27 July 2015

Another Rambling, Recommendation, and other Random Stuff

First I just want to ramble a bit. Not the depressed kind of rambling so don't be scared.
Then I'm gonna talk a bit about some random things and lastly I want to put a few title... or maybe just one... that might be still untranslated. but yeah  some recommendation of the novels I read now.

First well I'd like to thank you the kind donors that gave me quite a handsome amount (for me) of donation. thanks to you my motivation soars through the roof. And in the end I can finish 2 chapter in a week. Haah... I really feels that my hard work is somewhat gotten payed off. Actually there's a bit trouble with my document for going to Japan so things a bit hectic in the training center and my old hikkikomori self starts to shows his face more but thanks to that donation I can stay thinking positive. again, really, thank you.

And then I was quite surprised by the 1st commenter of each new chapter I uploaded. why? because you guys are just too fast in detecting my update time and fast in finishing the chapter too. I was like Oh my god, I spend hours translating it and people just took less that 30 minutes to finish reading it. I hope my translating skill can become as fast as that... well that's impossible. but no really seeing you guys soo... maybe impatience? in waiting kinda make me motivated more too in finishing the translation. When I read Divine Armaments a few months ago I know that this would be a hit so I try translating it without knowing someone else already done it. well he let me do this title so maybe I should thank him for it.

Oh and there's a lot of people starting to offer their assistance for proofreading and editor. I really appreciate your offer but I still in a hectic zone here and with a slow internet connection speed to boot so it might be hard for me to cooperate via the net. and I think I'm quite satisfied myself with how the translation result nowadays.

of course I'm still far from perfect so just comment if you found any spelling mistakes or weird sentences. that already helping me a lot *thumbs

alright then next some random stuff... when I translate chapter 13 and 14. Therese really is cute from how the author writes her. but yeah making a different kind of accent is hard for me so it was difficult to make her dialogue sound cuter. Well let just say that Floria has a hyper active, cute, and a bit airhead kind of talk; Brenda is cool, calm, and girlish kind of talk (in Japanese using 'desuwa' is considered to be girlish so if any of you guys tries talking in Japanese using desuwa desuwa, people will thought of you as a gay); Therese is cute, flustered, but has her cool moment too; and the new girl, Elvira, is... yamato nadeshiko (how Japanese people portray perfect lady that is fit proper and graceful) + have aura of royalties also as she named herself a princess. Well make them speak that way inside your head for greater effect *thumbs

man I did random quite a lot. what I really want to say is that I found a picture that is really fit with how Therese is. this is the picture


it was from Shin Koihime Eiyuutan visual novel.


damn I write too much... last is the recommendation and maybe my future project... I dunno when I will start it though... I wanna finish Divine Armament first.

コミュ障の俺が、交渉スキルに全振りして転生した結果 http://ncode.syosetu.com/n8858co/
Title reads as Comyuzawa no Ore ga bla bla and translated into English will become: I, who have communication troubles, and the result of it after I put all my skill points in negotiations and reincarnate to the other world.

It was a story of a guy who have difficulties in communicating face to face but a great negotiator in game. He doesn't have any troubles communicating via keyboard so He becomes a top player in the online game he plays thanks to his skill as negotiator.

Through some bad luck, he was died from being run over by a truck (note to self. most reincarnation story if it isn't death by stabbing then by truck) and then summoned by a goddess. The online game that the MC played was actually based on the world that goddess govern and she offers him a second life in her world. Of course, with many special treatment received.

Well to summarize... there's a lot of heart scene which doesn't involve sex.. but still a good read. this is a new novel so it was still under 100 chapter. Well by the time I finish Divine Armaments this might have reach 200 300 maybe so it might be good for my next project... talking about a long term plan lol.

well... damn sleepy... gonna end the random rambling. thanks for reading!



  1. The new project sounds interesting! And I hope you get everthing sorted out, and get some rest.
    As always, thank you for your translations and hard work. I hope you find translating as fulfilling as I do when reading it.

  2. Keep up the good work~

  3. Man...Truck-kun did it again huh...

    1. Show some respect commoner . Call him Truck-sama not -kun otherwise be prepared to receive divine judgement!