29 May 2017

Just an Announcement.

Hello readers, Ero here.

Sorry for the late update. yesterday when I was working on in suddenly experienced a sudden black out. looks like I got hit with anemia. which is... kinda strange for me to suffer that. Well, maybe because I am fasting and with the combination of having insomnia at night, my blood pressure went out of wack now.

Well, yeah I am a moslem. And well, just a bit rant here, I am fed up with having stupid people using islam religion name to do violence, terrors and such. Doesn't the religion told you all to spread love not hate? Well, maybe they are still a lost believer or maybe not even a believer who only tries to damage Islam name as a religion but well, what could I do to fix it? I am, after all, a bit too liberal believer lol. I am Ero after all haha.

well, anyway the thing is, sorry for the late update. is currently under the weather.

and for moslem brother who read my translation.

Happy Ramadan Kareem. may your fasting not only give you hunger and thirst only.

From your dear moody translator Ero who are still having fun with Ero even in fasting time. (Nigth time only tho lol)



  1. Happy Ranadan dude!!! Take care of your health too.

    I'm waiting for God-kun evereday XD

  2. Happy Ramadan, my friend! Also make sure to take care of yourself after the fast. As much as I want to see hiro-kun save his mom and enrapture a dragon girl it's more important that you remain healthy. Even if that means a delay.
    - A Concerned Netizen

  3. Feel better m8. And worry not, religion is not of importance when delivering great work.
    After all, only a fool or biggot would believe such thing, specially in the internet.