13 September 2015

Young God Divine Armaments ch 18 (Part B)

“The student of the academy was attacked you say!?”

Renya and his companion who are having a pleasant chat in their inn lobby got disrupted by the sudden bad news that was brought by Therese friends, Rudy and Russel. Both of them have some difficulty breathing because they push their body to the limit to bring this news as fast as they can to Renya by running.

They were also participating in the field trip lesson that happened earlier today and also receives the attact. But they manage to escape in time unscathed. But then they can’t find their other two friends in the gathering area no matter how long they wait. Seeing the teachers’ expressions who are bewildered, they somehow managed to know the whole picture of the attack and understand that their other two friends are not being safe.

Knowing the situation, Rudy tried to rush back to help those two but Russel manages to stop him from doing anything reckless. He persuades Rudy to report this trouble to Renya as soon as possible instead. Of course Rudy was reluctant at first but aside from the fact that neither government official nor the guild will soon move to the rescue, if 2 rookies like them rushing in to search Therese and Doris at random they definitely will fail. So Rudy, while feeling really reluctant with that idea, still agrees to report this matter to Renya.

“I understand. Eventhough it was abrupt, leave the rest to us”
“HAA!? What are you saying? I can’t just leave them in the hand of someone like you can’t I? And do you even know where they got kidnapped? Don’t say empty promises like that easily dammit!”
“I will hear your complain later but please be quiet for a bit. I can’t concentrate”

Rudy isn’t in a state where he can be easily calmed down. That’s why Renya decides to just ignores him for now and concentrate to the depth of his own consciousness.

(I have already talk a few times with Therese. She is not a stranger for me and it should apply too for Therese… in that case… I can!)

With his body as the center, a ripple of divine power spreads throughout the area around the capital that it reaches until the far end of the continent.
Of course the ripple isn’t something that is visible to normal human eyes. In that place, the one who aware of what Renya do are only Floria and Elvira.

The area inside that divine power ripple is a point of view that can only be seen by the gods.

It automatically eliminates other useless information and focuses only on searching what the user wants. In this case, the divine energy ripple search for Therese figure and only her.

After the ripple found the target, it mapped the surrounding area around Therese into some kind of visual image.

It marks the place and composes the information within.

After doing all that, the divine power ripple reverberate back to Renya position by using Therese as reflector. With that, Renya can tell which way and calculate how far Therese location is now.

Renya controls his divine power, the power of god that still unfamiliar to him, with all his concentration and he somehow was able to find out where Therese location now.

“…… From the capital to the northeast…… inside the forest…… a fortress……”
“The fortress in the forest located northeast of the capital? ...... !! Renya-san, that must be one of the fortress that was used in the warring time and is now abandoned! Excuse me but can I borrow a map?”

Russel without even a speck doubts to the things that Renya whisper in his meditation, takes the important information from it, and manages to arrived at a conclusion in an instant. And then he points a certain part in the old map that is spread over in the table.

“This one. We once have a practical combat training in that place. And in that direction there are none other fortress beside this one so this must be it”
“Is that so… it’s not that far from here. If we rush now we might make it”
“Oi! From where did you know such thing!?
“Err, well I am also worried about Therese you know? So I make her bring a special magic item that I gave her. At least, as long as that device still giving off signal then she must still be alive”

Of course it was a lie. But telling the truth to them in this situation is troublesome and they are racing against time here. It was easier for Renya to tell them a believe-able lie so he can get into action quicly.

“Let’s go girls. I’m worried about those two”
“As you wish!”

As soon as they reply, the three girls of Renya party rush out from the inn. Renya follows them from behind when suddenly Rudy calls him.

“What is it?”
“……… Those two…… please help them”
“Roger that”

With his voice that filled with mortification from his own weak and inexperienced self, Rudy plead to Renya to help his friends. Renya answer him with a short, dependable answer.

“After this we will go tell the academy and the guild”
“Ah, use my name when you report that information. My name should increase the info credibility”

Russel nods. This time Renya rush out for real.

Renya was amazed by the two schoolboy determination. Especially Rudy who is still lacks maturity and has a bad temper. It was amazing that he was able to hold himself to not do anything rash in this kind of situation and trust Renya to handle it.

He must want to rush out himself in this kind of situation and entrusting it to other people must give him a crushing feeling of powerlessness.

As the same fellow men, he can easily imagine how much the pain will tear apart his heart if he was to fall into the same situation as him. On top of it that boy still understand his powerlessness and still able to say ‘please’ to Renya.

He was just an acquaintance that he just know and they don’t talk to each other much.

That kind of disposition, even if he was once a human that is just rising up and becoming a god recently, he still wants to answer Rudy’s determination no matter what it takes!

(And to achieve that… I won’t be picky with the method)

This body from the start is a thing that he gets by using all kind of things and technique that is available to finally risen to the seat of the war god.

For the sake of Therese and Doris, Renya release all the limiter that is shackling him from his inside.

The four of them run without speaking any words in the middle of the night. Their figure are soon disappear in the darkness. As soon as they pass the town gate, they litteraly ‘flies’ to their destination.

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Sorry for the late update and only a part. Went to fishing yesterday all day so only got today to translate.

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