23 July 2017

Updates! YGDA Ch 69 and I got a part time job!

Here another updates coming. damn I'm slow. 4/5 days in average for each updates. well, doing my best fighting procastinating too after all. praise me~~

here's the updates!

YGDA 69 69 69 69 69

and I got a part time job. I need more money after all. and my part time job is a Go-Jek driver. just like Uber but I use motorcycle instead. well, I can drive around for 3-5 hours then do translation in between so updates will still be slow (hope not get slower) so yeah. wish me luck!

BTW. my friend is all talking about this eroge. most of the characters are a parody from other titles! well some had their hair color changed and get a BIGGER bust size except some flat characters......

I mean... are there any real V-cup woman!? damn it's just too big it disgust moi......

I lied........



  1. Oh Latif, you fap to Mashu

  2. Thanks for the chapter~

    ..and that eroge, the art would've been great if not for those oversized boobs as you said its just disgusting. Seriously, who thinks those are erotic? Slim body plus bulging boobs just looks abnormal to me.

    1. you didn't read his last sentence.... lol

      but yeah... maybe is just the artist and the developer like it big... we all have at least one weird taste....
      like someone have weird taste for oversized butts... and then this game for people who like oversized big boobs...

    2. Ahaha I missed that one~
      Well, I was just too disappointed cause I like the art but those oversized boobs ruined it I couldn't help but rant.

  3. Oh, you're Indonesian huh? Btw, why don't you try patreon?

  4. hey bro

    you do not lie, because in the world there is a woman who does not look at your work or profession. trust me you will get it.