26 February 2016

Your feedback please

Well so donation start to come in smoothly and things keep getting better here so I want to ask you reader for somethings I want to do to improve my blog even better.

1. should I announce the people who gave me donation? because I saw other site announce them so I might as well, but those donor might want to keep being anonymous. what should I do for this?

2. should I add buttons to YGDA chapters? (previous - TOC - next) it was kinda annoying but if you guys wants it will do!

3. my blog interface... even for my eyes it was a cancer haha... been wanting to change it but my programming is sh*t. if you guys want a change then I might use a few days to work on it first before continue translating hehe.

well.. feedback please!

and if there any other comment and critics please do tell.

I will choose which I hear though.



  1. As a leech... having the no.2 is good for easy reading and access... no.3 if only u want it so be it...

    Thank you for the hardwork

  2. Also #2 please so we can get back to other chapters that we want to reread.

    Thank you so much for the translations.

  3. For your Q1, Just ask the donor if they want to publish it or not.. If it not to stressful for you, you can publish it because we also want to express our gratitude to them. For Q2 it will make it easy for reading so I recommend adding it and for Q3, we will follow your choice..

    Thank you for your hard work but don't work too hard until you get sick.

  4. Just say thanks to anonymous if they want to be anonymous.
    I dont know much about programming either, so whatever is easier for you.

  5. I work as a web programmer u can skype me if u want to ask things related to it.

  6. 1. Announce the donors, but if they choose to be anonymous, just type anonymous as a donor name, also the # of anon donors. (e.g. 5 anons)

    2. Please do so. To be honest, for me, it's a pain in the ass having to go to the toc just to get to the next chapter as well lol. Also disable the "chapter-that-leads-to-new-chapter-tab" cuz it's annoying lol. Like it goes to new tab for the chapter.

    3. Yes, it's fucking cancer for me too, please make it easier to navigate and font for the eyes to read words better :D.

  7. For #1 only if they want to be know #2 well yes that will be good and #3 I go by what you choose it's not my blog in the first place.

  8. I'm fine with whatever you choose for the last too questions, the first should be the donors' choice.

  9. Number 2 is good. For number 3 it is up to you but even if the interface doesn't look as good I feel that it is more user friendly. As for number 1 sorry can't help you there.

  10. 1. If I happen to donate to someone, I'd prefer to stay anonymous.
    2. If it is not too much trouble... You could try making a template for yourself to make it easier to add the stuff that belongs to all chapters.
    3. I NEED MY DRUGS! I mean YGDA chapters... Ahem... Anyway, please focus on translating and do the less important stuff when you have the time, K?

  11. 1) Tell them to give the name they want to be referred to for acknowledgement. (if they leave it blank then put Anonymous)
    2) I would like it but I can also just open the chapter in a new tab
    3) The layout doesn't really bother me so its fine the way it is.