24 September 2018

After a month? Update! Double! CC and YGDA combo!

Here's the link:

YGDA 74 CC 20C

And here's the rant:

in short: got some talks about continuing university (again) which made me goes blank for a few days... then my paypal account being not getting service anymore because of my lack of attention... tried to contact the support center but no avail and decided to create a new account... but found out that I need a new bank account to link my new paypal account... what a pain... ah well, I still need to do it anyway because I need it... and tried no fap challenge... which is hard... but I do really feel the difference. So I think I might do fasting for a few days to keep my body fit. I don't think I can jump straight to nofap90 at once lol.

also, someone I used to hate is even feel worried about me. I kinda feel...... insulted somehow. ah well, after all I don't have anything for now. there's no use being arrogant. well, man, I don't really hate you, it's been so long anyway. It just that I psychologically don't want to have anything to do with you so well, sorry for being ignoring you.

(and the fujoshi(es) is screaming their lung out in the distance)