28 November 2016

Still haven't ready yet for another update

No, just going to post that my next update (CC chapter 14) is not yet ready.
it was still at 2500 words (75%)

this weekend, I will have JLPT so I've been studying remembering those kanji (I use a translator tools to help me read those damned kanji so yeah I still need to study)

so maybe there's people who are asking what the heck is JLPT.

it was the abbreviation for Japan Language Proficiency Test. just like TOEFL for Japanese language. just that if you ever passed JLPT once then it will be for lifetime instead of limited time TOEFL license.

there are 5 level for JLPT with 5 is the lowest and 1 as the highest level. the fun fact is that not every Japanese could do JLPT level 1 either. If you manage to pass level 1, my Japanese teacher said that you would get a free pass visa to Japanese because you have been considered as their culture ambasador already.

and the license is also useful for work so I thought I might as well take it.

the test usually held at the 1st sunday of July and Desember. Twice a year. you could join whichever level without anything pre-required so if you have the confidence you could try the N1 straight ahead.

well maybe that's all for today announcement. the queue will become 12 this week. God it increased instead lol.



  1. Hey, good luck for your exam!
    Out of curiosity, which level will you try to get?
    Also, I sent you a message on Twitter some days ago, but I didn't get a reply or anything, is it because you couldn't reply, or are you just uninterested? Or maybe I just f*cked up and failed to see your reply, or even didn't send it to you... Oh well, good luck anyway!

    1. the middle level, N3. as I haven't feel confident yet.
      and about twitter, I seldomly use that so put a comment here or maybe pm me in novelupdates for faster reply.