16 March 2017

I'm on a roll! CC 16C Update!

Important Announce before the update link:

One of the readers was suggesting another ads site to be the alternative of Adfly. It seems promising so I would like to add it to for my site. every little bit of penny counts! so I want to ask you readers: should I change it completely to the new site? (Tmearn) or just add those and go alongside with Adfly? Well, I prefer to have both as I can get more clicks if some nice person get in the mood to clicks those.

Also, about adsense, my friend told me that clicking on the adsense give a much better cash than adfly. and you could choose which advertisement to click. but please don't overdo it as it would instead make the ads owner get suspected for scam or something and might reduces the pay or even ban them.

my friend also said that this method can be used to "disturb" the websites of those you didn't like but I believe you guys would not do something unethical as that (but if that MF do deserves it you may) well, who am I to preach anyway.

well, in short, if you guys feel like it, please click on the adsense too a few times a day (5 times is enough maybe?). it helps me alot already.

thank you for reading this.

Here's the update:

CC Ch 16CAdfly




  1. ADfly sucks so site ads are fine but they need to be non redirect and non take over ads I do a lot of reading on my phone and the worse thing are redirects and such that use the same tab making the content unreadable and making me hate the site doing it. again normal ads are fine in the window or top or bottom of pages but anything more intrusive is a big turn off.