21 August 2018

Still Training My Self Discipline! Update CC ch 20B

Finally done with the update. sorry for the long wait folks. still need to put more omph to speed up my work.

here is it

CC Ch 20 Part BTmearn

And Rant time!

1st: Thank you for Donor, Raymond L.! you give me some coffee money after I just returned. I really appreciate that. thank you! and thank you again!

2nd: Something weird with adsense. I think it was because my blog suddenly surge with visitor so adsense goes haywire and block some ads in some page for having 18+ content. does story about suckling get into the 18+ content I wonder? and the weird thing is, the page being blocked is a page with nothing on it. well, as I am going to renovate the website, I just let it lying for now.

3rd: Midehira ask for Patreon, here I come with patreons! I am still new to patreon so I still don't know much about it. feedback is welcomed.


4th: I make a chat room in Discord. but I don't play with discord that much so I don't know what I really need to do with that tee hee~ teach me mastah~

here's the link for Discord! https://discord.gg/7mb8VPy

5th: my parent suggest me to join a hypnotherapy seminar to learn more about hypnotherapy and mainly how to do self hypnosis to help me build confidence and willpower to work. well, I think I am a bad receptor for hypnosis as I previously tried the therapy from a professional but getting no result. so anyone knows of the good way to self hypnosis to help my psychological problems?

anyway the seminar... it was good at first, talking about hypnotherapist-chick stuff... but it was later become opening cakra gate for energy treatment and whatsoever that I was especially doubtful with.

ah well, let's try for a few meetings to get some more acquaintances.



  1. Thank u always for ur great work...

  2. Man thanks a lot love this series I'm really glad your translating it again also hope your doing okay

  3. i dont know if other people like it but pls stop saying something every other second it makes me feel really uncomfortable i just want to enjoy the story maybe its just me tho