25 February 2016

New Random Things! Translated Japanese Song Lyrics #1 Identity

I've been thinking for some time to share the lyrics translation for some song that, maybe thanks to them that I still alive with full vigor until now. I love the kind of song that talks about dreams, about keep moving forward, about making mistakes as motivation to keep moving forward.

I feel bad that most people doesn't know the meaning of these song. If they do, these song might be their everyday fuel to face the world just like me. So well.. let's just post some translated song lyrics that I like. I hope this can help any of you reader out there to live your life even more haha.

first song will be one of my favorite from the last season.

Identity by Mikio, Sakai. Opening song of Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan.

Oh and I also liked the anime very much! Watch it if you haven't!
There are also translated LN in baka-tsuki if you interested.

Have up beat song to share? please do! If you want I will also translate it if I have the time / mood hahaha.



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