03 June 2019

What's a Back pain + Depression combo resulting in?

... *looks around

Hi. this is Eros.

Yeah it's really been a while right?

Eh? where was I in these few months I've gone missing?

Umm... If I say that I got some annoying and persistent lower back pain which torture me for months, would you believe me?

Around the time I last post here, dunno how my back starts feeling pain. And as I am somewhere no certified chiropractor works, I don't dare to have my lower back massaged. fearing that it might get it worse.

So I just take it easy and read all the novel I can. Gaming? I need to sit to do that so can't.

After a few months... maybe april or may? the pain starting to heal but my lower back still feels like there are something uncomfortable left behind. I can alraeady sit tho.

But then when I was about to get back to translating again....... I was kinda afraid whether there's angry mob awaiting to execute me from being missing for so long....

Well, I need to face this sooner or latter so after getting some motivation. I tried to take a peek back in my blog and yeah there was one prick who just hurl insult in the comment section.

I was glad that everyone else in the comment are mostly understanding.

So when I was still hurting myself from back pain, I finished another portion of my translation and have finish uploading it now.

So enjoy!


Seems like there are other person / group who take CC for their works so well, this will be my last CC translation.

And I'm gonna skeddodle from here before another angry mobs lynch me. buh bye~~

Oh, and don't donate first for a while. I want to work some things out so it would be more convenient. Thank you for anyone who still did.

Oh, and I tried just to be positive here. No one wants to read about my negativity anyway so yeah. After all, I am someone great who speaks English and Japanese in addition to my native language.



  1. Worry not, for we have been patient ^w^ thank you for popping back in~

  2. Love ya eros, been here since you first picked up Young God Divine Armaments and I'm just glad to hear you're fine! Kinda, well glad you're still kickin! Take care man, take your time translating

  3. Well, everyone is waiting in anticipation for your masterfull work, but I hope you can see why after years of those delays lasting for months it kinda feels like a bad excuse for simply not saying you just don't feel like doing anything. Seriously, with so much health problems, wouldn't a professional intensive treatment course be better?

    1. I second this! Your health is of great value... Almost as great as CC!

  4. "SheepTranslator" who tried to pick up CC seems to have their own (mental/server) issues. Hope your back pain will be cured and CC will get a decent translator. (The MilkMonster demands it!!!)

  5. I don't think you should drop CC yet. I tried to look at the site of the group that do CC translation and it's been inaccessible for some while.
    Oh, and get well soon dude

  6. The other guys website that was translating cc is gone.
    The mantle has once again been passed back it seems.