06 October 2016

YGDA Chapter 50 Teaser

Not an update. just a teaser for the next chapter. been raining a lot here and is sick. yesterday got some good rest but still not feeling good. cross your finger for updates today.

Chapter 50 – This isn’t Even Worth to Become a Passage of Legend

Eros notes: Hmm, I’ve been translating 石柱 as ‘stone pillar’ but it seems better to be translated as ‘stone monument’ as it is more proper to be used as the seal center rather than a ‘stone pillar’. Well, will correct it later if remember… still down with the flu now.
Deep inside the village, there is an altar on a clearing that is surrounded by the mountains around it. In the center of the shrine is a stone monument which from where a deadly miasma that can kill even a dragon if they carelessly approach it brimming out endlessly.
The miasma seems to get distorted and get crooked over and over again like it was showing the twisted nature of the evil dragon.
The ominous jet black miasma was sealed inside a barrier yet it still coiling around and around with the stone monument as its center like it is trying to expand itself and cover the whole village.
A few dragon shamans are the one who holding up the barrier so the miasma won’t be able to get pass the barrier and bring disaster to them. Yet even when a few of them working together to support it and each of them are desperately trying to hold on the barrier with their own life at stakes, they can’t hold it out for long. Even by a glance, Renya can tell that they are ignoring their own fatigue and keep on pushing their limit to hold the barrier. Their limits are near.
Yet despite the desperate situation the dragons face, Renya walk leisurely toward the stone monument.
He walks forward with an imposing aura behind and his step is unfaltered. His face doesn’t show the face of a challenger ---- it was the face of subjugator instead.
One of the dragon shamans finally realize Renya and his party’s appearance and in a panic, tried to warn them not to advance further.
“H-Halt! I don’t know who you are but it is dangerous…”
“Ah don’t worry, we will be alright. We already heard the situation. Floria, what do you think?”
“No problemo~~ I can hold out this barrier by myself, yes sir!”
“Is that so? Then I’m sorry but today you will work backstage. You don’t mind right? I will get back as soon as I can so hold the fort okay?”
“Hoi hoi~, well then up we go~!”




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