05 February 2016

YGDA Ch 30

New chapter up!

YGDA Ch 30                                            adfly ch 30

The new update is a bit late because well, aside from the new found novel that too much excites me to make me neglect my work, last month earning from ads and adfly is also not that much which make me a bit disappointed.

My new work in the programming house still haven't yield to anything as I am still a trainee (which I neglect most of the training for translating *slapped) so I haven't receive any salary yet (it was an order based company so if I don't do any job then I don't get any money. I mostly only use the internet and AC there for free... well the owner is my friend anyway *smacked). So I was thinking of making translating into a full time work if the money is good but it wasn't.

Let me tell you my secret. Well, it was not really that much of a secret but only I can know that. It was the number that I received from last month blog activity.

as you all know, last month I work quite hard translating YGDA. doubles the usual upload per month right? but the income from the adsense is only + around 3 $ from the last month (dec). This month I got 26.73$ and last month is 24.87$. I feel like my hard work is just a vain in the eyes of google adsense (wry smile).

well.. there are another plus of 6.59$ from adfly though so I can feel a bit better...

but still it's far from what I received when I still working at Japan so I can't help feel disappointed.

maybe I should open up commission and whip myself up to focus 100% at translating.

so any comment ladies and gentlemen?



  1. Well if u need money maybe you can try sponsored chapters and not just a donation charity buton

  2. Do whatever you prefer. But a donation button or a sponsored chapter for every $20-$25 donated helps.

  3. one translator i have seen had a baseline number of chapters per month, but then "for every x amount more another chapter will be released in addition to the normal amount". so if you like doing 2 chapters per week, but can go up to say 5, then maybe "extra chapter every $20" or something.