27 September 2015

Just an Announcement for Future Works

This announcement is well.. just an update about my condition here in Japan and the next update plans. You might as well ignore but check this first before you close tab.

that one is one damn good food for our inner hungry beast. and they updates fast... TOO VERY FAST like 2 chapter a day. I can't even imagine doing translation at the same speed as them.
The reason for my late update is that one. Against the God Chinese novel. I spent up last week to read the whole 160 chapters of it like a madman and can't concentrate much in my own translation so it considerably got late.

and reading this too revives the NEET mode in my brain. I used to be able to concentrate for few hours translating but now I can only focus for a paragraph before starts procrastinating. Making my speed even more slow.

Damn over potent medicine is scary. This daddy here almost become a NEET again if not for the fact that I already in Japan going to work.


right now I am in the training center for foreigner so I can adapt first to japanese people lifestyle. and tomorrow I will at last go to my workplace. I will start working fulltime which will make my updates slow down considerably.

and also in my new apartment might not have any internet connection too. my friend says that it need at least 1 month to set up a new connection so if that were to happen then just get ready to not hear anything from me for the next 1 month.

well... maybe that's all the announcement that I can make. wish me luck with those Japanese oneesan bros!



  1. Good luck living the dream my good man

    1. Yup. will try my hardest to make the dream alive

  2. Good luck in your new work place! ATG is faster than normal this week. Normally it's around every other day.

  3. Nnnoooo.....
    Then please make another chapter and another diary post depicting your lifestyle when your internet connection is back on~!
    Enjoy your life riajuu~!

  4. If you like ATG then you must read. MARTIAL GOD ASURA (修罗武神) – INDEX it's freking amazing

    1. ... If I did read and hooked on it there will be no update till I done reading that lol.