12 January 2018

Cross your finger and hope this continues. Double Update! YGDA 72 and CC 19 last part

I'm back~~~ still don't feel good but... I need to finish what I start doesn't it?

Well, The procrastination feeling to work on my thesis is just over infinity, I am now a wizard (virgin 30 years old), my little brother is about to propose to a girl, my case being fired from work in japan ended up with my seeming loss (+ a fine of 150 million rupiah[around 12k $]) but what the heck.

here's the update that I work bit by bit over my time being loss. and double them up. I haven't had the time (or actually, willpower) to upload so it was actually a few days after I done.

well, might as well forgot this series for a year hoping that I would release more in the year and you can binge read them.

but still. here's the update!

CC Chapter 19 Part DTmearn
YGDA 72 Tmearn

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Please~ :)

Enjoy and thank you!

PS: thank you for your understanding comment in my last post. just read it tho but I still feel my motivation coming back slowly. thank you again.

Yosh. Ganbarou!

edit:about that fine. this picture is very relate-able for me:

1: Staying home all day, I won't improve

2. If things goes on, how could I gain success??

3. I will go out so I can become a useful and worthy human!

4. Deal 10 million rupiahs (barely 100$)
*become a worthy human indeed.



  1. Thank u always for ur great work...

    It's quite a big fine, what for?

    1. So I sign the contract to work in Japan for 3 years. and because I was fired (and just neglected) I was determined by the one send me to Japan as violating the contract and need to pay the amount of fine in which I need to pay if I run away from my job.

      that bastard motherfucker is bribing the cops and judges and other related officials to makes his charges goes through even if it sounds funny.

  2. Thanks for the chapter

  3. Welcome back and Happy New Year!

  4. Welcome back! You just become a wizard?! What a coincidence, I'll be turning into one this jan.15 also lol

  5. Sorry for your situation, good luck on resolving those problems

  6. Wow, your situation is really grim huh. I hope that you can resolve those problems as soon as possible.
    You have my support

  7. It's been half a year, are you still working this TL or have we reached the end of the line. I can understand having stuff do IRL, but no post for half a year? Well, your doing this for free, so it's your right, but be honest and admit your just slacking off and don't want do any work on this.

  8. It's been half year sine the last post, do you intend to continue this TL or not? I can understand having stuff to do IRL, but no post at all for so long? You're doing this for free, so it's your right, but at least admit you slacking off and don't feel like working on this anymore. As I've said, you're not getting paid, so being lazy about this is your right, but giving the excuse 'I've got stuff to do IRL' How can you be busy for half year in way that there's not even enough time for single note about still being on the job?

  9. Nice, even after more than a week, even comments don't get approved. Guess this site is really dead. Well, fare thee well, slacker, hope your imaginary too busy schedule won't get in the way of your life, bye.

  10. So much for your motivation coming back. Not even comments are being cleared since January. Dude, admit you don't wonna do it anymore and give someone else the chance to take over. At least stop pretending your coming back.

    1. This is translator. yup if anyone wants to grab CC, go for it. it is bad for people to wait too long. anyone who wants it can contact me.

  11. He's making life hard for you? He must be excited on piling up sins and win a ticket to hell. Thanks for the hard work! Come back soon, don't abandon me, a poor little child. Me and the other kids will wait for your return.

  12. Thanks for doing this chapter!