08 January 2016

YGDA Ch 24

chapter 24 finally done. read them with the link below

YGDA Chapter 24                                                 adfly chapter 24

*random the adfly link is myao... kinda cute...

this chapter much talk, much expression that is only available in Japanese so must improve a bit making this chapter a bit longer than usual.

ah for those who relays my chapter link to other place could you please add my adfly link there too? I am a jobless now so I need all the penny I can scrape together.

and my 1st 3 days fast updates. hope I can keep up this pace.

happy reading readers!

*btw my net is suck here back in my home... updating takes long and commenting is a bit hard atm. sorry for the guy who hoped for my reply, I saw it but my internet connection won't allow me to reply it.



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