of attack that is available for a halberd and also can switch over to another attacks in an instant. With that fact, Renya knows that he will be at disadvantage if he doesn’t close the gap between them soon.

But that’s only the case when two ordinary people duel.

Against Renya who tries to move in instantly from the outside of Elvira halberd’s range to get a hit in and then runs away again, She magnificently controls her halberd and manages to block Renya attacks.

Their exchange becomes too chaotic. Each of them tries to break open their opponent defense on a high speed exchange. Elvira plants her feet strong in the ground and tries to overpower Renya with her strength. Against it, Renya who is not looking down on the dragon tribe power doesn’t fight Elvira power attack style head on. Such exchange continues for a while after.

Against Renya who moves freely to left and right, doing a tight turn in high speed while disregarding the law of physics, Elvira uses her advantage in reach well that she was able to foil all Renya attempt to closing in. her skill in handling pole weapon really is splendid.

After about 20 times repeating the same thing, at last the two do back step at the same time to create space between them.

Even when the two just do a few exchange in insanely high speed just now, they still don’t even broke a sweat.

“What a splendid weapon handling skill. To do such kind of resolute attacks that come from every angle and that courage to instantly step in when a hole in my defense is found. It was absolutely magnificent!”
“I too can’t help but to be fascinated by your skill Elvira. Because I only experience one strong opponent in my life and that opponent is someone who only fights with his own flesh and body. But despite only using that, he can easily destroy a world or two without even breaking a sweat. Such a strong man that can destroys every kind of skills and weapons with only a hit from his finger. He was what you call power type fighter who bulldozes everything with his raw strength. It’s been a while since the last time I fight a technique type opponent like this”

Elvira can’t help smiling from receiving that kind of praises. Even when they are still in battle, she can’t help to give a lady like response. That kind of experience is also a first for Renya.

“But the divinity aura that comes out from that sword…… it was a dragon slaying sword right? Even from just looking the blade it already sends shiver to my spine”
“Does looking this kind of weapon that is meant to slay your brethren is difficult as expected?”
“I feel fear but that’s all about it. Between human and dragons, there might be cooperation between them but there might also be situation where they kill each other too. It would be wrong to despise you because of any baseless enmity like that. Like that saying barking to the wrong tree”
“Well even if you say so I still want to apologize for using this sword. It was because of my powerlessness that forces me to rely on such divine armament so I can break through your defense Elvira. But using everything that I had to achieve victory is my style! Witness it with your own eyes the way I fight!”
“If that the case then I will too use my next move. It might be inferior compared to your godly technique but… Please allow me to show you our dragon clan exquisite skill”

God and dragon, two existences that surpass human imaginations will now begin their next clash.

TL Notes:
* “Are? あれ?” Is how Japanese says “Eh?”
* ”Ara あら” is like saying “oh my” for those kind of graceful ladies
* Chuunibyou. Literally translated to ‘8th grader syndrome’. Famous because of Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai anime. It was a condition where someone brings his imagination into his daily life and acts like it.
*Ame no Habakiri - a sword that is used by Susanoo to slay *Yamata no Orochi, a multi headed snake monster.
*Ame no Murakumo - a sword that Susanoo found inside the corpse of Yamata no Orochi. It will be later be owned by Yamato Takeru and be named Kusanagi

I think I can finish this one soon but then this chapter proves that I’m still a newbie. The recent chapters are mostly about everyday life and such talk but now it has fighting scenes. And translating fighting scenes is hard orz

Moreover I can’t read the kanji for ame no habakiri and ame no murakumo. Thanks google for helping me finding it lol. But it really takes me a long time to finish this chapter… and I want to surprises you guys by finishing it fast too…

Oh and I don't check this. too tired. if there any mistake you found mention it and I will correct it ASAP

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